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  1. That truly was a terrible angle Willis took. Could've been held to just a bad 20 yard play on that one.
  2. I get it. I'd just roll the rest of 2020 with him and see if he gets it eventually. Entire secondary really is a weak point if we're 100% honest. Moore's been ugly at times, Willis as well. Xavier isn't exactly Vontae out there also. They definitely need an infusion next year.
  3. John really did love the Colts, he was a good poster here...rip friend..
  4. He's frustrating because he can physically keep up with these guys and is a decent tackler, but he's definitely handsy even when he doesn't have to be. He panics when he doesn't have to sometimes it seems. Needs to 'feel' the WR at all times and just seems uneasy. Fingers crossed it clicks for him this year.
  5. No #99 made this look like the Peyton years up the gut on D.
  6. This isn't a time for jokes...
  7. Just win baby.. If not they'll be watching the playoffs with us
  8. Some folks really need to find a new team to root for. It's painful reading around here sometimes.. I hear the chiefs are pretty good... Lol
  9. We're Doomed...lol At least we're still in the hunt in December, that's all you can ask honestly.
  10. Whenever we get to here let's throw Eason in...
  11. We beat the living % out of them.
  12. So we suck again?? Was good while it lasted...
  13. Count that Pitt game as a loss. Sure as the sun rising unfortunately.
  14. At least we're still in the playoff picture for now.
  15. Yeah if AC legit misses time Philip's streak will definitely come to an end and so will the season.
  16. Agreed. Love the guy himself, but we're so hot/cold..
  17. Wasn't a fan of that important 2 pt conversion attempt???
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