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  1. RPO and Option plays are very different. Rivers is fine to run the RPO
  2. But not too much time or he’ll rust.
  3. You get gifts when you go to games in America? In the UK I’m just happy to see a game for my money.
  4. Why? We lost, sure. But only by 9 to a very good team. Whilst missing a few key players. You get nowhere making snap QB changes. Especially to 4th round projects who has yet to even suit up on game day.
  5. He’s a player I’d be intrigued to pick up if he was an FA but I don’t think I’d be willing to give up a pick for him at this point.
  6. The Browns have a top 5 O-line and we’re missing Turay who was making big strides last season before he got injured. Was one of PFFs top rated rushers before he went down.
  7. Because I struggle to see him being better than Hilton or Pascal or Johnson and Dulin is a prime special teamer
  8. Yeah he didn’t play great but we weren’t blown out. He had 2 bad picks and he was under pressure by probably the leagues best pass rusher that was being blocked by a career backup tackle. I don’t think losing to a very competent 3-1 team, on the road, by 9 points, without your starting LT, without your best defensive player and missing your no.2&3 receivers qualifies as the sky falling in. You get nowhere by benching your QB every time he makes a couple of mistakes. We did have our moments of playing pretty well, the Browns played better and were healthier, and won
  9. Ouch. Saints, Philly, Atlanta, Pitt, Rams will be firesaleing if that’s true.
  10. Blackmon is a rookie and it’s still reeeeeeally early. But between his inconsistent play and injury history I can’t see us resigning him. I think it’s more likely that we find a replacement for him.
  11. Philip Rivers TY Darius Leonard Justin Houston Zaire Franklin per Colts Facebook Sorry, just saw the other topic. Remove mine please mods
  12. You’re done with it yet still keep up with the news and post about stuff. Cool.
  13. Looks like a nagging hamstring injury from offseason training. https://www.nfl.com/news/roundup-colts-place-wr-t-y-hilton-on-active-nfi-list
  14. Honestly I’m surprised they’re allowing any at all. I’m not sure I would.
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