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  1. Sometimes all you can do is tip you cap to their receivers in the first half.....they made some insane catches...it was just their day today. Also it's just a weird day in the nfl today....Raiders smack Chiefs in the mouth in KC, Dolphins smoke the Niners, Vikings on the verge of beating Seattle, in Seattle.
  2. Think it'll be a Colts blowout win....home game, coming off a winnable loss( like week 1). This team does respond well after losing generally.
  3. I'm going to feel bad for the Bengals next week....one thing this team has done is rebound from a loss .
  4. You can tell things are going badly...those who earely post when things are good are blowing up the message w.
  5. luckily it's a looong season and as long as the team if fairly healthy later, it'll be all good.
  6. Was literally just about to comment this.
  7. The unfortunate part of being a bottom of the roster player. Usually the first to be the victim of the numbers game.
  8. dangit, they might actually improve this year......would love to view D Hopkins twitter right now lol
  9. Contain Myles Garret and keep any helmets away from him and I think they'll be good.
  10. well the D just got a boost....Nick Chubb went to IR for a sprained MCL...not season ending but obviously out this week.
  11. Ugly wins are always better than pretty losses. D is looking legit.
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