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  1. Wow way to speculate... BTW you are way off. Carson haven't shown anything to "demand" his number, attachment or not. If theres bad blood because of this its on Wentz not Pitmann.
  2. I rather go with Eason. Yes the chance for him to be the next big thing is small. But then we know, and we got a good draft pick to go for the big one, and not getting stuck in 8-8 for years. never high enough to draft anything of value but not good enough to win SB. Mariota is not the answer.
  3. We have to pay more than our 21st. And what do you think the price would be to trade up... not cheap
  4. Agree.. It was closer then expected. But we could realisticly win that game without all the mistakes. But that how it goes.
  5. The refs helped us with the fumble.. it all adds up
  6. Thats true.. But doesn't really answer the question.
  7. On this topic I have to agree with both of you I hope Rivers comeback one more year if the continue he's current skill level.. I hope they find out if Eason is it this off season and if not draft a QB for 2022.. My biggest fear is they put JB in at garbage time so we cant see Eason. And we know JB isn't it.
  8. Genuine question as I can't remember but how many of these young QB trade ever worked out?
  9. actually it was 07 But thats what I mean.. the 10-6 / 9-7 - one and done seasons you hardly remember. So for me it doesn't matter the final standing. Yeah we won against Titans and that was good.. but last time we lost. We smashed Vikings and Jets.. like we should.. But last week we nearly lost.. This is not last week this is now, so as of right now we have to improve because we didn't play good football vs Texans. Well i'm a Colts fan and I want Colts to be the best.. The odds are not good, but by getting better you improve the odds.
  10. Let me try again English is not my first language so sorry if im not clear.. Im not saying we should win every game, every SB or what ever. We could be anything right not it doesn't matter. As right now we are playing mediocre football.. barely beat the Texans got smashed by the Titans.. I'm proud of our performance vs GB and going overtime vs them is fine because I see them as a good competitive team. But the way we won against Texans is not good enough for me, if we want more than 1 game in the playoff. We have to step up and play better if we want to accomplish anything.
  11. Yeah we could be 10 - 2 we could be 12 - 0 but we are none of those.. The difference between us is I am not settled for a mediocre team.. I dont care what our score is if we dont win superbowl .. This is the NFL you dont get a ceremony for getting second place.. If we want to get to that superbowl we have to get better. And the first start of getting better is finding out what you are doing wrong.. Can you remember our score without looking 9 years go? I can't but I sure remember last time we won SB... of course i'm happy we won. But I want a clean win vs bad teams.. I want to get
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