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  1. Could simply be a case of 'no film on what they do' and as expected they've come back down to earth. Along with whoever they lost from last year through FA. Football is definitely weird nowadays. So many teams go up and down within a year or two. Minus NE of course. The KC shine seems to be fading slowly as well also.
  2. Rams trying hard to win one before they become the St.Louis Rams again. Buying talent on the fly rarely works. At least he's out of the division now. Win win.
  3. Jonathan Joseph better have that TY voodoo doll ready.
  4. We can beat HOU. KC is just a bad defensive team. Still doesn't diminish our W against them. We played well in primetime. Can't wait to beat HOU and get that division lead.
  5. They really are the early days Colts w/Peyton.
  6. Some HARD excuse making on this broadcast for Mahomes for whatever he's doing wrong.
  7. If Edge would have stayed healthy, I think he would have shattered most records in a quick amount of time. 3200 yds running / 1200 yds receiving and 26 TD's his first 2 years. Those are crazy numbers. Edge was definitely the better pick I think, he was on another level. He really was a physical beast who always came ready to play.
  8. Complete team. We always lost to them in the playoffs. I'm personally happy we have a GM who seems to be building a complete team. A good Dline draft/free agency and we could be really dangerous. Assuming the Oline stays in tact and healthy if course. One more WR also. Next couple years will be fun. Speaking for myself only.
  9. Can't lie, I wouldn't have him back this year if I was owner. After this year no problem Sounds cold, but I wouldn't want to bring all that drama back around and potentially mess with JB's confidence or juju so to speak.
  10. Unfortunately they're going to cruise to that #1 seed and probably head to their 74th SB...yay
  11. I believe average age of the fan comes into play here as well. If your barometer for QB play/standards is 12&18, this subconsciously is a big change to your football brain. Teams can win without HOF QB's.
  12. That was my point mainly. Hopefully they were playing it easy to start off the season. We at least know they can do it now. Gonna be fun and interesting. Will be disappointed if we don't see any of that KC type effort and game planning by the coaches.
  13. So true. League is literally week to week in terms of good/bad matchup or timing of a meeting against a team. If they curb stomp KC we're allowed to reevaluate our opinions on the forum
  14. That's honestly another reason why I wouldn't jump the gun and dump JB.
  15. I always loved Al Davis with that one. I don't care if it's pretty either.
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