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  1. I would disagree with your last part. The Colts CB's all seem to play better in man-to-man coverage. It's only when the team has gone to a looser, zone defense that teams have been able to start moving the ball down the field consistently. Of course, switching to zone in the red zone might make a little more sense but I don't think they should completely abandon man coverage all game.
  2. Yeah I'm willing to bet Beasley doesn't play but Diggs does.
  3. I said before the year the Colts could finish between 10-12 wins. I felt that Rivers was in a bad spot last season with the Chargers and had a little bit left in the tank. At this point, I'm just enjoying the ride this team is on. They made the playoffs and have a team that should be able to carry some good things over into next year. My only concern is the coaching inconsistencies but the immediate future looks bright for this team heading into next year, regardless of what happens this weekend.
  4. I'd also like to see them blitz more. The reality is, the defense has struggled to get consistent pressure with the front 4 only and the big plays/sacks mostly came when they blitzed yesterday and against the Steelers. It felt like once again the defense let their foot off the gas when they went up 20-0. They went from playing more tight man coverage to zone and Jacksonville carved them up. If they are somehow in a position with a decent lead over the Bills, I hope they don't do the same thing they did against Jacksonville and Pittsburgh and instead keep bringing the pr
  5. I think it comes down to what teams rest and what ones don’t. From what I can gather, it looks like the Steelers are likely to rest while the Bills may not.
  6. I think a lot of it has to do with injury. He really got hurt in that Ravens games this year and hasn’t looked the same since IMO. He’s still good and makes plays but he’s definitely not the same elite player we’ve come to expect.
  7. I agree and it’s largely been a consistent problem all season but has been masked by the defense getting turnovers and just overall being efficient in other areas. But once the team has to face elite QBs in the playoffs, they will need to generate pressure with 4 or start blitzing more.
  8. Recipe for disaster. Indy fair weather fans+Packers fans not being able to see their team all year.
  9. 1. Continued Improvement in the Run Game: It appears some of these issues have been attributed more to JT and less of the Oline given the past few weeks. With that said, I'd still like to see them run the ball better throughout the game and not get yards in the 4th quarter when the other team is simply worn down. Wilkins will be a key factor. 2. Pass Rush Getting Home: I know this may be a difficult week to do it against Jackson but I'd like for the defense to continue to get sacks. They got home quite a bit last week thanks to rushing 5 and overwhelming the Lions offensive line. I
  10. This is going to be a statement win tomorrow. Mark it down. Colts win 27-13. Time to show the league this team is for real.
  11. I partially agree on some of what you said concerning the Titans. Their offense is heavily predicated on being able to run the ball and do play action. If that gets going for them, they are able to move the ball. In addition, Tannehill has been playing good ball and has actually kept them in games. The problem is, much like the Colts last year to this point, all of their games have been extremely close for the most part. And while odds are that you will win some of those games, odds also say that you will lose some of those games too and thats what happening with the Titans. Their defense is b
  12. The difference is, the Colts are designed to do just that. They are great at stopping the run and forcing teams to throw to beat them. Lamar might still be able to scramble but I think teams are learning how to play him better and the Colts will likely use Leonard as a spy fairly consistently on him. I also think the Colts are getting better at getting full-blown pressure than they were a few weeks ago even. They are now bringing 5 players in for a pass rush that really puts a lot of matchup pressure on opposing offensive lines. Keep in mind that the Ravens just lost their starting
  13. I'm feeling the Colts win both of those games right now. Titans are reeling and have been fools gold majority of the season IMO. Honestly, the Colts are built to beat both of these teams. Neither of their defenses have been that impressive and they (especially the Ravens) really struggle when you shut their running games down.
  14. I would agree and I think that's why the coaching staff has started to play him less and less as games have gone on. Wilkins is clearly the hot hand and will probably continue to be so until Taylor proves otherwise.
  15. Dakich is irrelevant for anything outside of college basketball and even that he is really questionable on. I'd love for 1070 to bring in Query and Shultz to replace his slot.
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