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  1. I am guessing they have a good idea of where he is at with the injury rehab. Leno was a good option and he seemed to be very interested. If they weren't comfortable enough with Fisher then I would think they would have just went after Leno....so I am going to trust Ballard here.
  2. Patmon looks like a TE...wonder if he could split out and play the Ertz role for the Colts
  3. I did read on twitter that Schwartz is likely to retire after undergoing back surgery. Fisher though is surprising.
  4. With the 3rd pick the Miami Dolphins selects
  5. Just released both Fisher and Schwartz, their starting T's.....there are a lot of names hitting the market.
  6. He was officially, released by the Saints yesterday. (He was set to become a free agent anyways) He might be a nice TE pickup. If I remember right he has good size and good speed for the position. Caught 16 TDs in two years for them
  7. That's tough....4 years 55 mil?.....20 mill guranteed
  8. If Martin is able to play G and the Colts think Q can really kick out to LT, then this could be a cheaper option then what you will have to pay a LT....that's hoping for a lot to go right though.
  9. Him and Buckner could be nasty..both good against the run and pass
  10. this guys runs the ForTheColture podcast...they were all over the assistant hires. Seem to have some intel...but who knows
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