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  1. Yeah I know Titans fans will harp on the players they are missing as well, but there is no question Indy had bigger impact players missing in this game. Buckner and Autry are huge for this DL and Okereke is our best coverage LBer. And with how beat up our OL is right now, they simply couldn't keep drives going once AC went out. Ballard really needs to find depth at OT next offseason.
  2. Hoping Indy wins the division and the defense, along with Blackmon, continues to play great. Then he has a great shot at it.
  3. Not bad takes, but I would think the loss of Buckner will impact the Colts defense much more than the Titans missing Brown at LB. Not to mention the Colts will also be missing their young stud LB in Bobby Okereke for this game too. He is every bit as good as Jayon. Also missing Autry is huge with Buckner already out. Indy basically will have no one to play the 3tech DT spot which is so vital to this defense.
  4. Both teams will be missing key pieces, but I would argue Buckner is a MUCH bigger loss since he is so much better of a player than Jayon Brown and Adoree Jackson. Not to mention Buckner impacts the entire defense is such a way that it elevates everyone else.
  5. Check out this awesome video about Blackmon! Future stud of this Colts defense!
  6. I hope we can sweep the Titans this Sunday. That may get us the division title. Here’s my prediction... vs. Titans- W @ Texans- W @ Raiders- L vs. Texans- W @ Steelers- L vs. Jags- W I have us finishing 11-5, winning the division, and hopefully challenging the Chiefs and Steelers. They are the only 2 teams I worry about facing.
  7. Yeah Titans fans are starting to become super annoying and delusional.
  8. Hoping Smith is back at RT against the Titans. Does anyone know his status going forward?
  9. Hoping he plays more against the Titans, or that we'll get Autry back. Our pass rush was absent against GB.
  10. I have a hard time believing every single one of those calls was truly a hold. If so both Glow and Nelson need a talking to. Part of me thought the refs were almost letting the Packers back in it.
  11. I would argue Leonard is just as explosive of a player as Warner. Also, with making the All Pro Team and Pro Bowl already, Darius is very well known in the league.
  12. I've read that Indy should have somewhere around 70 mil in cap space, 3rd most in the NFL.
  13. I think Ballard feels comfortable with his DT depth of Buckner, Stewart, Stallworth, and occasionally Autry.
  14. Ease him back in, playing him on obvious 3rd and long passing situations. Indy has enough depth at DE with Muhammed, Houston, Autry, Lewis, and Banagu to where we don't need to rush him.
  15. I haven't seen one from him focusing on Quenton in this game.
  16. I'd like to keep a closer eye on times when Big Q faces up against better DTs and how those battles play out. This past Thursday was one of them, when Nelson faced up against Jeffrey Simmons. Below is a great pic from the game, as I'm sure they both get under each other's skin at times.
  17. Try listening to Nashville sports radio hosts. They are much worse. They thought the Titans did absolutely nothing wrong when they were criticized nationally for being careless with COVID protocols by practicing when they were advised not to.
  18. I've listened to Indy Sports radio and they aren't nearly the homers Nashville, TN sports radio hosts are.
  19. This next draft might be an opportunity to trade up for a guy like Trey Lance or Zach Wilson, unless the team believes in the progress of Eason.
  20. Its ridiculous listening to Nashville Sports Radio, which are obviously Titans Homer Biased. One of the radio hosts still isn't impressed by Indy's defense even after they shellacked the Titans last night. He basically said their kicking game was the reason the Titans lost, and completely neglected the fact that Indy's defense dictated that game, along with Rivers and Hines being able to do what they wanted on offense. I live in Nashville, TN and it's hilarious how moronic these local homers sound.
  21. Let's Go Colts! Dominate the trenches and play smart ball!
  22. Let's get it done in Nashville Colts! Dominate them in the trenches, and Rivers needs to play smart football and simply throw the ball away when nothing is there, and Colts have this game!
  23. Can't believe Blackmon isn't included on this list. https://www.nfl.com/news/nfl-rookie-rankings-justin-herbert-leads-top-25-at-midseason
  24. Out of those 3 I would prefer Wilson. I’m not a big Trask or Mac Jones fan.
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