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  1. I can definitely dig it honestly. I'll never call a pro player soft or anything like that, but in our golden years we had guys like Brock and Brackett who are in no way the type of guys we're drafting now. Every player drafted now regardless of round seems to be a more physical type player measurables wise. Moreso it seems then in years past. Even though the media loved saying we were a fast physical defense, we really weren't minus our HOF DE's.
  2. Probably replaced a wire or fuse. He'll be fine.
  3. Only thing I hate is those reports last year where he potentially had a tendency to freelance and not follow gap assignments..
  4. Couldn't have said it better. Bravo. Ballard (IMO) definitely looks to be drafting the type of team the old Seahawks were. Athletes all over the field you can mix and match according to situations. He's creating a good looking culture of competition at every spot. Thankfully he saw what we did last year, TE's and WR's running free underneath or on crossing routes. Even though we were winning we'd get gashed way to often. Flood the field with rangy, fast, freakishly athletic guys. I think Eberflus will make some beautiful music with what he's been given.
  5. Mix in the Paris/Hilton combo and we've got some interesting lame jokes ahead of us by the announcers ..
  6. Welcome big fat ugly oline dude. I mean that in a nice sincere way
  7. I can't lie I honestly don't remember him doing much of anything this year. Im not mad at Ballard for cutting bait. I'd rather that then keeping an inferior player simply because you drafted him.
  8. Is it really down one guy if he wasn't even any good? That's my logic honestly.
  9. Almost every guy drafted tested at the elite level in many of the categories. Can't ask for much more out of a draft. As long as the coaches do their job, they've just been given a handful of guys who are great athletes and good locker room guys.
  10. Yeah I agree. You can see what Ballard was talking about when he got here. There will be competition EVERYWHERE. I'm definitely a fan because he's preached about how we will constantly try to get better from guy #52/53 on the roster all the way up. We're definitely more 'rangy' and athletic along with speed everywhere on D.
  11. Definitely looks like they're trying to address the problems we've had in pass coverage on crossing routes and rushing the passer as well. Looking like the udfa's will be where we try to address OL depth.
  12. Oh I totally agree. Was just mocking that crowd that would hate almost any pick other then what they wanted.
  13. Nice to see we potentially have 2 waterbug type players (Hines) on O who could create some mismatches.
  14. Not sure who gets bumped, but we'd sure as # be athletic as hell at LB. We'll see how it plays out.
  15. You know how it goes though honestly. Guys projected somewhere many times go where they weren't predicted. I'll take LB and/or DE help on this team.
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