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  1. I know I was just trying to get on topic
  2. This the Colts forum. Luck Manning and so many others are still a part of the Colts history. I and i'm sure other people as well find it interesting and are glad that there are people that want do their part to make this an active forum. Yes the topic might not be what you enjoy to read and thats why you can just click away and read something else..
  3. Why do people feel the need to reply to this topic if they dont find it interesting? just read it and and move on, you dont have to give your opinion on everything. Thanks for sharing it is kinda interesting to see what former players felt. %#¤" beat me by 1 sec.
  4. I dont know who Greg Doyle is but hes not wrong on this one
  5. Why? Dident Eason win the backup role? This is kinda laughable
  6. Robin

    O-line Woes

    We have a lot of problems.. Yet we could have won both those game versus very good opponents. People say Wentz hold the ball for too long, and people say the WR don't get any separation. Some say Wentz shall stop running because the risk on injuries, yet the same people scream when there's a open field and the QB throws the ball away... Lets give this more then 2 games to see how Wentz and the complete online performs. I have faith in this team as long as we don't get any more serious injuries.. The depth does worry me though
  7. Distraction Distraction Distraction! What if this make the team just 5% better? knowing there will be eyes on them? Maybe it haves 0 impact as they see the media all the time.
  8. Yeah the prices in Denmark on some things are stupid.. I paid over 100% more for my car than it cost in US.
  9. I've bought gamepass for like 15 years straight. And it Cost me 300$ for a season in Denmark. I made an account via VPN so im now German but it saves me 100$ per season. And I dont need VPN to login and watch. Hope someone can use this information.
  10. Is that in 45 mins ? im like 6 hour and 5k miles away
  11. Guess I have to cheer even louder then.. I ill be watching 4500 miles away on my gamepass 15 years in a row. As long as they wear the horseshoe ill be chearing... GO Colts!
  12. None of them are the solution.. IF Wentz is not ready go to let the backups fight it out.. We either find a hidden gem or get a good draft pick. getting Brisset or Foles will only make us mediocre once again.
  13. Wow way to speculate... BTW you are way off. Carson haven't shown anything to "demand" his number, attachment or not. If theres bad blood because of this its on Wentz not Pitmann.
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