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  1. I’m in. No preference in dates.
  2. Yea pretty foolish of me though to think it was actually worth the energy. Oh well, I tried.
  3. Chloe, seriously, you contradict yourself all the time. This is going to be a long post, so if you don’t read it all, read this: I’m not trying to be mean, I appreciate all the tweets you post about the players and contracts, etc... I’m not going to go back and dig up all your old posts to prove it, but your posts in regards to the QB’s on this team is the prime example of what some of us are saying. It’s fine to look back and change perspective, it’s just funny/odd with you because you will rack up the posts hopelessly defending something then seemingly over night, without any meaningful change in the scenario, your position has done 180. Just like with Chad Kelly, you made fun of the posters that felt he was better than JB or deserved a chance last year, and you did so right up until this interview where Reich said a couple good things about him. Now nothing has changed since last season. They haven’t practiced together, haven’t even been at the facility together, but somehow this interview not only totally changed your perspective on Chad Kelly, but somehow it’s negatively affected your opinion on Eason. Nothing was said in this interview or in this thread that hasn’t been said repeatedly since last preseason about Kelly. Along those lines, nothing has changed with JB (other than the Colts signing a 38 year old FA QB and drafting a QB) since early in the season when you were hopelessly defending him against some of the best posters on the forum who were providing film cut ups, stats, analytics, etc. to prove their points and all you had was a tweet from Joe Irrelevant saying that one time JB threw the ball more than 20 yards and the receiver did catch it so therefore he can throw the ball downfield or using rare anomalies as validation to disprove the stats showing JB wasn’t performing well enough in the areas that have been proven to be indicators of successful QB play. Again, I’m not trying to be a jerk, as you’ve claimed about me in the past. Your one of the most active posters on here, if not the most, which is cool, but along with that everyone sees and remembers your posts. So when you make post after post defending a player...people remember that when 2 posts or 2 weeks later you say something totally opposite. I honestly do appreciate that your all over social media and post the stuff related to the team and please keep posting that stuff, I’m not trying to belittle you by calling you out on some of your hot takes. My only unsolicited advice would be to chill out on calling people out for liking a player or making fun of them for thinking said player should have got a chance when you haven’t done enough research or have enough solid information to have an informed opinion on the topic. It’s fine to look back now and think or admit that CK should have got a chance last year, but it makes you look silly and you lose credibility/reputation when just a couple weeks ago you started a thread just to poke fun at those fans for thinking something that all of the sudden you now agree with. And you do this quite often on all kinds of various discussions. When you state an opinion or post a tweet and posters provide stats or evidence that claims otherwise, either be open minded enough to accept that whatever you posted might have been wrong, or provide further evidence that refutes what they posted. But don’t just be obtuse and keep repeating the same thing over and over and over or totally ignore the post refuting your post altogether, as you most often do. It’s ok to be wrong. It’s ok to have an opinion and then get schooled on here as to why your wrong. Its definitely ok to realize you were wrong and change your perspective, just be willing to admit it instead of backpedaling or claiming you never said what you said. This why you get most of the negative responses that you get. You want to post a whole lot of opinion on everything Colts and NFL related, then when someone challenges you, you go into a defensive ignore/deny mode or piggy back off someone else who chimes in but you never actually have a meaningful debate with the person. There are definitely some posters here who just try to stir the pot or troll, but there are a whole lot of good posters who share a whole lot of their knowledge. Your obviously a huge Colts fan and as much time as you spend on here, take a little of that time to sit back and read and digest what’s being said and then engage in meaningful discussions with them about stuff that perks your interests or you don’t understand instead of just being Contradicting Chloe who has an impressive amount of posts but doesn’t really get taken seriously about anything she says because chances are she is about the say the exact opposite momentarily!
  4. Lol and for those still trying to keep count, Chloe has once again changed her stance on everything she has previously said.
  5. Give him a break, he thought that whole thing up as he was typing it.
  6. Let me see if I follow you here: A couple weeks ago you made a thread just to, and I’m paraphrasing, fire up the Kelly fan club. You posted several times before making fun of the Kelly fans. During the season JB was the best thing since sliced bread. Pre-draft you didn’t want any QB besides the top 2-3. It was a waste of a pick for any QB after round 1. After the draft Eason was the best thing since sliced bread and now, Eason may be cut for Kelly. Am I missing anything else?
  7. I’d rather have this roster and Luck...easy answer. Now please excuse me while I slip back into depression!
  8. That’s what I heard. Practice better and being more consistent. Said he has moments where he plays at a high level and last year he was stepping it up in practice, at least at the start of the year.
  9. Right...but it hasn’t stopped you from giving your thoughts on what he said. I listened, I didn’t hear keep it simple and run a vanilla D. The question was about the different off season and not knowing exactly when they will be allowed to have the team together on the field. He said they were evaluating and he feels the team that can adapt, adjust and over come adversity will be the ones that find success. He then said he feels good about the young experience on this team and continuity. They need to play to the calls and principles of the D and keep it simple in the way they teach. That is not a direct quote, btw.
  10. I’m sure by keep it simple that he literally meant to run the high school version of this D. I bet they don’t disguise coverage or even come out of their base D one time this year... A average QB will to, what’s your point? You should listen to the interview instead turning a 10-15 word tweet into a 10,000 word essay about how he envisions the D this year and assuming the worst. I feel confident in saying that Eburflus is in touch with the capabilities of his D, how it needs to function in order to win games, and that you don’t want great QB’s, or any QB, to know what the D is doing pre-snap.
  11. I don’t quite think that’s how the saying goes...at least he understood what I was saying, even though it was tongue in cheek. I think he mixed two separate sayings: fold like a cheap suitcase and fight your way out of a wet paper bag. But to play along, saying he folded like a wet paper bag (which we agree doesn’t fold very well) would be the opposite of what the OP is saying he does.
  12. Do wet paper bags even fold? I assume it would be easier to fold a dry paper bag? Sorry, just messing around. I’m done now!!
  13. 1. He had taken all the 1st team reps the entire off season. AL was hurt/rehabbing. He knew there was a very good chance he was going to be starting the first game or two of the seasons as it didn’t seem like AL was going to be back in time. 2. The job of a backup is to plan and prepare as if you’re the starter, because you normally don’t even get a 2 week notice. He had as a good of situation last year as you will find in the NFL...he even got a nice big raise to help boos his confidence.
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