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  1. I respectfully disagree...I’m not sure he will play till 40...but I see plenty of passion for the game from him...the jubilation he shows for every TD...Luck is just a quirky guy but I definitely think he cares and wants to win
  2. When is Simmons expected back from the ACL? I haven’t seen anything on it, you guys?
  3. I hadn't seen this discussed anywhere, but the Colts just dropped their second video in the With the Next Pick series on their site. The first two videos have been really solid work. They are pretty short, but I do think it gives you an insight to what is going on behind the scenes for the Colts as they head towards the upcoming draft. I would give both of them a watch if you can find the time and have not already done so... https://www.colts.com/video/with-the-next-pick-love-the-process
  4. Here’s a thought...on passing downs the Colts pull Hunt and kick Sheard inside...like a NASCAR package...use Ray and Houston outside or Turay if you don’t get Ray
  5. If we would spend on Mosley and Collins and call it a FA I wouldn't be mad.....sign an under the radar guy like Shane Ray for extra edge pursuit and I'd call it a major win, IMO.
  6. Yes, please. This would be a near perfect off-season to me. Fills almost all of our holes and makes the Colts a much more talented team.
  7. Their draft is trash... I tried to drafts and the first draft had D.K Metcalf #2 and the next restart had Byron Murphy #3...so i just quit lol
  8. Vinny was the first to sign...i believe To play the game... I will say Za'Darius Smith...Kind of an underrated guy who is good at getting to the passer. Think Denico Autry type here, only an edge.
  9. The second video looked much better, and he seemed more explosive. I only watched the first 4 minutes of the first tape and there were some pretty bad looking plays where he was fooled and just didn't seem very explosive.
  10. I have no problem and lets keep moving along. It just annoying to read all the negative things over and over in every thread. I may over react but it is not with the intention of making a riff.

    1. gnet550


      I'm done man...there were at least 5 other people who said bad signing...etc..but since I mention areas of need I am bashed? You just lost a poster...not mad and honestly hope God blesses you in your life man

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