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  1. Also Devante Parker is good at football. Me thinks all of that missed practice for Wentz etc during camp is playing a factor in the RedZone right now.
  2. The more Fisher and the less Davenport plays, the better the line will look...but just as important they need time to gel as a unit.
  3. One thing the Colts teams under Reich have done very well has been to rebound after a loss.
  4. Shows how potentially deep the D line is.....also knew there would be tough cuts this time around.
  5. There's going to be some very tough cuts this year......a d I'm feeling that a lot of those cuts will be on someone's opening day roster.
  6. You know he's making the team when even the Colts are putting stuff of him in their official sites.
  7. Well there's tons of potential there to be excited about.
  8. We'll find out. Depends on how long that post stays up.
  9. Now he can have a dinner for two.
  10. Can't wait to see what he can do when the bullets are live
  11. Could he be this year's Tyquan Lewis?
  12. Remember teams are uber careful with any little ding during camp.
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