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  1. Is anyone watching the same football I am? His arm is gone! He reminds me so much of Peyton his final season. This man is no Peyton Manning. We need someone who can throw the ball more than 30 yards.
  2. He traded up for him. You can’t make that claim here
  3. Do we all realize playing football is just a job right? Just because there are fans out there that think players own them something doesn’t make it right. I for one would never stay at a job that I hated. Especially if I was financially secure. I myself left a career field I wasn’t passionate about at the age of 28. I have now found my joy within my career but It took my until I was 31 to realize that. Life is to short to waste time doing things you hate especially if it is done for others. This decision is way bigger than football and I respect that.
  4. Wow. You really dislike Andrew Luck huh? At the end of the day we all only have 1 life on this planet. Why waste another year doing something you don’t enjoy just to make others happy? This is Andrew’s life he should do what makes him happy. I myself have left a career field I didn’t not enjoy at the age of 28. I obviously wasn’t making millions but money isn’t everything and money does not buy happiness. Life is about experiences And not wasting a second on things that take that happiness away.
  5. I literally just created an account on here to tell you how insane this statement is! What a negative outlook!
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