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  1. Guessing he didn’t have much of a market after his injury. Good low risk move from Indy
  2. Jacksonville selects Trevor Lawrence. Jets are on the clock.
  3. If it’s a cap friendly signing then I’m all for it. I think he’s garnered attention though and I’m not inclined to enter a bidding war in an offseason where we might need to tighten our belts, depending on our QB situation.
  4. I wouldn’t hate making a trade with our 1st. I would hate making THAT trade with our 1st. We have larger and more pressing concerns than CB. Especially not a CB that is about to get PAID
  5. TY - $10m per year is my max. Anymore and I’m out. A shame though. Mack - I’d let him walk before offering him. Our RB room is set and he’s coming off a major injury. Houston - $8m per year is my max. Still productive and a good leader but he’s again and that takes a toll on the legs and the dollars. Autry - $5m per year max. Good rotational guy but nothing special. Rhodes - $8m per year max. Productive but ageing. Walker - $3.5m per year max. He’s a good guy and I like him but he’s nothing special. Hooker - Let him walk. Not very productive. Major injury history. Wou
  6. First choice would be Watson. He’s young and already elite. He immediately makes us a SB contender with another good draft class on top. As long as we don’t sell the farm in order to get him. Other than that, the 2nd choice would be trade up for one in the draft if we need to. Basically, anyone except Brissett.
  7. I’d take this deal every day of the week and twice on Sundays.
  8. Be gentle with me. Cap: $68.9m Let Walk: Philip Rivers - Get out before he crumbles completely. He'll either retire or take a starting job somewhere else. Personally, I hope he retires. Malik Hooker - 5th year option declined so the writing was on the wall. Major injuries and scheme fits issues. Anthony Walker Jr - I personally like him but I don't think he will be re-signed. Right now he's our 3rd LB at best. Marlon Mack - With Taylor, Hines & Wilkins we have our RB room set. Coming off a major injury, I don't think I'd bring him back. Le'Raven Clark
  9. I think overall they played better on offense than we did. Defensively about equal. I don’t think you could decisively say one way or another but the scoreboard would say they were the better team.
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