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  1. PeterBowman

    Jihad Ward Video

    what was his injury again last year?
  2. hmmmmm maybe Ballard knows what he's doing lol
  3. PeterBowman

    Robert Kraft Charged in Prostitution Probe

    guess you can say he's got a "grip" on the situation.
  4. Depth, competition, special teams.
  5. I'm still holding out a slim hope that Christian Wilkins is there at 26.
  6. He'd be a pretty good consolation prize if Christian Wilkins is gone
  7. Just read Colts D line coach Mike Phair met with Dexter Lawrence at Clemson's pro day today.
  8. bad case of pre-mature e-speculation
  9. PeterBowman

    CB Pierre Desir Re-signing

    Another important fact to this signing(and those of Glowinski and Hunt) is that it shows potential future free agents that the Colts do reward their own who produce. You know the players see this and could make Indy a very desirable destination for those mid-tiered free agents.
  10. yep, AP took a switch to them
  11. Good for Henry, well deserved.
  12. same here....they don't have to play me or anything.....I'll happily ride the bench.
  13. and generally this is where teams are built....not the big flashy deals.