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  1. We can trade Lucas Oil to make that happen..
  2. If A Rodgers wants to play on the AFC South, we can arrange that...
  3. I'll get him on madden 21 for sure, I think we will win SB
  4. Yes, but you know I was saying available for us right? Haha Let's stop dreaming, nobody is stupid enough to ship Watson inside his own division, not even the Texans.
  5. QB was not the issue. If you're looking for a QB that can save us in a game no matter what, than is a problem, there's only a few of those, none available. Now, that being said, I have to agree that Stafford would be a upgrade, and Both the Colts and Stafford would have 4-5 years of contending.
  6. Niners do not have space and like us they draft well and have a ton of picks to be paid 1-3 years from nos, I think TW slides.
  7. I think we're starting to get spoiled by a good GM and think we need 53 stars... Does not work that way. I like AWalk a lot, but I think he's going to get a good market. Oke had a bad year, but still better than the last decade of LBs we used to have. I hope we keep than all and try a late round for back up, but I sure hope we do not waste Cap or draft cap on a LB, not a big issue right now (QB, LT, CB, DE, WR, back up OL all come first)
  8. We have diferent opinions, that's life.. I think with Andy Reid coaching and that firepower, would be just as good.
  9. I don't think anybody need to explain how good he is. He's great, Mahommes type of great, and the simple fact that he can be out of division is already good.
  10. Let's go: 1 - Wrong personal. Ex: havier packages with small running back, bigger back on shotgun on 3 WR packages. Maybe is to confuse Defenses and mix tendencies, but was crappy. 2 - Rivers mobility. You know that even in the half yard line you dont need to sustain the edges or spy if he drops off. 3 - Give it to your best player!!! How many tries to TY or Pittman (suppose to be good on contested catches)??? I saw too little.
  11. I'm more than ok with that. Generational talent, worth the whole draft...
  12. Finaly someone said it. Loved the Dungy/Jim era, but the lack of agressiveness drove me crazy lot of times. I can live with agressive. On to 2021.
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