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  1. I know, I read your thread. That first paragraph was sarcasm, it was your thread/posts I was referring too. I actually almost tagged you in it, but decided it wasn’t worth getting in to with him.
  2. Well, I did answer your question & I wasn’t actually trying to call you a troll. I said it was trollish...and it is. I’m still trying to decide if you are a troll, or if you’re really this obtuse? As I said, I think you’re smarter than you let on. I really had no intention of discussing stats, or football with you, because I have seen plenty of times how that plays out when you finally get someone to bite. You’re smart enough to know that this is a team sport, and there are a multitude of reason why a receiver could have good, or bad, stats, the same for the QB, the RB’s, etc. It’s not as black/white as you’re trying to make it. But yes, I have seen stats on this forum, used to say that the WR’s are no good, and that it was not the QB’s fault....which is what you were trying to say.
  3. Nope, I have not seen one discussion on this forum pertaining to the wide receivers this year. I have not seen one stat comparing the numbers of some of the same receivers between this year and last year or the numbers of the passing offense this year VS. last year. I really have no interest in doing a back and forth with you. Like I said, I believe you enjoy this. You do it regularly. You actually have some good thoughts/opinions from time to time. But when you get on your contrarian kick....amusing.
  4. You’re funny. I think you’re smarter than you let on & I think you like being a contrarian and ruffling feathers....it’s almost trollish. Amusing, but trollish.
  5. Thanks again for running this league. I do enjoy it. Here are my votes: 1. Yes, but only for players who are placed on IR by their teams, which is what I think you meant. Not for any player that is injured and doubtful or ruled out for a week. I’d prefer two spots but I’d be ok if it was just one. 2. Not sure I care either way....maybe someone will post why they are for or against and will persuade my decision. 3. I am open to increasing the amount of teams that make the playoffs. I don’t think it has been an issue with this league, but I am in another league that increased the the number of teams and it has helped to keep everyone engaged and setting good lineups each week. 4. Keep it as is. 5. I would be willing to pay. Thanks again.
  6. So many questions. Why Wilkins over Williams? Why keep trying FG’s when the whole unit needs to be fired? Defense was damn good...the offense is BAD
  7. Why not let Williams get more touches....2 100 yard games and he gets 8 carries
  8. To the underlined, yea the bottom half of the QB’s in the league! Luck held onto the ball to long but he was waiting for a route to develop or a receiver to come open. JB has receivers open and just isn’t getting the ball out. There is a difference. I believe you know this. Comparing Luck holding the ball to JB holding the ball is apples to oranges. I agree with you about the slants and screens.
  9. Wait, did it take you until week 13 of the season to realize this? You’re right, that is scary.
  10. Right, no slo-mo nor is there a list of plays to jump around to. Have to watch it all or do the 10 second fast forward. I’ve also download the nfl app to a smart tv to use game pass to rewatch games on, instead of using my iPad or PC...but I haven’t checked to see what the All-22 film looks like using that approach. I may try that later.
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