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  1. I just hope when we are out of the race we get to see Eason instead of Brisset. He is not the answer we know that, thats why we got Rivers. Give the garbage time to Eason and see what he can do with it.
  2. I believed he would be better given a better Oline.. I dont care if he throws for 5-10 yards at a time as long as we move the ball consistenly.. but its not happening.
  3. Agree but Rivers is not playing like I think most of us expected.. theres enough blame for everyone.. why do you fair catch at the 4 yard line? Only to make a safety on the next play. Everyone has to step up. Coaches included
  4. I believe they look at points scored not how.
  5. No then we would have gotten Winston.. we need a smart QB that can read the D get the ball out fast, or hand it to the RB. We dont need a gunslinger.
  6. Wow.. let me tell you something. MP got nearly 1/3 of the yards already that AB got hes entire rookie season.. and that was with a team that went to the suberbowl. MP got Rivers at age 38 with no preseason..
  7. Did you just compare AB behavior to Pittman making a Vlog?
  8. I know it wasen't but I think your point with post count, and making this thread weak 1 is pretty lame.. Every team wants to win. only a few will. Its way to early to tell how it pans out but the reason you should stick to watching the game is because you are a loyal fan. And it might not as fun right now as it was with Manning and Luck. But some teams have had it much worse for far longer... Theres only one winner, and the winner aint found day one.
  9. Sorry to say but your post count dosent matter if the quality of your post is like this.. yes my post count is low. But i've been on this forum longer than 95% of the members. And that makes me a loyal fan to me
  10. Because its one game.. Remember how bad we where last year? we beat Chiefs who won the superbowl.. anything can happen.. You just have to sit back, relax and hope its gonna be a good sunday.
  11. Damn i'm paying 295$ for gamepass europe.. been doing it for 12 years now. Colts is only shown in primetime games here in Denmark. Exept the 2009 season which had 10 games.. that was waste of
  12. There where a lot of sarcasm I just thought it was fun, how easy you made it sound. If that was the case we would all be rich. but as a hobby investor you know, he could just as well loose 10%+ within the next months
  13. Do you need a job? I work in investing and we could really use a guy like you. The pay is really good, if you can promise what you said.
  14. I dont think he has deliver big time.. We beat Chiefs last year. Rivers is better than Brisset. Can river complete some passes to some of the open recievers brisset missed last season. A kicker not missing every kick, a good rush offense. And a proably overall better defense I think we might be better than we think. But we might stink even more who knows
  15. I feel him its 4.14 here and can hardly keep my eyes open.. and now this tradeback
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