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  1. PeterBowman

    Browns Another Crushing Loss But They Are Good

    To think Cleveland was a competent kicker from possibly being 3-0 if they hold on.
  2. PeterBowman

    What are you expecting?

    Well Brandon Graham gave some bulletin board material so we'll see how that goes.
  3. PeterBowman

    Your not going to believe where PFF has Colts defense ranked

    2005 was the last time I think they've had a consistent top defense
  4. PeterBowman

    Can this O-line get some credit finally?

    it's also a rough opening stretch for veterans too.
  5. PeterBowman

    Can this O-line get some credit finally?

    Nelson sure is having a "murderers row" in his first month of his career. Atkins Allen Cox so far he's held up really well....will only get better and his competition will get a little easier too, with some exceptions here an there.
  6. PeterBowman

    Colts Offense Not Sexy Right Now But...

    And that's without Castonzo
  7. PeterBowman

    Defense deserves a game ball!

    Something else to consider.....the D had 9 tackles for loss.....that's amazing.
  8. PeterBowman

    I know we are only 2 games into Frank Reich but...

    It's still early and this is a very young team...there will be some more downs bit also more ups....but so far the future looks very bright......Luck had a very pedestrian game and the Colts still controlled the game.
  9. PeterBowman

    NE or Jacksonville??? Who are you rooting for?

    as John McKay would say....plane crashes
  10. PeterBowman

    Quenton Nelson owns Geno Atkins

    Unless he's going up against Aaron Donald, this will probably be his toughest matchup this season. And he got it in his first real pro game too, with a backup LT next to him. Given the circumstances he did about as well as you could expect. Sure he lost a snap here and there (it happens to even the best of them, especially when there were over 80 offensive plays), but he also destroyed Adkins on a few plays too. The scary part for the rest of the league is that he's only going to get better.
  11. PeterBowman

    How did Henry Anderson not fit our Defensive scheme

    Henry's a very good player when healthy....but this is only game one....let's see how many games he plays this year.
  12. PeterBowman

    Big Q

    He was fine especially considering he was going up against one of the best D lineman in the league.
  13. PeterBowman

    PFF: Andrew Luck's return

    I like the idea of doing the New England death by a thousand cuts type of offense.
  14. PeterBowman

    Positives from Week One

    another positive. Even with Luck holding the ball a little bit longer than usual, he was only hit on about 9 of nearly 60 drop backs. And a couple of those could've been called for being late too. And this was without Castonzo and with Braden Smith completely whiffing on Dunlap on a sack.
  15. PeterBowman

    Bears (+7.5) at Green Bay (9-9-18)

    Wow....don't feel so bad about the Colts right now lol