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  1. Seriously Ballard is probably one of the most transparent GMs in the league in telling what they're looking to do and why.
  2. Please allow me to introduce myself....
  3. Look how fast they got the pick in......they wanted him badly.
  4. Seem to be a much younger and athletic Jabaal Shears....he's already seeming to be an elite run defender that could develop into a very good pass rusher with time and coaching.
  5. It's a deep OT draft...Chase and Tee Higgins could be a nightmare for opposing defenses.
  6. That's a big big one......if only challenges were available then.
  7. Freeney never spraining his ankle against the Jets in the '09 AFCCG....he was absolutely wrecking the Saints in the first half of the Super Bowl. Then it tightened up at halftime and everything was different. Also: Dungey's son not committing suicide and Harper's wife not stabbing him....that whole '05 game against Pitt just didn't seem right.
  8. Solid deal for a solid player
  9. Seems Ballard learned from the mistake of not having much o line depth.
  10. Well this is interesting, if the Colts didn't have Grover this would be a good option.
  11. It's me.....had a gag order but it's been lifted now.
  12. Probably good depth which is always needed....plus the more important thing......it's activity lol
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