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  1. I dont think any team should play more than 1 game away from their own stadium.. Regarding the local tax, I think it will benefit the teams more then hurting them.. Getting big in the European market will boost the NFL revenue and boost the teams income.. I have 7 Jerseys and and a bunch of merchandise, Some may profit more than the Colts on these items, but its none the less money. Ive been to London, and I was in LA to watch the Colts first game next time I will be in Indianapolis and i'll drop some money they it all goes around. Ive had gamepass for the last 13 years so I can watch the Colts.. This would never happend had if the NFL dident give a damn about the Europeans. look at Real Madrid. They a only 46 million spains, yet its one of the most valuable franchises in the world.
  2. As a European I like it, I went last time Colts played in London, and I will be there next time as well. You guys get to enjoy 7 home games, aren't we allowed to enjoy 1 ? I know you dont give a % about us on the other side of the pond. But I am 4000 miles away.. and I just want an opportunity to flash my new Leornard jersey Go Colts from Denmark
  3. Diden't have a single wish for xmas but the wife got me a Leonard jersey.. She knows me too damn well.
  4. It was not a fumble the arm was going forward
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