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  1. That's awesome SF and Miami are on my list this year
  2. I always look at what new stadium I can add to my list of stadiums I've seen the Colts play in (I'm up to 21 stadiums). Last year was the first year since 2009 that I wasn't able to attend a game . I'm hoping Canada gets their % together by fall so I can travel again and go to games.
  3. they should lose their draft pick for this I've never seen something so blatant league needs to make an example out of them so this doesn't happen again.
  4. Since 2009 I've been to at least 3 Colts games every year my goal is to see the Colts play in every stadium. I am now up to 20 stadiums. Was supposed to knock Chicago off my list this year but stupid Covid ruined that. Here are my most memorable games some good some bad. Best Games Colts @ Lions 2012 - Motorcity miracle I believe they were down like 17 with only 4 minutes left. Scored the winning TD on the last play of the game Broncos @ Colts 2013 - Peyton Manning first game back was a great game minus the Reggie Wayne injury Colts @ Panthers 20
  5. Will it be at Wembley Stadium or Tottenham stadium?
  6. Wow what an amazing video brings back so many memories I managed to not miss a single colts game in this last decade. 2010 was the start of me going to Colts games live every year. I’ve seen over 30 games live in that time span and seen the Colts play in 21 different stadiums over that span. I can’t wait to continue the journey been a hell of a ride.
  7. Say what you want about Brissett but the guy is now tied for first with most TD's passes on the year which is pretty impressive. He may not have the passing yards but he has been very efficient in the redzone.
  8. I'm going to game this weekend totally expect to die in that heat lol
  9. I do not like the sounds of miss a significant amount of time I literally just fractured the same bone on Tuesday playing flag football I was hoping for a speedy recovery but if someone with the best doctors around will miss a significant amount of time I don't like my chances lol
  10. Ya it has been a blast to follow the Colts to different cities throughout the US and UK. I still have not been to Pittsburgh or Chicago. I may go to Pittsburgh this year I'm waiting for the NHL schedule to come out to see if the Penguins are also playing that weekend.
  11. I think I will be going to both of those games this year. That will bring my number up to 20 stadiums I have the same bucket list as you.
  12. Haha don't you worry I have 3 Wayne Jersey so I will make sure my group is wearing them I'm actually the only Colts fan but I will have them all in Colts Jerseys that Sunday lol
  13. Is anyone going to this game I'm having a bit of family reunion in Nashville and will be bringing over 20 people to the game. Anyone know of any good Colts tailgate parties they're?
  14. Ya I've upgraded a few times now and at the price level I'm at I can't really get any better seats and I'm hesitant to upgrade to more expensive seats because that opens me up to obviously a much larger loss but maybe that what I need to do.
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