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  1. We’re a division rival and he’s a premium position. They’d ask for #34 I’m certain, probably more. He’s playing on the tag currently so is very expensive. Would want a big deal too. Probably in the $20m/y are. He’s good but I’ll pass.
  2. I would much rather have young but proven talent in Buckner than use the pick on a draftee like Derrick Brown or Javon Kinlaw. We were out of position for the top QBs anyway so I’m pleased with this. Will make the first night of the draft a little bit less worth the late night though...
  3. Yes and no. His GM did him no favours with stupid FA signings and maddening draft picks. And generally could never put a great team on the field. Pagano's clock management, and perceived lack of holding people accountable was not good. The idea of him being a soft coach really sunk him.
  4. I’d love to see the Colts play in the UK next season and I’d be in the stands 100%. I don’t want a London franchise though. They won’t have any fans. Every NFL fan in the UK already has their own loyalties and their not going to drop them in favour of a new London team. And you just know that it’ll be called the Bulldogs or Kings or something equally as cringeworthy British as that.
  5. Awesome! Didn’t know he was retired, or even who he was. But awesome nonetheless!
  6. We need a dominant anything
  7. I heard Colin Cowherd say he thinks we are the best fit for him next year if he doesn’t re-sign with NE. Creative coach, great organisation, excellent young O-line. Personally, I think he’ll re-sign with NE, just putting that out there. Thinking objectively about this here. Brady is at least top 2 in GOAT status. His football IQ is off the charts and his drive and leadership is close to being unrivalled. Seeing that we have his former understudy and good friend JB in the QB room currently, would he want to sign here? At #13 I think we miss out on Burrow, Tua & Herbert. If we were to not pickup a QB early, would you support signing Brady to mentor JB for another year and try again next year at a QB of the future?
  8. He's a bit of a headcase (a lot of a headcase) but he's really talented. I just wish he went to a less dysfunctional team than the Browns. Mentoring and structure could have been great for him. Still wouldn't hate a 1yr flyer deal for him. See what he can bring.
  9. I like Brissett but I'm not convinced we can win a title with him. He hasn't shown an ability to stretch the field. I like Justin Herbert this year. We know Brissett isn't bad but there a guys out there who have higher ceilings than Brissett.
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