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  1. We beat them once every half century it seems. We have the same convo every few years when we play them. I think the only times we've beat them it's been a leap year that has double the amount of full moons than normal.. Lol
  2. I heard he settled back into the deepest part of the ocean. Something about doing push ups on the ocean floor. Or something along those lines..
  3. IinD

    The Manning Rule

    Thankfully I full well knew I was watching an all time great. Hopefully we can find our next Luck in the coming years because our chances of finding another Peyton are to small to compute.
  4. Absolutely can. Nowadays teams rise and fall real quick. I can see a veteran QB with a chip on his shoulder (we've seen his chippiness.. Lol) come in motivated and lead a team on a quick run. We're definitely better coached than years past and have some talent at each level (O/D/ST). The young offensive weapons drafted added to my hopefulness also.
  5. He'll definitely be an edge disruptor if that body holds up. Pray to those football gods for some health throughout the team this year.
  6. Absolutely, just like them. Rarely misses time, minus last year of course and to me is a true Colt like those guys always were. They wanted to play here in Indy. Carries a couple extra points for me honestly. Having guys like that helps with a team identity. He's definitely never been huge with the TD numbers, but how many times have we seen drives/games changed with a huge reception from TY in a huge moment?
  7. TY can still absolutely ball out. As soon as Luck came back he got 1K again. Jacoby comes in which doesn't help and he got hurt, it happens. Put a legit QB (which I hope we have) and TY will still produce big #'s. He definitely hasn't slowed down, he's not a big 220LB receiver who falls off a cliff as soon as they hit a certain age. He's still fast and can produce good numbers.
  8. We'd be lucky if all Colts were like TY. He's definitely made from the same mold as Marv and Reggie. Get it done Ballard, I want TY to be a Colt for his entire career.
  9. They really gotta stop doing these things. They really mean nothing.
  10. KC is no lock to be a juggernaut. We see it all the time. Every year is truly different and the only ones you could expect several titles from was NE. The champs always get everyone's A game the following year. The modern NFL is a year to year thing and we have just as good a chance as most.
  11. I can't look to much into last season. Guy just continually got injured. Total fluke thing, hopefully it doesn't become the norm obviously. He's definitely a burner with talent. Most fans and media loved the guy during the draft.
  12. Haha. Hysterical. He was so smart, always thinking, even at a simple point in the game like halftime.
  13. I'll choose the optimistic route here because it's draft day. Would be so * huge to hit on a real starting caliber QB in the 4th. Hopefully this works out for us in a couple years.
  14. I'm ok with more DLine help. Guys always get injured.
  15. Only to try and steal from them
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