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  1. No. He has good measurables but the tape doesn’t lie. He is still what he was pre-combine. A low first round receiver in my eyes. In Ballards most recent interview he literally says ‘don’t get blinded by the combine, watch the tape’.
  2. I’m from Ipswich, England I watch on Gamepass I watch games live whenever I can. If not I go into social media black out mode until I can watch them.
  3. It’s nice to have a QB like Walker available to have the defenders be able to prepare for a true mobile QB. Luck and Brissett can’t truly mimic that trait he has. I’d say his mobility makes him more valuable as a PS guy than his overall talent to be a backup.
  4. Saw Robert Mathis paying homage to Trey Flowers on insta/twitter the other day. And he responded to him. I’d love that fit.
  5. Dammit. Really thought they’d come over this year.
  6. If you’re drafting DeAndre Baker then I don’t think you need Bryce Callaghan. Especially if Desir returns as well. I think the chances of Trey Flowers hitting the open market are very slim. Elite pass rushers don’t hit the market very often. Also don’t think you need to bring back Chester Rogers or Zach Pascal if you’re bringing back Inman, signing Williams and then drafting Brown. Remember we also have Deon Cain coming back as well. I doubt Bushrod accepts that contract and I don’t think he’d take a backup job to Glowinski. I like it for the most part. I haven’t done a whole lot of scouting for the draft yet so I can’t really comment on the picks yet.
  7. Loving what Ballard is doing right now. But it’s important to note that Ballard was not the GM in KC. He might have had a say in certain things but a lot of the moves KC made were unlikely to be his ideas. Director of PP tends to be more contract and cap stuff isn’t it? Not dragging him down just important to recognise the context.
  8. 30 year old headcase receiver with a ridiculous contract? No thanks. Not when it would mean giving up probably at least a 1st rounder. And we have the picks to get a younger, non-headcase receiver in the draft.
  9. Probably the Ravens. Jackson is hard to scheme against because there’s no other QB that plays like him. Unless you put a spy on him he is tough to defend. Tough running game with a good line. Dominant defensively.
  10. A 7th rd pick and backup linebacker had a bad game? Quelle surprise
  11. Yay, so I’ll be up until 4am 2 nights in a row. Uggghhhh
  12. I really hope not. I’m hoping teams will look for more experienced co-ordinators. Ballard found one great DC, he can find another if need be
  13. It’s been a while, but we’re back now and here to stay
  14. I think David Irving could be in our future
  15. Excitedddd. Hoping it end better than the last time XD
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