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  1. Rams going full Grigson, you never go full Grigson
  2. well not when the game is still in doubt.... I've noticed they get more flag happy against the Pats when the game has already been decided and want to make their numbers look more even.
  3. Helps when you're constantly picking in the top 5 most of the last 5+ years.
  4. Chiefs D will be their undoing this year.
  5. Elite QBs get you to the playoffs usually but TEAMS win Super Bowls.
  6. They did to the Chiefs what teams used to do to the Colts back in the day. Be physical, run the ball, and play keep away.
  7. Same here, just in a chalet in Gatlinburg.
  8. Hopefully no ligament damage and just a break....that'll be easier to come back from.
  9. This seems to be one of those rare instances where both teams benefitted from a player for player trade.
  10. I know we all hated the early bye, but with the injuries, maybe the bye is coming at a great time.
  11. He's actually good at sticking to his man...he's just horrible at timing and making a play on the ball.
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