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  1. To me that reads that the Titans want to bring back Ryan if they can’t sign Clowney. Not that Clowney wants them to sign Ryan before he will sign. Am I reading it wrong?
  2. How would you target Parker? Don’t you think if Miami wanted to trade him, they would have last year when they were trading other players? Instead they signed him to a new contract. I’d love Parker here! Just doesn’t seem very realistic.
  3. Too bad he plays for the Dolphins
  4. I was just curious if you had actually compared them or was just regurgitating what someone else said. Don’t start a thread if you don’t want people to respond to it, positive or negative. I don’t see Mike Williams from what I have seen of Higgins (and I’m a big Williams fan but haven’t watch Higgins near enough), unless you’re just talking about athletic profile and 50/50 balls, in which case he is a clone of all kinds of NFL receivers. I’m no expert by any means, but I see more of a Devonte Parker or Tyler Boyd (not height/weight), if I had to make a comp. And adding value, please, all you do is post what other people say or tweet. They are just trying to make this connection because Williams plays for the Chargers and the Colts signed Rivers, IMO. Keenan Allen was obviously Rivers favorite receiver, and in IMO, would be a better comp for Higgins than Williams. Obviously I didn’t think it was too mean or out of line, or I wouldn’t of posted it. Hell, I rarely post on here period. But if I start a thread saying that Higgins is a Williams clone, I’d make sure I had actually watched both players and made that comp on my own, not just use a tweet or what someone said on a podcast for validation. From the OP’s post history on here, I’m not sure she has, which is why I asked. You know how many receivers in the NFL are 6’4” and can go up and make contested catches? I agree Rivers would like throwing to Higgins, but it has nothing to do with Mike Williams!
  5. Do these look like Mike Williams highlights because the podcast says so or because you actually know who Mike Williams is and have compared the 2 players?
  6. I mean, I get it and would probably be upset with the team too. I don’t know the whole story, but from what you said, he should have been smart enough to go get another opinion, especially after a couple years. I bet if the team docs would have told him he needed a major career ending surgery, he would have got a second opinion.
  7. I gave you a like because the first paragraph is spot on. I dunno about the rest of it... To be fair, there were several posters who only wanted Love with one of our second round picks or some type of trade to the late 1st. And as always, nobody here knows just how teams are rating these players, except that QB’s get over drafted. I never believed 4 QB’s would go in the top 10/13, and still don’t. I guess we will see though.
  8. Just said on NFL network that terms have been agreed to
  9. This thread is trash. Doesn’t even deserve to be merged into the trash Brissett thread.
  10. I mean about as expected, as others stated. Beating KC was awesome. There was some exciting football, just a different style then I am used to from the Colts. Not sure if it was Luck retiring or maybe I just had more going on this season, but I didn’t watch near as much NFL as I usually do. For whatever reason it just wasn’t the same this year.
  11. Well I mean yea, I guess technically it’s all on the head coach, but if he has a training/medical staff that says the players is clear to play and the player says he is good to go, what do you expect the coach to do? And sorry to hear about your mother, I had a few too many to drink last night and it was a poor attempt of poking fun. Gotta go try and get my foot out of my mouth now.
  12. Oh cool, where do you coach? I coached a 5th and 6th grade team once, I’m super qualified to evaluate QB’s too.
  13. Not one like... player health is not on the head coach and Ebron definitely made a business decision. BTW...missed your posts around here the last couple losses...where ya been?
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