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  1. Yes thank you he’s the one and I didn’t he realize he was in both leagues. I wasn’t complaining about the trade, just thought he turned down a better trade offer from me than what he ended up taking. Just wanted to razz him a little.
  2. It was fair when you factor in Tannehill, but I have Big Ben and Herbert. I’d have to drop one, but it’s not necessary I don’t feel. Herbert and Big Ben have been scoring well and I think are more apt to have the big scoring days compared to Tannehill. So when you take Tannehill out, no it didn’t seem like a good deal for me. wanna try to work something else out?
  3. What weird string of events @Myles You offer OBJ, Gallup and Singletary for A. Robinson. I only declined it because it was too many and I would have had to drop some players. I counter with Robinson and L. Murray for Singletary and Debo, you decline and want to give AP instead. But then you trade Singletary and Debo for just Golladay? Seems odd is all. Sorry we couldn’t work something out I guess.
  4. Yea I don’t want to see JB out there, but I’m over Rivers as well. But for me it’s Rivers or Eason.
  5. Too bad season is inactive, I would put him in....and it’s only a 9 point game. No faith in Rivers anymore.
  6. Now that’s funny, well done!
  7. I was just messing with ya...I do like being in the middle though. Seems every time I get a 1 or 2 pick the player gets injured.
  8. I’ll trade spots with you if you’d like!
  9. I’m in. No preference in dates.
  10. Yea pretty foolish of me though to think it was actually worth the energy. Oh well, I tried.
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