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  1. Glad he was the Colts kicker and not the K from Tennessee. Didn't that guy miss 4 against Carolina? He doesn't have the Vinny resume to weather that storm. Vinny just looked solid all game.
  2. It is a sign of an improving Colts roster when other teams are picking up waived Colts players . Sorry to see both go.....i was pulling for Hentges to get in a real game for the Colts. I think he could have shown something.
  3. Wow...i didn't know he was from Indy. To be local and be good would have been nice .
  4. Brissett was hurt with KC doubling Hilton. Watch his head during pass plays...he locks on a targetbhe chooses pre snap....there is very little after snap "see who is open", On long pass plays to Hilton or Campbell he is going there whether the receiver is double covered or more and he often underthrows the ball. Plus side he commands the huddle and he is a good leader. His size and strength helps in the QB sneaks and he does have some mobility. Here's hoping his scanning the field matches Reich's play calling.
  5. When San Diego has the fire sale, get Inman back. Good hands, got open. The Colts could use that. Even so, can't see the Colts letting go of draft capital.
  6. I have to agree with that headline....especially for a single game. As far as overall Reich performance, his turning around a 1-5 and not losing the clubhouse was pretty special too. Probably the same way he got the layers to believe in the turnaround has a lot to do with getting a team to believe you can win even when the media and all expects a slaughter.
  7. Yeah I do have a problem with Ballard. I think he is better at waiver wire type pickups than drafting... like Moore, Glowinki (sp?), etc. Two stars .... one we all could have picked and one great surprise choice - Leonard. Really, outside of those two, and the tackle, who else are real cornerstones? I will grant that that is opinion that can only be proved by time. As for the Ohio State reference, just check the percentage of games Hooker, Lewis, and Turay have missed. Gheesh, that isn't conjecture...that's facts.
  8. Colts lose. Brissett 2 tds+. Doyle has a good game but Pascal shows something too, resulting in his moving up the depth chart. Pass rush about the same as the last two weeks.
  9. Chances are it will be another fragile player from Ohio State.
  10. Totally willing to let time prove my point. That's what being a Colts fan since 1958 will do, and I haven't missed a Colts game in decades. Snarky comments are easy...lets let results on the field do the talking.
  11. There are 20 names listed as this year's top rookies, so far. I think it is telling about Ballard's draft class that no Colt was mentioned. And it is not due to the Colts not playing their draft choices...they are on the field. They just haven't been producing. Ballard 1 out of 3 so far in draft classes.
  12. Reading these posts, is it a Cain Mutiny???? Only TCM/old movie fans get it.
  13. Couldnt agree more. A professional pass catcher.
  14. How do we handle it??? We + and moan all week. Then Sunday we tune in, loaded with hope for a miracle with this D against KC. Then after the slaughter, we rinse and repeat and hope the bye week makes a difference.
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