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  1. I only responded when you were trying to claim Edelman was known for being a deep threat. To the rest, yea I mean I mostly agree, but isn’t that the point Jvan was making…that the Patriots were able to win for years without any real deep threat?
  2. And yards per a reception probably includes yards after catch?
  3. Ok…so when someone mentions Edelman, you think deep threat? I’m curious what you would consider TY? I believe he has caught a few short passes.
  4. Well all of them can once in a while, surely you understand that wasn’t what he was known for.
  5. Tank and draft a QB because Wentz is retiring next preseason!
  6. Already did, but Wilson was my QB and he hurt!
  7. What was wrong with the play calling? When did Pagano call plays?
  8. I’m not excusing it necessarily, just stating it played a factor. They just watched Rodgers back up get burnt.
  9. He was gassed, and it looked like he re-injured the ankle after the fumble recovery.
  10. I mean losing 2 corners and a safety at that time had a lot to do with it. They couldn’t play how they did all night at that point.
  11. Lol you gotta be joking, right? Leonard was soft and slow?
  12. Of all the outcomes I thought could happen, this wasn’t one. Ouch
  13. 4th quarter is going to be exciting I feel. Not sure if it’s a good or bad feeling, but damn it’s nice to be excited about the game in the 4th.
  14. Do the Colts need anymore potato chips?
  15. I mean he could ask…not sure what he thinks he get for himself, but it couldn’t be much.
  16. Is Wilkins a healthy scratch? I know there was something about illness early in the week, not sure I saw an update?
  17. Well crap, I missed it lol.
  18. Haha I knew someone would say it. You’re taking my posts too serious. I find this trading Nelson for Sutton debate to be the only entertaining thing to do while I wait for the game to start.
  19. Nelson ain’t ever won me no fantasy championship.
  20. It’s Monday Night Football. It is on one of the big networks, ESPN. They pay exclusively for this night….not sure why this is confusing or why the Colts/Ravens game would deserve to be aired on other networks.
  21. Just sign up for a service, enjoy the trial period, cancel if you no longer want it or aren’t happy with it, etc.
  22. But he is a borderline #1 receiver, didn’t you hear?
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