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  1. Jesus, we blew a 19 point game. This season sucks badly.
  2. Heart: 28-17 Colts Brain: 33-19 Ravens
  3. I know Smith not playing means more Pryor/Davenport (Oh god), but anyway, just to see this list down to 3-4 guys is great. Honest question: Sendejo should stay a bit on the field even with Willis back? He looked solid last game.
  4. If RYS is playing, I don't mind having Carrie on the FS some plays with Julian near the box
  5. Well we agree to disagree then.. I prefer to overlook Texans/Jets/Jaguars and state that they're must win than overlook the Titans and their potential to get 10-11 wins
  6. Don't like to cheer for players injuries, but if they continue without Jones and Brown I like our chances.
  7. TN should win this one, I'm glad they didn't but pretty sure they're * off, you don't win Colts/Hawks and then look at Jets with fear
  8. I don't think TN is that bad, and the % of times a team won a division with less than 10 victories should less than 10%, so you don't plan for that type of luck. We need 11W
  9. We have to be looking at 6-4 here (lose 1 between BAL/FS), the rest is must win if we're still thinking playoffs this year
  10. I tought that Prior was injuried or did not know all playbook, but after some weeks that does not make sense..
  11. Ofense: 1 - Wentz continue to impress, not great but really good. 2 - Pittman is coming along, so nice. 3 - OL still bad, Fischer needs to come along. 4 - Please someone explain to me why Davenport is playing football? 5 - MAC was dominant, both catching and blocking Defense: 1 - Pass rush improved, now it's just bad. 2 - rush defense got a break playing with the lead but contacts above LOS still not enough to stop the RBs, we're being dragged for some yards. 3 - Rodgers was bad, not enough power to do the dirt work at LOS. 4 - X Rhodes is playing terrible ball right now, if RYS is out many weeks, we're going to have problems (go figure!).
  12. I'm happy for today, but we're not winning in Baltimore playing this defense
  13. Comunication again, we call plays we dont practice? 53 was man or zone?
  14. Agree, Lewis deserves more time on rotation, our best setting edge
  15. Since I'm always showing hate, I'm going to show some love: Still think Pittman is a slot, but man he's earning his yards today, good job
  16. We almost screwd... hahaha Lets goooooo MOoooo
  17. Somebody just said it earlier, but we need to check OL coaching, Prior decision is so easy that makes me crazy. Davenport is not a NFL player
  18. Taylor lacks vision, Mack this is a first down. It happens every game
  19. Who's the stupid that puts Davenport in the game? We're better just because hes out
  20. I'm gonna watch jets game, just to check if we're the worst team in N right now.
  21. Good: 1 - Wentz is playing well even without ankles, remarcable. 2 - Hines is playing well, give him the ball on screens. 3 - AQM played like a starter. 4 - S tackling saved us many times today (both of them) 5 - Chris Reed, we have a decent back up for G Bad: 1 - OMG, what is that LB play? Run, pass, does not matter, we suck. 44 just ignored he was playing zone on the first TD, awful. 2 - Pittman is a slot, zero ball tracking out wide. 3 - OTs and Kelly, terrible 4 - Cover 2: how can people have so many space between LB and DB? They're not contested catches, they're wide open catches, all day. 5 - Edge Set: does not exist.
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