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  1. I could see Houston's asking price to trade him to the Colts in the division being similar to what the Nets gave up for James Harden.
  2. Penei Sewell....one can dream lol
  3. Nahhhh not even close to hardest loss to accept. Frustrating yes, because they played well enough to win and really should've won. Just didn't make enough plays when they presented themselves. The hardest losses for me to accept were the ones where the Colts were expected to win, especially during the Manning years....playoff losses to the Chargers, '05 against Pittsburgh, etc. Even the Super Bowl loss to New Orleans I can understand given the injuries to Feeeney and the corners through out the game.
  4. Oh I know... just saying how much of an improvement he was over who played against Pitt.
  5. Colts would've had a much better chance of winning last week if he played.
  6. Was Glennon over the line on that pass anyways?
  7. Now the negatives are crawling out of their holes.
  8. Definitely not the same ref crew from last week.
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