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  1. Restored

    What can a healthy Luck do in Reichs offense?

    Was looking in this thread for your post to gain an insight and came to the same conclusions. There isn't a whole lot out there. What was he running in San Diego?
  2. Restored

    Colts hire Frank Reich [Merge]

    Leave it to Frank Reich to save the day again as a backup..
  3. Restored

    Frank Reich Expected to Interview

    Reich or nothing now.
  4. Restored

    McDaniels rejects Colts.

    Not at all. Taking pot shots at Irsay's previous substance abuse issues is a lowblow. That fanbase sucks just as bad as their staff, management and owner does.
  5. Restored

    Colts Have Three Interviews Lined Up.

    Frank Reich or Dave Toub. That's it.
  6. Nah he's staying in New England because Bill is gonna retire!!!!!!111
  7. Tony Donahue Mike Florio Brad Wells Who else am I forgetting?
  8. Restored

    McD has not let Patriots know he is leaving (Rumor)

    It's amazing that for being the local media and literally having it be their only job to cover the Colts, they never seem to break a story with the team. Usually its guys like JMV, Calhoun or some national guys that get the scoop first.
  9. Restored

    Luck Update

    It'll be a combination of things.
  10. Restored

    Luck Update

    And then McDaniels will bring Tebow in and we will go to the Super Bowl by beating New England 40 to 5 in the AFCC in New England after which McDaniels will proceed to the middle of the field and laugh hysterically in belichek's face as a meteor crashes into Earth
  11. Restored

    Luck Update

    I agree and people need to stop thinking that throwing a football is the tell-all for how his shoulder is doing.
  12. Restored

    Dungy calls Mcdaniels an offensive genius.

  13. You say that like the Colts aren’t going to have draft rounds 2-7 and a huge amount of cap space available to fix the team’s defensive issues. Not to mention coaching that likely will better as well.
  14. Not saying you can't find a "good" RB in different parts of the draft. Same logic can be used for CB's, LB's and other positions that vary in depth depending on the draft. My point is that Barkley is a RB that looks to have elite-level talent, not just "good".