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  1. IinD

    Why do Colts screen plays not work so well?

    Definitely a few reasons, but Luck doesn't throw the best quick pass down the line of scrimmage. Peyton and Brady were/are good at snapping and getting it out quick. We do suck at it though.
  2. KC is no lock to be a top seed. They get NE, Balt, the AFC South and nfc North. A lot of good defenses right there. On paper that's no cakewalk. Teams fall off all the time. 2019 is wide open right now thankfully .. We made a huge jump, let's keep it going. It's all on Ballard right now, need a few more horses across the board.
  3. Jerome Pathon Clarence Verdin (loved him growing up). The great Roy Hall...a HOF snub for sure .
  4. Never said that's why they're successful. Was stating how they happen to have a great advantage. You're telling me playing Buffalo and the the Jets and getting 4 automatic wins isn't an advantage? Kind of like having a new car and your job is one mile away, it will probably help the life of your car . Them winning has no bearing on my Colts fandom. Was simply stating how people love to say the South was garbage during Peyton's time. The east ain't no juggernaut, it's trash.
  5. The season ended like 13 minutes ago..jeez.. Lol
  6. I was laughing at the people at my house last night ALL saying he's gonna miss. Sure enough... Lol
  7. IinD

    Marvin Harrison's Hall of Fame speech

    Marvin is one of those Ricky Williams types. He's a different cat. I noticed his son Marvin Jr recently was mentioned as going to Ohio State. Keep your eye on him Chris ..
  8. IinD

    What can we learn from the pats??

    Lol...yup. The bully is still the bully.
  9. IinD

    Daurice 'Reece' Fountain

    It's bad when your only memory to fans is dropping a pass that most 75 year olds could have caught.
  10. IinD

    What can we learn from the pats??

    Being in the AFC east helps. Linemen that hold helps. It amazes me how you can have all pros across the line on D and still never get to him. Mug receivers on D. Not making excuses, but they get away with a lot, but I'd do the same if it's never called.
  11. My point exactly. They're a favorite for the #1 or 2 seed before the season even kicks off. That division has probably had 50 scrub QBs while Brady has been there.
  12. They're so fortunate to be in a division that hasn't had a franchise QB in 20 years. People liked to say the South was bad, the east is a guaranteed 5-1 (that fluke yearly Mia win) or 6-0 for them year in year out. Somebody better step up or they'll walk out of this dynasty with 4 or 5 in a row.
  13. It's laughable at this point honestly. What else can you say or do?
  14. Even if he has an average to bad draft, we need minimum one pass rusher. Somewhere in this draft has to be a solid one and he's gotta find him.
  15. IinD

    Rams (+2 1/2) vs. New England (2-3-19)

    Yeah. It's really like God must be a pats fan or something.. Lol.