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  1. IinD

    This time last year.....

    I remember buying that weeks Sports Illustrated because I knew they'd have some pics. Sure enough they had some great ones, especially because of our white unis.
  2. Stadiums in general are just way too big nowadays. Many have an open/airy museum/trade show type vibe (indoor ones). Sound doesn't get trapped as well as the old type domes (New Orleans/RCA/St.Louis). LOS gets loud though if it's needed depending on game situation. It's a big place though, sound just evaporates inside.
  3. I'll be sure to punch myself in the face after hoping the PatriOTTS beat Pitt. It's only fair.
  4. IinD

    Why the Colts will put Dallas away...fast.

    No Luck bonehead picks and/or fumbles by the RB's. My personal feeling on this game is we'll win big or lose a close one. Don't think we'll get destroyed if we lose.
  5. IinD

    I Ran into some Colts

    I loved how Sessions would have the occasional loud hard tackle. To bad concussion's took a toll on him IIRC.
  6. IinD

    Do you think this was a good year?

    Definitely proud. They're on the way up.
  7. IinD

    If...at Houston or New England

    Nothing would be better then knocking NE out even if we get bounced right after.
  8. Did nobody see the garbage that is Philly's secondary? Even if you don't think we're great as a secondary, rarely does a guy go off on us. That #22 guarding Cooper most of the day was trash. And that last TD the announcers said that particular CB was signed in week 9 off the street.
  9. I'll stick my fingers down my throat for that NE game... Lol.. Thanks for the info..
  10. Simple terms.. Who we rooting for next week besides us of course??
  11. IinD

    TY Hilton should buy the Houston Texans one day.

    Great post. If you're beating Marv and Reggie records playing in Indy... You're very good. I loved those 'I'll take a 4th for him' in that great ty thread last year. Rarely misses games, plays hurt and has great chemistry with AL.
  12. IinD

    Braden Smith

    I honestly can't wait to see how good it looks next year with 1/2 more solid draft picks along with another 1/2 cheap finds (slauson/glow) for versatility/depth.
  13. IinD

    Kenny Moore

    Yeah?? I see the aggressiveness that we liked from Jnnings at times. Never was much of a Jason David fan. Marvin roasting him when he came back is my lasting memory of him.. Either way, he's been a great cheap find.
  14. Dallas is no world beater. Not saying it's a win, but we aren't playing a powerhouse here. Their oline was manhandled. Philly's secondary was trash. #22 on Philly was Cooper's wet dream. I think our secondary will do its job better on their weapons. If our offense comes to play like we know they can at times, we'll win
  15. IinD

    Kenny Moore

    Agreed. He's got a little of that Tim Jenning's little guy fight in him. He's had a solid season.