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  1. My game pass is working. It didn’t in the iPad but in my tv it popped right up.
  2. @Lucky Colts Fan isn’t wrong. It’s the Elite and then Joes. To let someone come in when there are people from Joes league that have been trying to get into it isn’t right. The joes league mostly stinks...I get that it’s luck, but it gets old playing with people who don’t check their rosters, don’t move players/add players after the 1st couple of weeks. That’s why most of us want to play in the Elite, because everyone participates. The bolded isn’t true at all, or at least not until this year. I’ve seen many a poster referred back to the Joes league. You did what you did for your convenience, not because you tried long and hard to get someone from the Joes league to join.
  3. Never mind, I read last years thread again. I’m good to go.
  4. Refresh my memory please...I know we did it like this year but I don’t recall all the specifics. Wasn’t it stay the same spot or pick an open spot? I don't recall picking any spot you wanted. I thought we had a couple opening last year which is why we did it?
  5. Don’t think they will try to get a WR for their new QB and to pair with Ridley?
  6. Who going first tonight. I kinda want Brown if they don’t trade back.
  7. It’s old news. That’s why he fell, that plus injury
  8. Interesting article and good read. He definitely needs someone to proof read and spell check for him though!
  9. And after you talk to him, give me a chance to match or beat! Seriously, I’d be interested as well. Thanks
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