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  1. Ya that wasn't the game that clinched it for us though both teams were 8 - 6 after that game. We needed that win against the Titans the final week to get in which is why Peyton played the entire game.
  2. coltsleafs

    The AFC playoffs?

    When the last time going into week 17 every single AFC playoff team has something to play for and no one will be resting their starters.
  3. Has Luck ever lost to the Titans before? This season reminds me a little of 2010 when we had to win our last bunch of games to go 10 - 6 and get in the playoffs. I believe we had to beat the Titans that last week to get in as well if memory serves me correct.
  4. coltsleafs

    NFL Playoff Machine

    I believe they would only get in if they're was a three way tie breaker with a third team. I think head to head is the first tie breaker if only two teams are tied. I could be wrong though.
  5. coltsleafs

    We will only win one more game this year.

    Have you seen what happens to teams after they beat New England they fall right off a cliff. I doubt they get 1 more win this year that was their Super Bowl. If the Colts win out they 100% are making the playoffs there is no way the Steelers and Ravens both go 3 - 0 these last 3 weeks. If we lose 1 we will need a little help to get in.
  6. coltsleafs

    Patriots predictions

    I think the Colts will have a real shot at this game since it is Thursday Night and Bill doesn't have a lot of time to game plan for it so it becomes a game of which team has more talent and honestly the Patriots don't have a very talented team this year. That being said I still think we will find a way to lose this game but should be entertaining at least.
  7. coltsleafs

    2018 Colts Road Games

    Now that my road trip following the Colts to start the season is over I thought I'd comment on the experience. Game in Washington was amazing we were 19 rows from the colts bench and surrounded by colts fans everywhere. Philadelphia I ended up getting club seats to be safe.Fans were really good to us no one really said anything to us the whole time. Was hard to find other Colts fans at that game though and the rain made it pretty miserable for half the game but all in all was a great trip and look forward to my Indy visit in October vs the Bills.
  8. coltsleafs

    Hurricane could impact Redskins game

    That's awesome I am doing the same thing.
  9. coltsleafs

    Hurricane could impact Redskins game

    I think it is a non issue for this weekend since the heavy rain not coming until Tuesday and Wednesday last I checked.
  10. coltsleafs

    Hurricane could impact Redskins game

    Ya the weather is looking okay for Washington the hurricane rain is projected later in the following week.
  11. coltsleafs

    Hurricane could impact Redskins game

    Brutal I'm going to the game this weekend. I was just in Indy all weekend and got rained on the entire time :(.
  12. coltsleafs

    2018 Colts Road Games

    Maybe now that their adding more teams might be their shot or at least make a Euro cup
  13. coltsleafs

    2018 Colts Road Games

    That's awesome I've been waiting all my life to see Scotland in a world cup lol was 8 in 98 and didn't follow soceer at all my first world cup I watched was 2002
  14. coltsleafs

    2018 Colts Road Games

    I was in Scotland two years ago and wanted to go to Rangers game but they were in Aberdeen that weekend and I couldn't get tickets was at Colts vs Jags at Wembley the following weekend. I'm also going to be at the Colts vs Bills game in October.
  15. coltsleafs

    2018 Colts Road Games

    Ya my goal is to go to all nfl stadiums. The tough part is it has to be Colts game so those nfc games that we only go to every 8 years are very important I make sure I do one nfc opponent each year.