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  1. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matt_Hughes_(fighter) Ehh, was a darn good fighter in mid 2000’s but not sure with his injury history and age that he’d be a fit for us, or even which position he would play at 5’9” 170. Not fast enough for RB or WR I wouldn’t think. Sorry, you said Matt Hughes and he came to mind!
  2. I’d trade you Pascal every year for a 2nd round pick.
  3. Haha nah that was a poke at the whole vin fosh or whatever thread a while back! guess my humor is as bad as they say.
  4. Sorry, I thought it was obvious I was using sarcasm to make a light hearted jab at the way some members on this board react to every knew tweet regarding the colts or a player on the team, not only that but how frequently goes from Goat to Grigson with each of those tweets.
  5. I’ve heard from a source that the Colts offered Odum “one million more of their 45 million” but George wanted substantially more, so Ballard is allowing Odum to test the market. I will update later with a screen shot of the text message from a contact named source for verification.
  6. Yea, why the hell isn’t Ballard handing out “one million more” to every player like skittles. Geez how does he even have a job, bet we lose Wentz now, Eason probably won’t re-sign with us. Let’s get this straight, we are going to trade Leonard and Nelson to avoid paying them but should hand out extra millions to special team level players...yea no I think Ballard has his priorities straight.
  7. Daily snark...I’d say it’s probably true!!
  8. Isn’t Nick Foles the right answer?
  9. Kind of, Reggie Wayne beat you, all Andrew did was toss the ball in his direction!
  10. That all may be true, but say it is and Sean McVay is still willing to consider a undrafted QB that made his first start this year in the playoffs, or I may be wrong and it was week 16/17, then don’t you have to head that warning? Especially with the contract the team just gave him.
  11. I agree, except for the LT that retired and the WR that is a FA! But I agree with you, keep the same offense as last year but with Stafford and it should have been just as good but I will argue even better and we would probably be talking about TY’s extension not speculating if they will or won’t bring him back. JMO
  12. I understand (I think) what you are saying. Which is why I mentioned adding as many filters as you could/want. There is the baseline...the numbers including all plays, all teams, all weather, etc. over a time period. Then you could dive deeper and refine the results based on select criteria. Which is why analytics work so well in baseball VS football. But are you saying that regular season vs playoffs should be decided different?
  13. No, nope. Not going to subject myself to those emotions!
  14. Yea he probably doesn’t, and I personally don’t feel he needs to just yet. I keep thinking back to when he had a healthy Luck. I just think Frank has had to adjust his offense so much the last few years, that we haven’t really seen what he is. Even with Rivers this year, who was very good this season, the offense was still limited. But I’d take Brady on the coaching staff, no doubt. Sounds like this is all moot as he is probably headed the Falcons.
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