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  1. IinD

    2018 NFL TV Distribution Maps - Week 7

    The toilet bowl game of the week for CBS.. Lol
  2. IinD

    You're the GM

    Mack cost the bears 6 for 140 (over 20M+ a season) and they gave their next 2 years #1's and a #2. That's a lot. Norwell has obviously been nothing special so far with a huge pricetag. With hindsight, I don't fault Ballard for not going after these two players.
  3. IinD

    Positional Value

    It's that simple for me as well. You can deviate from a blueprint if it's something that can alter your season or franchises future. 100ish sacks the last two years. That's all time NFL history bad. You HAVE to fix that. Luck actually has a small pocket too step into nowadays. That's a new thing for him sadly.
  4. IinD

    AC is back!

    Better then whatever we have. Can't really complain about what we don't have because we don't have it. Oline isn't easy to find as we've seen in Indy. Anthony has been a solid and reliable (injury wise) LT since drafted. I don't think anyone is saying he's Orlando Pace.
  5. IinD

    AC is back!

    Totally agreed. I'm sure the Colts themselves can see what's going on. They know we're 1-5..
  6. IinD

    the GOAT...the AV edition

    Can never have enough goats.
  7. IinD

    Stampede Blue on Ballard's lack of spending

    It's funny I asked someone I know who's a Jags fan and he literally said 'he's ok, nothing special so far'... Definitely not worth what he's getting paid so far it seems.
  8. Who's the Anderson people are talking about? Is that the Browns QB from 20 years ago?? He's still around??
  9. He's gonna get us back for concussing him in that game..haha. I feel like we knocked one of their QB's out of that game??
  10. IinD

    AC is back!

    Lol, you really should follow a team like the Pats, they usually win. This team is no good for your blood pressure.
  11. IinD

    Indy is a great place to visit!

    Yeah I didn't want to get into politics or the economy on a football site, but it's definitely a reason I'm sure. I'm on the east coast and I've definitely noticed the big city I work in has more VISIBLE homelessness. I'm sure they were always there, but you rarely saw them. Now I'm dodging them daily on my way to work while walking along with seeing them sleeping in trains way more often the last few years.
  12. IinD

    Stampede Blue on Ballard's lack of spending

    Isn't guaranteed money separate from all the other stuff? I thought I remember Irsay talking about selling some personal stuff to have enough cash to pay Peyton years back?? Not saying that's the case, but I thought guaranteed money comes straight from the owners pocket so some owners may be cheaper then others. I could be wrong though.
  13. Haha.. Plus we're sure to do something totally stupid that ends up on the NOT TOP 10 list..
  14. IinD

    Stampede Blue on Ballard's lack of spending

    Even if they don't spend everything, no reason he couldn't find solid talent like Ebron and Hunt. Another infusion of those type FA's and another draft and we definitely start to look a lot better. He could sprinkle in a couple big signings also. We're in a good spot going forward if Ballard doesn't pull a Grigson and go after a couple Landry's and RJF's.