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  1. That SB sack is still one of my all time favorites. One handed, flung him down like a stuffed animal. Haven't had anyone close to his talent at DE since I also miss the RCA dome..
  2. Lol..I can't wait for this thread to be dead and buried .
  3. I miss the Reggie chants at games.
  4. I was more teasing how we're the favorite for guys and next year it'll come out that we had no contact with any teams about those guys.
  5. How about we start with baby steps... Like someone who's had at least one nfl snap..
  6. Even though he didn't have his old TY type season, this WR core would be the worst in the league or pretty close to it. Hopefully if he walks it's because they're eyeing someone else.
  7. I'm a lifelong homer and optimist, but I'd be the first guy camped out at the Indy offices with a neon colored 'Fire Ballard' sign if that happened.. Lol
  8. We'll sign him after his contact runs out. Ballard's been thinking long term. Make the perfect team with next year's draft and drop Tom in to win his 18&19th rings in a few years...
  9. Imagine this forum with Mahomes and co leading us...?? Lol It would be meltdown central..
  10. So glad to see Bruce get a ring. Loved his stints with the Colts.
  11. That guy on TV's great grandfather.. Lol
  12. Hate that Tom's getting ring #14, but part of me loves Mahomes getting humbled big time.
  13. I've honestly totally forgotten about Luck at this point. Not in a bad way, I just don't understand why he's even a topic at this point. He's been retired for multiple years at this point. He played, he's gone, they should leave him alone now (pundits/annoyed fans).
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