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    Brazilian NFL Fa since 2004. Colts Fa since Peyton Manning took the league by storm!

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  1. That has been missing since Mathis, do not wait standing my friend.
  2. Texans DC also played JT really well..
  3. Bottom line is: Minshew is a back up. 4 & 1 with AR, do you think we will need to pass? I like the future, we will be the team to beat in this division
  4. Good season guys! Future looks good as long as AR stays health.
  5. Lets take a minute to reconize: what a season! Going down to the final play.
  6. You asked for a chance right 10? So it is. Lets go get it!
  7. That was good for 60 plus, lets go, great drive anyway.
  8. Downs is in motion every run, maybe we're setting up
  9. Lets go ofense! Nothing to lose, 30min to put up or go home
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