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  1. I'm picking us regardless in these threads... Check back at halftime of the game... Lol
  2. I still remember how terrible that Miami kick was... It's literally burned in my memory. Not even close would be a compliment. Then the RB who ran for like 200 on us that day... ugghhhh
  3. Yeah he is Keep running it baby...
  4. Defense plays the bootlegs and rollouts like they're the 85' Bears along with holding Henry to 100'ish.... Shoe rolls 24-17... On offense...Keep throwing it deep guys, good things can happen.
  5. Will definitely be pumped up for this one. Our guys know what's at stake... Let's ride!!!
  6. Glad Nelson made it out without reinjuring the ankle.
  7. I've been rocking my Faulk one this year because of him.
  8. Yes baby... Wasn't a waste of a night .. Lol
  9. Let's win this guys... Let's not % our pants....
  10. I was picturing someone coming in hot to ruin it and give them 15... Lol
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