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  1. I would love him, if a reasonable deal could be had. If healthy TY, him, and Campbell would make a lot of DC’s cringe
  2. Ive followed Dan for awhile. He’s a big Colts fan. Just think speculation here. He doesn’t have inside sources....to my knowledge anyways.
  3. The one thing I know without he does do better than JB is he anticipates routes. JB has to wait see it open and drive in a 95MPH fastball. Rivers can see it and lead WRs open. Many routes in that video he has some touch. JB is going to drive it in or don’t throw it....my opinion
  4. Three all pros in last two years all 26 or younger..between him, Q, and Maniac....that’s a foundation
  5. gnet550

    how long

    Wow...you do remember he had a top 8 QB retire before last year correct...the roster building is solid. If we find a QB, we will be back to the top
  6. Wow..they better hope last year wasn’t an aberration.
  7. gnet550

    Salary cap

    Just got an alert it’s raising by 10 million.
  8. Or maybe they won’t use it on him...who knows
  9. I kind of question the source from the start...when they say we signed Houston to a mammoth 6 year deal. If I’m not mistaken we signed him to like a 2 yr 23 mill contract lol
  10. I don't see starting RB as a problem. Sure Mack hasn't had the same numbers but teams don't have to worry about the pass because of Brissett's inability to hit open receivers. I think Mack is fine as a starting RB...QB and WR are where we need upgrades on offense IMHO! On defense we need to sure up the secondary, and i feel like we have to get away from playing so much soft stinking zone. I also would say Pass rush is a need, although when Turay returns he and Houston will be a nice tandem.
  11. I like the “what do you want to be when you grow up?” “BIG”
  12. I urge you to go watch the play again. Heyward got away with a hand underneath Qs face mask. Should have been an illegal hands to the face penalty. No lineman is goi to hold up if the Dline is allowed to push up on his face mask in that manner. Big Q is fine. This was just one of the many calls that didn’t go our way and it cost us our starting QB
  13. I am hoping the Colts check in on Deone Buccannon the guy was a stud as a hybrid linebacker in his first few years. He would be nice depth behind out starters. just my humble opinion
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