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  1. Metcalf is a high risk prospect that could easily bust. AJ Brown was far more productive at Ole Miss.
  2. We’ll need some more beef up front by adding more talent on the DL to keep him free to roam then.
  3. Darnell Savage at 26 would be a huge reach. I agree with you on the trade up possibility for Burns though. If we stay put at 26, I’m picking Simmons at DT for Indy.
  4. Those top 2 draft picks would be insane and I’d absolutely love it for Indy! Indy’s defensive line would be a terror for years!
  5. With a trade down to the early 3rd we could snag him there
  6. I really like Ridley as an option with our late 3rd round pick. I'd prefer doing that and getting 2 studs in our front 7 on defense with picks 26 and 34.
  7. Ballard has the luxury of the 34th overall pick as well so he has the flexibility to take a chance on a massive upside player like Simmons.
  8. It'd be a crime if DT Jeffery Simmons wasn't included on that list of targets at 26 in my opinion.
  9. Here's my version Ballard style! Round 1 Pick 26: Jeffery Simmons, DT, Miss. State Round 2 Pick 7 (T.B.): Johnathan Abram, FS, Miss. State Round 3 Pick 4 (NYJ): Mack Wilson, ILB/OLB, Alabama Round 3 Pick 6 (T.B.): Joe Jackson, DE, Miami (Fla.) Round 3 Pick 25: Tytus Howard, OT, Alabama State Round 4 Pick 3 (NYJ): Riley Ridley, WR, Georgia Round 4 Pick 27: Nate Davis, OG, Charlotte Round 4 Pick 33 (COMP): Lonnie Johnson, CB, Kentucky Round 5 Pick 26: DeMarkus Lodge, WR, Ole Miss Round 6 Pick 26: PJ Johnson, NT, Arizona Round 7 Pick 26: Blace Brown, CB, Troy Trades - Ballard trades 34th overall pick to Tampa Bay for their 2nd, 3rd round picks - Ballard trades 59th overall pick to New York for their 3rd, 4th round picks I love this draft in the sense that we add so much talent which could make us title contenders, especially when Simmons comes back healthy.
  10. Not a good deal for us if we’re losing one of our 2nd rounders.
  11. I don’t think there’s any chance Ballard gives up his 34th overall selection. That’s basically a late 1st.
  12. Anyways feel free to message on here if any Colts fans wanna congregate downtown! I'm calling for a Colts takeover in Nashville!
  13. Tickets are not needed. This is the first free NFL draft viewing.
  14. I haven't in depth watched him yet, but from his short highlight film, he seems to get pushed around on occasion by bigger OL, and in my opinion he would need to play with other great players around him at the next level so he isn't the focus of attention for the opposing OL. You watch him compared to Jeffrey Simmons, and you can see the massive difference.
  15. Hey this may have been discussed already, but who is all making the short drive down to Nashville to view the draft? I live in Nashville, and just a fair warning, most of the free viewing areas of the stage will be standing areas only right on Broadway. Are there any other places where Colts fans are wanting to congregate to view the draft while in Nashville? Barlines at the Omni Hotel is a cool place if you wanna get away from the standing sea of people area.
  16. I can't quite put my finger on it but I just have this feeling he will be a bust. I'd MUCH rather have someone like Jeffrey Simmons or Christian Wilkins.
  17. Love this in look series to our scout team!!!
  18. With what would've been left for the Colts at 26, I'm thrilled with the trade up to get Burns at DE. As long as we don't have to give up the 34th overall in the process that is.
  19. Good draft for the most part, although Gardner Johnson probably could be had with a mid to late 2nd, so I'd rather snag WR AJ Brown with the early 2nd, and then get Gardner Johnson with the late 2nd.
  20. Here is a mock where I have us selecting immediate impact players, players who will vastly improve this roster, and even a few players the Colts have already shown interest in... Round 1 Pick 29 (K.C.): Brown, AJ, WR, Mississippi Round 2 Pick 2: Simmons, Jeffery, DT, Mississippi State Round 2 Pick 27: Gardner-Johnson, Chauncey, FS, Florida Round 2 Pick 31 (K.C.): Walker, D'Andre, OLB/DE, Georgia Round 3 Pick 25: Johnson, Lonnie, CB, Kentucky Round 4 Pick 27: Pratt, Germaine, OLB, North Carolina State Round 4 Pick 33 (COMP): Davis, Nate, OG, Charlotte Round 5 Pick 26: Johnson, PJ, DT, Arizona Round 6 Pick 26: Evans, Bobby, OG/OT, Oklahoma Round 7 Pick 26: Williams, Preston, WR, Colorado State Trade - Indy trades 26th overall pick to KC for their 29th overall, 2nd round pick. Analysis - AJ Brown is my favorite WR in this draft and there is a definite chance he lasts to the late 1st round. He could take over as the #1 WR on this team by 2021 in my opinion. We've also met with him. With the early 2nd, Ballard can afford to take an extremely talented player in Simmons, who has to spend the next year recovering from his injury, along with being around good leaders to keep his head on straight. If he works out well for the Colts, he could make this defense next level. Gardner Johnson gives Ballard a very versatile S who can play nickel on occasion, as well as both S spots in case of injury to Hooker. Walker has been compared to Dee Ford by NFL.com, whom Ballard helped draft. He and Turay could learn from Houston and Mathis to be our next wave of pass rushers. Johnson is a very talented and underrated CB who could potentially be one of our outside starters once Desir gets too old or starts declining. The Colts were said to be at his pro day. Pratt is a LB I really like who can pass rush, and bring added depth to the core. Nate Davis is a mauling OG who the Colts have shown some interest in as well. He would be a good backup to Glow or Nelson if they were ever to get injured. PJ Johnson is a bigger NT who can push the pocket.
  21. Woud much rather have S Chauncey Gardner Johnson than Savage in round 2, then with the later 2nd rounder select WR Deebo Samuel and have our 3rd be Khalen Saunders, since he is not a 2nd round guy. LOVE getting Burns in the 1st though.
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