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  1. He's a bit of a headcase (a lot of a headcase) but he's really talented. I just wish he went to a less dysfunctional team than the Browns. Mentoring and structure could have been great for him. Still wouldn't hate a 1yr flyer deal for him. See what he can bring.
  2. I like Brissett but I'm not convinced we can win a title with him. He hasn't shown an ability to stretch the field. I like Justin Herbert this year. We know Brissett isn't bad but there a guys out there who have higher ceilings than Brissett.
  3. Zone can work you just need the personnel and a good pass rush. Having our top 2 defensive players out doesn’t help either
  4. The effort he showed on the Tyrell Williams touchdown was worthy of a benching in itself. Childish football.
  5. Ramsey wants away from the Jags because he thinks they play too much zone and wants to play more man. We play more zone than 90% of the league. Why would he come here?
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