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  1. Dakich is irrelevant for anything outside of college basketball and even that he is really questionable on. I'd love for 1070 to bring in Query and Shultz to replace his slot.
  2. Yup. Not sure why it takes being down big in a game before Frank opens up the offense. I'm now willing to bet we see a bit more aggressiveness from Frank going forward now too as the season progresses.
  3. Do you think the Colts offensive approach will change going forward after the success they had with having Rivers going downfield more? There seemed to be an aggressiveness that was missing the past few weeks until the team fell behind 21-0.
  4. I find it a bit odd that they seemingly have avoided harsh penalty for blatantly avoiding league protocol though.
  5. I agree. Someone else pointed it out but the real key is for him to have time and be able to plant and throw. He’s not like Rodgers or Mahomes that can throw darts from any position. It’s not a knock necessarily but it just shows that they need to keep him protected.
  6. Never thought I’d witness Rivers Derangement Syndrome but here we are.
  7. Things also changed when the offense started to do more outside zone run plays. Not sure why those have been noticeably absent this year.
  8. Admittedly, I was all aboard the Rivers train. While there remains the chance he can play effectively enough to get the Colts to the playoffs, I now have serious doubts he can take the team beyond the wildcard round. As its constructed, the team still has to play with a lead, with the defense and running game carrying most of the load. This method has shown to be successful at times this year and even last year with Brissett, but it requires parts of the team to play very effectively consistently. The team simply needs more production from the QB position. With that said, the Colts
  9. I really don't get why play action is so underutilized by this offense. Especially for how much of an emphasis the team puts on the run game (ie. when Reich decides to run the ball 6 times in a row). Either they are saving the play-action plays for later in the season to not show up on film or they have some concerns about their ability to execute some of those throws.
  10. It was a big loss. There is something to be said however for how the offensive line has played so far this season. There appears to be a "spark" of some kind missing. The run blocking hasn't been good, much less average and the pass protection had its true first breakdown game against the Browns. I know some of the players have been dealing with injuries but the only notable changes really has been with the coaching staff.
  11. I agree. I think a lot of the fans around here have been (and still are) spoiled by Manning and Luck and think it should be easy to just "move up in the draft and get one" or trade for one. In reality however, acquiring a good quarterback is the hardest thing to do in all of sports. Like you said, Rivers or Eason may not work out. We may not be able to draft one next year nor may we be able to acquire one via trade or F/A. One thing is for sure though, it would be a terrible waste if we walk out of these next 2-3 years with nothing to show for it because we couldn't get
  12. Nope. Spend some time on Twitter or Facebook and you'll find that a good number of people believe the mask will fully protect them.
  13. Who? Medical experts? I'm talking about the general population. You'd be surprised how many people think those cloth masks they wear will make them invincible to the virus.
  14. When people are saying "wear a mask", they are assuming that people who got the virus maybe weren't wearing a mask or those that had it weren't wearing a mask.
  15. Not trying to go too deep down this rabbit hole but masks do not offer absolute protection from the virus. The fact is, the virus is all around and while it's important to take mitigating steps (mask wearing, wash hands etc.), sometimes people will still end up with the virus anyway.
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