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  1. In fairness, football fans are usually wrong.. Lol Notice you never hear a peep from anyone about all the failed draft picks they were drooling over that other teams pick?? It's sports, literally anything can happen.
  2. I'd love it obviously, but part of me will hate being remembered as the 'covid season winner', an asterisk type season. But I'd be rooting my * off. Let's hope Rivers has it in him.
  3. Made the drive in from NJ. Had a great time. Bengal fans definitely repped well, but it's obviously close by. Yeah I was disappointed us 'man children' didn't get anything to go home with us besides a win ..
  4. I think he is. I honestly was never a huge fan when he was in SD, but he's got #'s and longevity as a huge argument. Granted he never dominated, but he was usually a top 10 guy for most of his career.
  5. Guy still gets separation. Had a great time at the game yesterday and I had eyes on him and he definitely still gets open. He just hasn't developed that 6th sense with anyone but Luck unfortunately. Hopefully it's coming with Rivers.
  6. Just drove 12 hours from NJ, let's go Colts... We losing yet??
  7. Yeah I'm definitely not getting the warm and fuzzies with these picks so far. Fingers crossed they start producing.
  8. No I don't think so. Of it did I think only in December if it's a total train wreck like a 3-10 record type deal. We don't even know if Eason is any good, he could be 100% not ready and terrible at this point. I'll be praying nightly for that next stud QB though.. Lol
  9. We're kind of in that limbo phase we aren't accustomed to. It sucks really, teams go through this for years sometime. There's no correct formula because getting that franchise QB isn't easy. Things have to line up also (picking high on a down qb draft kills that).
  10. Fans never take that into account. Nobody of any value would want to sign with you if you bail on players as soon as they hit adversity. You become a show up and collect a paycheck team for desperate players. Like Washington is now or the Raiders during the end of Al David's time. Or any of the AFC East squads during the Patty's reign.
  11. We're a thirsty fan base... We went from champagne QB taste to seltzer water...
  12. Not that I'm advocating for these guys but I'm curious if anyone thinks a Stafford or a Matt Ryan would be a good move if it somehow happened through trade or straight signing. I don't know their contracts, just thinking I could MAYBE see those teams hitting the reset at QB.
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