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  1. It's really sad how short his stay with us was. He was a cornerstone type player if he had stayed healthy.
  2. The candles probably go out when he inhales.
  3. Good for him. He was definitely a solid member of the squad when he was here. Hopefully he has a productive career whatever league he ends up playing for.
  4. Definitely agree 100%. He's definitely grown on me, I hated his whole demeanor when he came into the league, but the guy busts his butt out there every play when watching him.
  5. Can't lie I've always thought Clowney was an * of sorts, but he definitely brings it when he plays and I've learned to like him and respect him more and more. Would definitely be excited if we somehow got him. And it would look great if we went the route you stated on the Dline. Almost instant improvement.
  6. I honestly thought Dwight and Robert were no brainers, to me at least. Both in the top 20 off all time sacks. They absolutely terrorized QB's.
  7. I'm actually ok with a football break for now. Don't really need more Hall of Famer Mahomes talk. Don't really care where Brady may go either.. Lol Wake me up when we're on the clock to draft. Free agency will probably see us on the sidelines while teams pay the first wave guys double their worth.
  8. IinD

    SB Game thread

    Please win SF...The Mahomes love fest will probably surpass Tommy boy levels.
  9. Remember how large the Ricky Williams hype was? I also remember saying 'who the # is Edgerrin James?.'
  10. Monday night football intro: Edgerrin James Every down back The U
  11. First 2 years Edge would've broke every record ever for his position I'm confident too say. Get him in please.
  12. I think looked others have said it's par for the course this time of year. Sean Payton was on the radio this morning and they asked him what's up with Brees and he said they'll get together in a month and he'll let them know his plans. So essentially the same thing. Looks like it's the only time of year where players get to stay away and not be bugged by their teams.
  13. IinD

    Vegas Draft!!

    The weather, some people not handling their alcohol consumption when walking around. And the guys handing me cards for a 'good time' when I'm walking with my wife. Lol Wasn't terrible, but I just wouldn't go back.
  14. IinD

    Vegas Draft!!

    I can't lie I wasn't a fan of it. Went with my 2 oldest friend (definitely had a fun time), but I can't say I'd go back ever. Wasn't trying to poo poo Vegas if it seemed that way. I can say I did it like everyone should if you've got the chance.
  15. IinD

    Vegas Draft!!

    Saw Peyton get drafted in person, but I think it's a bit more fancy now .. Vegas this year. Didn't know that. Did Vegas once and hated it.. Lol
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