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  1. Isn’t Nick Foles the right answer?
  2. Kind of, Reggie Wayne beat you, all Andrew did was toss the ball in his direction!
  3. That all may be true, but say it is and Sean McVay is still willing to consider a undrafted QB that made his first start this year in the playoffs, or I may be wrong and it was week 16/17, then don’t you have to head that warning? Especially with the contract the team just gave him.
  4. I agree, except for the LT that retired and the WR that is a FA! But I agree with you, keep the same offense as last year but with Stafford and it should have been just as good but I will argue even better and we would probably be talking about TY’s extension not speculating if they will or won’t bring him back. JMO
  5. I understand (I think) what you are saying. Which is why I mentioned adding as many filters as you could/want. There is the baseline...the numbers including all plays, all teams, all weather, etc. over a time period. Then you could dive deeper and refine the results based on select criteria. Which is why analytics work so well in baseball VS football. But are you saying that regular season vs playoffs should be decided different?
  6. No, nope. Not going to subject myself to those emotions!
  7. Yea he probably doesn’t, and I personally don’t feel he needs to just yet. I keep thinking back to when he had a healthy Luck. I just think Frank has had to adjust his offense so much the last few years, that we haven’t really seen what he is. Even with Rivers this year, who was very good this season, the offense was still limited. But I’d take Brady on the coaching staff, no doubt. Sounds like this is all moot as he is probably headed the Falcons.
  8. Before I play along has Brady already agreed to join as the HC before sending Frank to Philly? Just kidding about playing along. I like Frank. Can we ship Nick for a 3rd and still hire Brady? Haha
  9. http://archive.advancedfootballanalytics.com/2009/09/4th-down-study-part-1.html?m=1
  10. Well, and I am no expert, but yes it’s saying no matter what team, in that situation the better strategy is to go for it. Now I believe, and I could be very wrong, you can add as many filters as you want to make it as specific as you want (assuming you could find enough relevant data to make an informed conclusion). Baseball does it all of the time. This pitcher vs this hitter, shifting IF/OF alignment, etc. The rest of what your saying is not analytics, that’s game flow/feel for the game and is what non-analytical people use to defend their position vs the anal
  11. I pretty much agree, which is why I’m fine with moving on. I just feel like he could have helped the back end of the D this year, had he been 100% healthy, with some of the long explosive plays that the D was susceptible too. Call me crazy, I just see him as a player that is going to sign a prove it deal...and he will prove it. Or maybe not, maybe he gets injured again and is out of the league soon. I know our scheme changed, I still feel like health has been his biggest weakness, not scheme. Is what it is, I’m not trying to dig up the old draft position value and scheme de
  12. Yup, good thing there are other rounds and other ways to acquire players.
  13. Oh I get it then, just sign him and go into the season with 33 year old AC and 34 year old Veldheer playing the most important position on the line. Fantastic idea. Let us have not 1, but 2 aging LT’s toying with injury and retirement. You missed my point, again, the decision is there to be made. Ballard will not let a twice retired, aging, LT change that.
  14. You understand Veldheer has absolutely 0 effect on who the Colts draft or the future of the LT position, right? You understand that he was retired, when the Colts came calling? Yes he played well, for 2 games. There is a reason he was sitting there available at the end of December. It was a good pick up and definitely helped in a pinch, but at this point he should not be involved in any of the colts future plans, starter or back up.
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