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  1. wow that sucks for them.....hope things are ok personally.
  2. yeah no....unless he totally flames out during camp etc......my money is on Chester Rogers.
  3. With reading up on them with the interviews with Ballard, Reich, and the scouts I picked up on a trend on their traits....they're all smart, athletic, fast, and have long arms... definitely going the Seattle D route it seems. Good article on Indy Star with the scouts and that's what they said about all those players.....one comment that struck me with the scout who did Khari Willis....he said slow safeties will get you beat sometimes and dumb safeties will get you beat all the time. Colts are in good hands for sure.
  4. Wonder why Gerald Willis is on the verge of going undrafted.
  5. Looks like theyre drafting a lot of sub package players......new age ndl defense
  6. Waiting to see if McAfee try and top Reggie announcing the pick.
  7. Parris Campbell to replace Hill?
  8. Jamal Adams or Quinnen Williams and it's a deal
  9. plus Greedy seems to have graduated from the Deion Sanders school of tackling
  10. hahahahaha it's all good.... i'm barely awake right now after staying up watching the first round lol.
  11. You're right he won't take Tillery......That's because San Diego took him last night.
  12. I wonder if they'd have made the trade had they not already had #34.
  13. The true value of this draft is in the 2nd round...and the Colts have 3 picks in it.
  14. Luckily the Colts have an O line.
  15. I'm going to be useless at work tomorrow lol
  16. if he's the Colts pick, either tonight or tomorrow...he'll be going up against Q again everyday in practice. That would make most game days seem like a vacation.
  17. I'll say this....this is a draft that I'm glad the Colts have a late 1st round pick and early 2nd, based on draft value. I think this type of draft is where scouting and patience will really come into play.
  18. that's the spirit!!!!
  19. hasn't this been a bannable offense the past few years?
  20. as Polian has said...90 % of what you hear and read during draft week is nonsense and smokescreens...that said, it makes for great conversation.
  21. Just going to have to see how this plays out.....if he does make the deal for Clark, I'll understand why it was done.....if they decide to pass, I'll understand why too.
  22. It's being reported that the Jets want him but don't have the ammo to pull it off. Just think if the Colts get him for #34.....the pick the Jets gave the Colts lol.
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