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  1. Say what you want about Brissett but the guy is now tied for first with most TD's passes on the year which is pretty impressive. He may not have the passing yards but he has been very efficient in the redzone.
  2. I'm going to game this weekend totally expect to die in that heat lol
  3. I do not like the sounds of miss a significant amount of time I literally just fractured the same bone on Tuesday playing flag football I was hoping for a speedy recovery but if someone with the best doctors around will miss a significant amount of time I don't like my chances lol
  4. Ya it has been a blast to follow the Colts to different cities throughout the US and UK. I still have not been to Pittsburgh or Chicago. I may go to Pittsburgh this year I'm waiting for the NHL schedule to come out to see if the Penguins are also playing that weekend.
  5. I think I will be going to both of those games this year. That will bring my number up to 20 stadiums I have the same bucket list as you.
  6. Haha don't you worry I have 3 Wayne Jersey so I will make sure my group is wearing them I'm actually the only Colts fan but I will have them all in Colts Jerseys that Sunday lol
  7. Is anyone going to this game I'm having a bit of family reunion in Nashville and will be bringing over 20 people to the game. Anyone know of any good Colts tailgate parties they're?
  8. Ya I've upgraded a few times now and at the price level I'm at I can't really get any better seats and I'm hesitant to upgrade to more expensive seats because that opens me up to obviously a much larger loss but maybe that what I need to do.
  9. So I guess it really depends on what section you have your tickets in.
  10. You must be looking at lower sideline tickets almost every ticket for sale in the upper deck is under face value. I just looked at the Falcons game someone is selling upper deck sideline seats for 44 bucks on stubhub.
  11. Ya I hear ya I love getting the little perks of being a season ticket holder but it's not worth losing tons of money obviously
  12. Ya I was shocked when I looked there tickets for regular season games for 25 bucks that crazy I can't even see a local OHL game for that price lol
  13. Ya I keep hoping that tickets will go back to how they were in the Manning era but it isn't looking great I will probably have to give up my tickets next year as much as I love them and being a part of the season ticket holder family.
  14. Just logged onto some ticket sale sites to checkout ticket prices and I am baffled that so many people are willing to sell their tickets for lower than the face value. I've been a season ticket holder since Luck first season and every year the ticket prices being sold keep getting lower and lower. As a fan who lives 12 hours from Indianapolis I don't make it to all the home games so I do try to sell the ones I can't make but people are pricing them so low that it makes it almost impossible to do now. Sorry for the rant I just really don't understand the logic here since the team is clearly on the rise.
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