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  1. It makes you wonder if the mean/nasty reputation that the line had this year was in part due to the coaching style he used. I'm in agreement that if the line takes a step backwards next year, I will be disappointed.
  2. Am I surprised? Yes. But as some mentioned, the success of the offensive line this year may have been more predicated on offensive scheme and overall talent and not so much coaching. Either way, the offensive line cannot take a step backwards next year or everyone will turn and point to this firing.
  3. Restored

    Let's talk 2019 offseason

    The defense stopped their offense on four consecutive drives in the second half and the offense only capitalized on one of them and fumbled away the turnover that the defense got on KC's side of the field. Yes, they were outmatched from the jump but did more than enough to put the Colts in position to win on offense.
  4. Restored

    Let's talk 2019 offseason

    While I agree that the defense looked out of sorts early and the Chiefs moved the ball pretty much at will, the defense certainly clamped down in the second half and made enough stops and plays to give the offense ample opportunities. I will however agree that the lack of pass rush with the front four hurt them a lot in the game and they had no answer for Kelce which was to be expected. I also think its important to remember that Mahomes banged up his knee late in the first half and that offense did not look the same in the second half after it. The offense just didn't take advantage of the opportunities.
  5. Restored

    Anyone Going to Kansas City?

    Awesome!! Hope to see you down there on Saturday before the game!
  6. Restored

    Anyone Going to Kansas City?

    Getting there Friday evening and driving back Sunday AM.
  7. Restored

    Anyone Going to Kansas City?

    Hey man, we will be in section 344 so not far away. Will PM you. Trying to round up other fans to meet up.
  8. Restored

    Anyone Going to Kansas City?

    A buddy of mine and myself will be going to the game out there. Any other fellow Colts fans going?
  9. Didn’t realize that because someone is a leader already, they can’t continue to grow and mature as one...
  10. Never said he was. Just that he appears to becoming a more demonstrably vocal leader and the speech he gave at halftime was evidence of that.
  11. It’s not so much the comeback itself but rather his maturation as a leader that is happening before our eyes. He isn’t afraid to put his foot down and light a fire underneath the team to push them to another level of play.
  12. Andrew delivered a fiery halftime speech that helped revitalize the team to wake up and save their season in the second half. “Screaming and yelling, ‘This has got to be better,’” Reich remembers. “‘That was embarrassing. That was pathetic what we did out there in the first half.” “Passionate’s a good way to describe it,” the QB said. “What are the things we can improve? And I think we did improve. I think we did come out of that tunnel with a better mindset than we started the game.” Many (myself included) have wanted to see Andrew become more of a vocal leader that puts his foot down when necessary. This and other noted instances this year show he has really evolved in this area and it certainly helped ignite the team today.
  13. Restored

    Thanksgiving Week Power Rankings....

    My Thanksgiving power rankings: 1. Mac and Cheese 2. Turkey 3. Cheesecake 4. Wine
  14. That's a very narrow scope of the mindset of professional football players. Ultimately, these are still human beings that have different levels of motivations, emotions etc, despite their differences in pay compared to most people. The way that football teams attempt to get players to buy in and be motivated is not that different than how a regular, everyday business would try and find ways to get employees to buy-in.
  15. Restored

    Dontrelle Inman making a difference

    I agree. Keep in mind that Inman joined the team just over a month ago and it will take some time for him to get fully acclimated into the offense and be on the same page as Luck. I'm willing to bet we see more of him going forward as time goes on.