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  1. Btown_Colt

    Bengals Week 1

    Feels like we had this same topic a couple of weeks ago. Ahh thats why.
  2. Btown_Colt

    Malik Hooker & Clayton Geathers have been CLEARED!

    Come on, think about it for just a minute longer and I’m sure you will piece it together!!
  3. Btown_Colt

    Horseshoe Blue PPR 2018

    Guess I’ll go with #7
  4. Btown_Colt

    Horseshoe Blue PPR 2018

    Does the nfl let you pick your draft position to? I didn’t realize we were doing everything like the nfl. I asked a simple question, because I thought “final season standings” would mean regular season, not playoffs. Not sure why you you had to respond the way you did, or make it about me. If you would like, I dont have to participate this year? There is plenty of other leagues to join!
  5. Btown_Colt

    Horseshoe Blue PPR 2018

    Why is it going off playoff finish and not regular season?
  6. Btown_Colt

    Horseshoe Blue PPR 2018

    I vote for the way we did it last year.
  7. Btown_Colt

    Horseshoe Blue PPR 2018

    No problem and yes I’ll be back. I’m easy, tell me when the draft is and I’ll be there. Thanks
  8. Btown_Colt

    Chris Ballard interview 11am ET

    I call bull. He knew what he was saying/doing.
  9. Btown_Colt

    Quincy Wilson #1?

  10. It it sounds to me like Ballard has a single player in mind that he will be able to get at 6
  11. Good move for them, IMO
  12. I had a notification from NFL mobile that said the colts were interested but didn’t like the price...or something to that effect. I accidentally cleared it before reading it.
  13. March 12th starts the tampering period. I believe it begins at noon. March 14th free agency begins. I believe at 4 pm
  14. Btown_Colt

    Chubb or Barkley at #3?

    But it didn’t beat the defense. The defense won the turn over battle. The defense made the play when it had to. The patriots shouldn’t of had to score 42 points to win the game. Their offense was perfect all night long, almost, it was their defense that lost the game, not sure why this is even debatable.
  15. Btown_Colt

    Chubb or Barkley at #3?

    Ok, the patriots had to score more than 41 to win. Again it was two good was that patriots D that failed and the Eagles D stepped up.