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  1. There where a lot of sarcasm I just thought it was fun, how easy you made it sound. If that was the case we would all be rich. but as a hobby investor you know, he could just as well loose 10%+ within the next months
  2. Do you need a job? I work in investing and we could really use a guy like you. The pay is really good, if you can promise what you said.
  3. I dont think he has deliver big time.. We beat Chiefs last year. Rivers is better than Brisset. Can river complete some passes to some of the open recievers brisset missed last season. A kicker not missing every kick, a good rush offense. And a proably overall better defense I think we might be better than we think. But we might stink even more who knows
  4. I feel him its 4.14 here and can hardly keep my eyes open.. and now this tradeback
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