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  1. Btown_Colt

    Ballard press conference

    I know you said you was away, which is why I said what I did. Size really doesn’t have anything to do with it anymore, he isn’t being drafted. He proved last year, at least to some, that he could possibly be a starter. I’d take him over a couple QB’s starting for teams currently....Blake Bortles for sure.
  2. Btown_Colt

    Ballard press conference

    A team my take a chance on Brissett because he showed that he could possibly be a starter in the NFL, not because of his size...
  3. We must have a mutual friend!
  4. Btown_Colt

    Antonio Brown? Doubt it.

    My wife doesn’t know anything about sports but is really good at reading people and she thinks....oh never mind.
  5. Btown_Colt

    Antonio Brown? Doubt it.

    He said stud...
  6. Btown_Colt

    Antonio Brown? Doubt it.

    I was sort of following along, until the bolded. Um, yes he is. He isn’t coming here, and I’m ok with that, but he is one of the best WR’s playing.
  7. Btown_Colt

    Ballard press conference

  8. Btown_Colt

    Ballard press conference

    He has only said this the entire time, folks just need to listen. He also hinted around at the WR position and it doesn't sound, to me, like any of the Steelers players are in play.
  9. Btown_Colt

    Colts Culture of Closeness

    I agree the season will still be a success, but I fully expect the Colts to win this game and will be disappointed with anything less.
  10. Btown_Colt

    Very good read about the players only meeting

    So read it from a different computer/device. Problem solved!!
  11. Btown_Colt

    Horseshoe Blue PPR 2018

    @Narcosys thanks for another fun year and for running this league. Hopefully you will do it again next year.
  12. Btown_Colt

    My First Year of Fantasy

    How did your season end up going?