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  1. UKColt13

    Quenton Nelson is the highest rookie.....

    Glad this wasn’t a story about him being caught for weed Good for him though!
  2. UKColt13

    A Trade I Wish Ballard Would Make.

    He’d play DE for us and has big issues with his wrist that has kept him out on and off for a while. I liked him coming out so I’d be cool with getting him. But I’m not sure I’d spend anything higher than a 6th for him at this point. Especially with his contract running out.
  3. UKColt13

    Luck close to throwing: Reich

    I was hoping for .. into the bullseye of a dartboard from 40 yards with a tight spiral to impress reporters’ But I’ll take what I can get
  4. UKColt13

    Luck close to throwing: Reich

    Didn’t see the colon in the title of the the thread. Got excited at some major progress.
  5. Damn. Real quick to be that candid. Normally something you say post-retirement Sad but true.
  6. Fairly sure everyone is really. Although I’m sure Ballard is t hating having the #3 waiver priority!
  7. I remember mocking him to us in the mid-2nd. I really liked him. Had a less impressive senior year (still put up 100+ tackles) when he put on weight and lost some of the speed and explosiveness that was his bread and butter previously.
  8. If I’m a GM I say one thing.. ‘Good lord no.’ He’s a garbage person.
  9. UKColt13

    Andrew Luck reads @CaptAndrewLuck tweets

    Some people hate it, but it’s honeslty one of my favourite Twitter follows Sounds even better in his voice too
  10. UKColt13

    Not taking Mo Hurst......

    30 other teams passed numerous times as well
  11. Rebuild. We need everything. Calm yourself.
  12. UKColt13

    What did we just do

    Landry, Jackson and Guice are falling but so far everyone else is passing so they likely know something we don’t. So far I like it.
  13. That’ll do nicely. I dig it.
  14. Dammit Loved him as a prospect and was hoping he left this stuff behind him. He would have been a 4th/5th rounder before but he’s undraftable now. I’d take him as a UDFA but the Josh Gordon ghost hangs too heavy over him to draft him.