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  1. Teams in the NFL today greatly overvalue the QB position. It's no surprise to see what the Bears did that year given that atleast one team usually makes this type of move each year. Trubisky likely should have been taken later than he was given how he has played to this point. The Colts could easily move up into a similar position that the Chiefs and Texans did that year to get the QB they have their eyes on. I know we like to think Ballard is all about trading back and acquiring picks but I would not be shocked to see him utilize that capital to move up and get the QB that he wants.
  2. I agree. It’s just hard to predict if any of the QB’s in the draft (Burrow included) will pan out. I do agree however that the risk is worth taking. Otherwise, the Colts will be stuck in mediocrity.
  3. Or package up a decent deal to move down and get one.
  4. It wasn’t about relying on the quarterback. It was about the quarterback NEEDING to be relied on, especially in the postseason. Manning had a running game till about midway into the 2007 season but never again after and Luck never had one until last year. Add that into the fact that Manning had a good defense only a handful of times and Luck didn’t until last year, you get why there was only one Super Bowl win between both of them. Elite QB’s are the only ones playing and winning Super Bowl’s for the most part so you still very much need one. They get you wins in the regular season that you wouldn’t win with a mid or low tier QB which can mean the difference between having homefield advantage vs. being a wildcard team. Yes, there’s the Foles and Flacco exceptions but otherwise, it’s been all top-tier QBs playing in and winning the Super Bowl. At the end of the day, a team needs to have a top-tier QB to have a shot each and every year. Otherwise, you’re heavily relying on the rest of your roster to be great from top to bottom to win a championship. And history has shown that this happens very rarely.
  5. I agree with this. Brissett is a great leader and is capable of showing flashes and having a great game or two but his limitations as a passer are becoming more and more apparent.
  6. I agree. love the Smallville avatar by the way.
  7. The problem with Wilkins is that he has had turnover problems. Not so much this year but it for sure was an issue last year.
  8. I think we have to take in the demographics of the fan base as well. 2009 was 10 years ago and I’m sure not all of those fans are still going to games like they used to.
  9. I completely agree with this and it's been my experience as well. I'm sorry but if people just want to sit around and act like they're at a tennis match, then they should stay home. And definitely don't tell fans who are cheering and paid money for their tickets to sit down because its too loud.
  10. It’s talked about all the time but simply put, the fans don’t stand up on first and second down and maybe 80-85% stand on 3rd down. I’ve been to plenty of road stadiums (Kansas City and Denver) for instance and their fans are standing and yelling every single down.
  11. The Colts running game hasn’t been able to consistently produce for four weeks now and the pass protection has been spotty at times as well. And against one of the worst defenses in the league this week, it came to a head. In my opinion, this is attributed mostly to the offensive line while Mack has left some decent runs on the field as well. This team’s offensive identity is tied to its offensive line and the ability to the run the ball, which has been lacking as of late. Brissett coming back won’t change that either. It’s really starting to look like they made a mistake in letting DeGugliemo go.
  12. Yup. He should have played in the second half without a doubt.
  13. As someone else pointed out, this is a league-wide problem. Yes, games are still being aired and are officially deemed "sold-out" but actual in-stadium attendance is not full. I believe this is for a few different reasons: 1. Lack of QB Star Effect: This season so far been made out to be the year of the backup quarterback. Between Luck's retirement and a slew of injuries to other marque quarterbacks, the enthusiasm for many casual fans just isn't as strong as it with having these players in the lineup. As such, fans don't feel as motivated to go to games if these star players aren't playing. 2. Cost of Attendance: Going to NFL games can be quite expensive for the average attendee. Between the cost of tickets, food and drinks and parking and other associated costs, many people simply can't afford to go. And with these prices steadily rising each and every year, this isn't something that appears to be changing any time soon. 3. Burnout: Games are played 3 days a week, social media is constantly digesting and discussing the game and 24/7 sports television make it to where the coverage and analysis never fully stops. Many fans don't have a chance to "miss" the game, even in the offseason which leads to fan exhaustion. I also believe that many people have been turned away for political reasons as well as broadening awareness of the physical effects of the game, especially in youth.
  14. I read your second paragraph and we are in agreement on it, which is why I didn’t bother to address it. My issue has been with your reasoning from your first paragraph. Moore has also struggled in zone coverage this year too so you really don’t have a point in saying that the he should be used in more zone coverage instead of man. Meanwhile Desir (locking down Hopkins last season) Ya-Sin (consensus agreement that’s he is more suited for man given his history at Temple and physical attributes) and Wilson have shown flashes in man coverage and their skillset seems to suit it as well. Again, we are in agreement that the defense should start to use man coverage more but we disagree on whether the Colts have the personnel to likely do it effectively. I say they likely do based on the top CBs previous experience and skillset while your evaluation of one player apparently leads you to believe they might not.
  15. That doesn’t make sense. Yes, the Colts played zone a ton last year and this year so far so that’s what the corners are most likely used to playing but it doesn’t mean they can’t play more man coverage. Desir, Ya-Sin, Moore and even Wilson to a degree are more than comfortable playing man and have shown they can do so at different points.
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