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  1. Should Colts consider him? Could a fresh start be the rejuvenation Taco needs. I think he could be a good cheap pick up for the rotation. He has no choice but to compete and succeed, or his career is damaged. He would come at a good price. Clowney would be great but way more expensive.
  2. Colts trade Brissett, and a 2nd and 3rd pick to New England for CB Gillmore. Gives us a need New England a need, with no cap space issues for the Pats.
  3. We are trading Hooker soon lol. Glasgow was listed as a S during his pick. Hybrid project?
  4. I feel like Desir was inconsistent and now gone. Rhodes signing was good but hes quesionable as a sure fire #1 CB. Moore is solid at nickel. We meed help at the posistion its our biggest weakness. I forgot about Rock. Still need one more potential starter for depth and competition. Rock or Rhodes go down and we are hurting.
  5. I feel like we've dropped the ball on the CB posistion. We are weak there. I like the Taylor pick, but didnt expect it. I know having Buckner should help the secondary but I would have went CB in the 3rd or DE to make life Easier in the Secondary. Were gonna still be getting scortched by good passing teams next year.
  6. Still that is a few Mil Ballard will use else where. Mack will be gone. Patriots have donenit for years, dicounts RBs behind good lines is thrifty.
  7. He graded at a 50. There are better safties on the board. We need more help at the CB position. Head scratcher to me.tThe torn ACL is sketchy, I think we could have got him in 4th round.
  8. Im not saying breaking the bank. Even a few mil is more thin you need to spend. If you can get younder and healthier for dirt cheap.
  9. Mack will want paid, this guy will be just as good for cheaper and longer. In todays NFL most successful teams dont pay RBs anymore.
  10. Okay here's the deal Adam, we will give you 300,000 to sit your geriatric butt on the bench. When we are blowing someone out and have no chance of losing the game, your going to come in and try to knock 600 through and ride off into the sunset!
  11. Take willie M off he was retired. But they had junior seau, rodney harrison and asante samuel on that team too.
  12. Pats had the better team and coach, not the better QB ever. Willie Mcginnis, Teddy Bruschi, Mike Vrabel, Vince Wilfork, and Im probably leaving some good players out. That D was awesome and underrated.
  13. 2006 swap Brady with Manning in AFC championship game. Brady would have ever took the Colts past a Manning led Pats team. Brady would have never won a superbowl in Indy.
  14. Well it was a Grigs move to sign Rhodes now. Reminds me of the Andre Johnson signing.
  15. We also are lacking a taller redzone target, something any QB needs...
  16. WR, CB, and TE. We need a true #1 CB for Rock to compete with, and Rivers needs a tall redzone target with good hands.
  17. Better chance on Claypool being there. I honestly think Claypool is the better of the two, Higgins just is hyped up more for playing at Clemson.
  18. I hope Claypool is still on the board here...
  19. WR Geronimo Allison would be a good pick up...
  20. Lets trade the Texans JB and Rivers and our 6th rnd pick for Watson and Watt. I think Obrien will do it...
  21. Your just judging the reciever not the QB. Watch some video of Rivers, a very high percentage of his passes are thrown high or jump balls. He rarely throws ball chest level. Its his style of play.
  22. If you look at the receivers he has favored and had success with they all were big bodied possession wrs or TE like. He throws better high. Watch his tape, he rarely hits guys in stride. I think Phillip can do good here in Indy but he needs some big toys to be successful...
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