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  1. I urge you to go watch the play again. Heyward got away with a hand underneath Qs face mask. Should have been an illegal hands to the face penalty. No lineman is goi to hold up if the Dline is allowed to push up on his face mask in that manner. Big Q is fine. This was just one of the many calls that didn’t go our way and it cost us our starting QB
  2. I am hoping the Colts check in on Deone Buccannon the guy was a stud as a hybrid linebacker in his first few years. He would be nice depth behind out starters. just my humble opinion
  3. I respectfully disagree...I’m not sure he will play till 40...but I see plenty of passion for the game from him...the jubilation he shows for every TD...Luck is just a quirky guy but I definitely think he cares and wants to win
  4. I have no problem and lets keep moving along. It just annoying to read all the negative things over and over in every thread. I may over react but it is not with the intention of making a riff.

    1. gnet550


      I'm done man...there were at least 5 other people who said bad signing...etc..but since I mention areas of need I am bashed? You just lost a poster...not mad and honestly hope God blesses you in your life man

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