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  1. Considering we paid more for Rivers last year, I’d say yea
  2. Wasn’t able to listen...what was said if anything interesting?
  3. Another thought, that rarely happens.... I would split three wide on one side and two wide on the other. I would put like Pittman and Mo-Alie on the one side. Hope it splits the defenders a little with two pass catching groups and then the QB can make a quick decision which side has less defenders. Still has a very slim chance of working, and if that is what you have to bank on, probably should have made a few plays earlier...
  4. I do wonder about this as well....maybe as a passing game coordinator or something crazy, just to have another mind in the room. Not sure Pederson would want that role anyways, but it is a thought.
  5. HOLY SMOKES, OVERREATCTION MONDAY!!!! I think you have to factor in when you're missing your two best interior DL players against a run heavy team. You also have to factor in you were missing a Pro Bowl C and All-Pro type LT on the OL side. I don't think we are as near to needing to think doom and gloom as chicken little here. When the whole defense has been healthy the scheme has worked fine. Do we need an upgrade at CB sure. Do I feel like we need a QB who can make some plays be escaping the pocket, sure. The Colts are not as far off as this take though... In the
  6. gnet550

    Blue Card

    Regardless of what was said here...I would say he absolutely was a Blue Cars guy too. For them to jump on him early that means he had everything they wanted. Remembered not just here people said it was a bad pick. for Ballard and Reich to “reach” for a guy there is no doubt Leonard has everything they wanted in a player.
  7. Think he played primarily RG too so it’s a perfect fit..still have cap space
  8. I’d say go get him and have him take Glows spot
  9. I know Sheard wore it but when I see 93 in Blue all I can think is Freeney
  10. 93 has been worn I believe but Freeney was pretty iconic here
  11. He has been injured some, but the fact he played through his shoulder injury for much of the year his rookie season shows toughness. The other thing is I think he is more than meh personally is he looks so much better than the other backs we have. If the line was the sole reason(not saying they aren’t a tremendous help) then Wilkins and Hines would do great as well. When they are both in they have had decent runs here and there, but in between there are negative runs or 1 yard gains. Mack rarely gets caught for a loss. He isn’t a top 5 RB probably, but somewhere in the top 10-12 I’d say easy.
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