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  1. It's funny when we complain in the past because we were too conservative and then we take risks (Fischer/Dayo) with really great upside and we're complaining again. Love this sign, absolutely love it! It will work out? nobody knows, but we get him here, looked at his recovery and we think that he can play Set/Oct probably. I would've hated Leno, average starter lacking true power for LT, type of so-so player that makes nobody better. Lets goooo!
  2. Agree with last part about Tevi, I think we're "OK" if nothing else works on FA, but probably we're hoping that between Leno/Fischer we figure something out. About Fischer, I really don't know what doctors can say about recovery speed, I think it's to early. For sure they're checking the severity and probability of coming back to form. ps: good to be back on this forum, I was out a few weeks, 100% now
  3. It can be, I prefer the Titans way.. If we have a I-Formation with a FB in front and you just need to overpower people with burst and strengh for one yard, please ask JT to do it, no need to suffer...
  4. Giants got Waddle + 3 picks on TOP 80, nice! Raider got second best OL on draft (Slater), they need help!
  5. All right, pick 25 mas traded to Packers With 25th pick Packers select Liam Eichenberg
  6. Almost plugged Golladay & Chase for a WR duo.. c'mon
  7. When de traded I was thinking Waddle, Chase would be a Plus..
  8. All Right, I'm going WR anyway, Daniel Jones deserves.. Jaylen Waddle - Bama WR
  9. Oh %, I've dropped to 17th and still get Ja'Marr Chase Giants fans are going to love me. Giants 17th pick - Ja'Marr Chase
  10. Giants add Raiders 17th and Both 3 rounders, also give their 4th rounder
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