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  1. Irsay is definitely big on loyalty, he wouldn't have done that to Peyton IMO, no proof of course. A disrespect type thing. If he were never our rival, he would've definitely been an option for us.
  2. The part that's scary is what a statue Rivers truly is in the pocket. Can he even get slower or would that qualify as going backwards in time?? ... I think he's our best option but I could definitely see him fall off a cliff if he plays one year to long. And all the foot surgery talk from earlier this season??? Ugh...
  3. Guy was honestly blessed with an iron shoulder. You see guys like Rivers, Peyton towards the end who clearly can't push it down the field anymore, but Brady still has almost no problem. Healthy lifestyle aside. Genetics were kind to him. Yeah and the selling the soul thing as well.. Lol
  4. For me it's all Bills then Packers. I'll root for our old AFC East rivals. I don't wanna hear the Mahomes is the new Brady talk for the next few years.
  5. Have we gone back in time to 2019? Where was I?
  6. Nobody, because after #1 all the good players are gone. Sincerely, Colts Fan Forum
  7. That's kind of why I'm always miffed reading about getting that franchise QB in the first round every year. If it was that easy every team would have one. That franchise QB has to actually be in the draft, he doesn't become one just because he's drafted high. I'd love someone to bet their job/livelihood on a QB pick because that's what an entire regime has to do. And just a side note, on what planet would a divisional rival give you their franchise qb for 2/3/4 1st rd picks in the 20's? Makes no logical sense. That argument is fantasy talk.
  8. Agreed. This 'you have to be perfect all the time' stuff is too much. Nobody here is perfect at their jobs ALL THE TIME. Plenty of small mistakes were our downfall today.
  9. I wrote in another thread I don't envy CB this off-season. A lot of decisions to be made.
  10. I feel bad for TY because he's still a deep threat if you can get him the ball. Definitely not what Rivers is about at this stage in his career.
  11. Sucks because every year there is turnover, but next year I don't envy Ballard. We have to address/improve @ LT, QB, CB, MLB, K (he isn't a lock to me), WR, DE and just basic depth everywhere.
  12. He's more good then bad. He's definitely got flaws. I don't think he's to the point where he's a dangerous decision maker though. Definitely some head scratchers at times though.
  13. Definitely had a good season for us, but it's tough because he's going to be a little older, a little slower (scary to think) and he does limit any threat of running. If he was 5 years younger we'd be in great shape. Because warts aside, he's a capable nfl starter.
  14. I can dig it honestly. I just think we're to good (not rebuilding) where you've gotta get another Rivers type for a couple years. No way on that lets draft someone in the first and throw them in. We're in it to win it now regardless of how good or bad anyone thinks we are.
  15. Wouldn't mind one of the younger old retreads like Rivers was (Stafford, Ryan). Can't go young QB with this team.
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