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  1. Cherilus was a good signing at the time and so was Donald Thomas...I was at the game that Thomas got his freak injury. He would have been solid but that injury killed it. But yes I agree that Grigson could've done more in the draft.....before Kelly, I'm not sure what lineman were available in the draft that Grigson passed on.
  2. me thinks some Mexican Cartel isn't going to be happy about losing 157lbs of weed.
  3. He wasn't too stubborn to protect him....he really did try. He was just horrible at getting the right players to do it.
  4. If Brown is available at 13, I can see Ballard going Kool-Aid Man and smashing trough the wall with the card to select Brown.
  5. https://www.rotoworld.com/football/nfl/player/8281/daurice-fountain Hope he can get back on track for the upcoming camp. Things sounding positive though.
  6. and they want to keep Sammie Watkins too and that won't be cheap. There's going to be some good players on that team either restructured or outright let go.
  7. to be fair, they were just reporting what they were being told by the team scouts......this is the nonsense throwing time of the year.
  8. saw that on the IndyStar homepage.
  9. https://www.rotoworld.com/football/nfl/player/8762/chris-jones It's a situation to monitor but I don't see it as being very possible. That said...IF he happens to hit the market, you just know Ballard has Jones' agent on speed dial.
  10. Bob had Hall of Fame level impact on the game when he played, but his body didn't hold up. If it did, he'd be in with Troy P for sure.
  11. Well they don't have to clean the poop off the streets of San Francisco now.
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