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  1. Robin


    Damn.. Only been here 7 years and on the old.. Gotta start spamming now
  2. Robin

    Ballard's 2017 draft vs. Grigson's 2012

    Well, u did say u left Luck out as he was a nobrainer.. so no credit to Grigson there.. I think its way to early to compare the two classes.. Hooker might be the best safety in the league in a couple of years.. He might be the worst who knows. Only time will tell
  3. Robin

    Ballard's 2017 draft vs. Grigson's 2012

    Its been one year with injuries too key players... they need more time before you can judge them.. and I think hilton is the only one left out of grigsons pick
  4. Robin

    2014 NFL Free Agency Thread/NFL

    Kyle Cook anyone?