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  1. I'd keep it here since it's kinda designated for it. PS--when does practice start?
  2. boy sure glad the Colts didn't go after him.....Raiders gonna Raider.
  3. And it was......unless the game was in New England and Walt Coleman was the ref.
  4. Hate to see that ... especially in pre season.
  5. any list without Philly is invalid.
  6. If only people took what Brad says seriously.
  7. Who has 2 thumbs and won't be getting much done at work the next couple weeks.
  8. I know it's all subjective, but I can't agree with having Josh Jacobs ahead of him and he hasn't even played yet.
  9. this kind of actions are going to make Indy an attractive destination too....it shows that if you come in produce and do it the right way, you'll be rewarded.
  10. oh no, this is full emo....you never go full emo
  11. Yep....now let's hope they don't get their version of Ballard lol.
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