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  1. This times 10000x. Just listened to the presser and the sheer lack of creativity in question asking was worse than what you'd see in a middle school journalism class.
  2. Those may indeed be the goals but you say that like Rivers was the main reason why they didn’t happen.
  3. Possibly but Rivers wasn't a bad signing and really shouldn't be looked at in the context of Rivers v. Brady. Brady went to a different team with different players, coaches and they played different opponents. Too many variables to think that Brady would've came here and been better than Rivers just because Brady won the SB in Tampa.
  4. Are you serious right now? I could've easily made those same logic inferences based on what was being reported by the media. Vegas changed the odds of Wentz coming to the Colts to -1200 yesterday as well. At that point, it was safe to say Wentz was going to be coming to the team in a matter of days.
  5. Well the Texans also managed to screw up their organization so badly that their franchise QB isn't going to play for them anymore.
  6. This is the annoying part about these online-journo types in today's social media world. They just make up stuff or go "all-in" on certain stories when they have no sources whatsoever. If they are right, people think they are some sort of insider. If they are wrong, they say their "source" was wrong and no one holds them accountable.
  7. A few adult beverages in me to help digest an overall great afternoon for the Colts. Here are a couple takes: 1. Wentz will return to MVP-caliber form: It's easy to see why Stafford and Wentz reportedly wanted to come to Indy. The Colts offer an elite offensive line, a budding star at running back and some decent weapons at WR that may be upgraded before the offseason is over. All of those things make a QB's life in the NFL a lot easier and Wentz should thrive in this environment. 2. Reich/Wentz be another successful QB-HC marriage: It's no secret that Reich has had success with QBs. Luck had a terrific comeback season in 2018 and rejuvenated Rivers in his final NFL season. We also can't ignore the history between the two in Philly and it's widely known that Wentz's best season came under Reich in 2017. I foresee Wentz and Reich getting along very well. I think it's also worth noting that both Wentz and Reich have are strong in their Christian faith and their connection through that should strengthen their relationship as well.
  8. I want to make sure we are reading this the right way. Those players are happy that he is leaving Philly because they know how much of a crapshoot the organization has become. Not because they are happy to get him off the team because he was a detriment.
  9. By your logic, the Colts should've never signed Rivers because his most recent season prior to Indy was a statistically terrible season with the Chargers. I also find it interesting that you make excuses for Darnold's surroundings but don't seem to afford the same benefit to Wentz. The difference is, Wentz HAS shown the ability to play well. Darnold simply has not.
  10. Both Darnold and Trubisky offer nothing of value. If the only options are one of those two or going with Eason, I'd rather go with Eason.
  11. I still prefer Wentz over any of the other options outside of moving up in the draft. Here's some of my reasons: 1. Reich connection: Frank has demonstrated the ability to get the most out of the QBs he's worked with so far. Rivers had a resurgent year under him after working with him previously in San Diego. 2. Wentz's one bad year: Wentz had a bad season but from what I've gathered, it was much to do with the team and staff around him. It reminded me of Luck's 2015 season where prior to his injury, he struggled to play well in large part because of the staff and team around him/ 3. No Leadership issues: I don't see the leadership/ego issues that many are talking about with Wentz. Most of it appears media driven while many of Wentz's teammates have come to his defense. I don't buy the notion that he has a leadership problem. As long as the Colts don't have to give up too much to get him (which Ballard won't), I'm on board with it.
  12. While I agree that there are indeed some instances of franchise QB's that were drafted in the mid-to-late rounds, those instances represent the exception to the rule. There are many more QBs that were drafted in rounds 2-7/undrafted that never amount to anything, much less a franchise QB. The list could go on and on. I will say this however, drafting QBs in the first round is no guarantee either but it historically has presented better odds for acquiring a franchise QB.
  13. Actually, Tannelhill showed plenty of upside during his time in Miami meanwhile Darnold has just been flat out bad his entire time with New York.
  14. We’ve gone back and forth on this but I really don’t see how there is any upside to Darnold. I get that he’s playing for a terrible organization from top to bottom but there just hasn’t been anything to show you that he’s the guy.
  15. Darnold has shown absolutely ZERO updside while Wentz has displayed an MVP-caliber season in 2017. Not to mention Wentz's high-level season came with Reich as his OC. The risk for both is really the same. If they both wash out sooner or later, the Colts are left with wasted years of some of their prime players. Wentz does bring a higher cap hit but I'm inclined to believe the Colts will make sure his contract is restructured at some point.
  16. I'd agree. But you stating Rosen wasn't the guy after just one season is exactly the philosophy a lot of these teams follow to their own detriment. I believe Ballard will eventually get a young QB and stick with him to see him develop into hopefully something good.
  17. After one season? Josh Allen had more or less the same statistics that Rosen did his first year. Allen is now a budding star in his 3rd season. Not saying Rosen could've had the same trajectory but it is illogical to conclusively state that Rosen wasn't the guy after just one season.
  18. I think there's a significant difference between a QB who you believe is truly a first round talent vs. one that is not. Eason was taken in the 4th round for a reason and taking a shot at a possibly better (albeit also young) QB is the best option. Look at what Arizona did with Rosen/Murray. Many thought they already had a solid, young QB who was drafted in the top 10. Arizona saw an opportunity for a possibly even better QB and took it. Rosen has since bounced around and Murray appears to be their franchise QB of the future.
  19. There is no reason for SF to trade him. They literally were playing in a SB with him a season ago. For them it makes more sense to ride with him than risk bringing in a rookie that might not pan out. Not to mention his health concerns.
  20. Well here’s a couple points to consider with that. For one, I’m not sure how we are classifying “one of the top guys” but Stafford has faired pretty well statistically over the years and has a high number of 4th quarter comebacks. Is he Mahomes-level of good? No. But he presents a significant upgrade and is likely in the top 12 QBs with this roster and coaching staff. Second, in order to move up and get a player like Fields, the draft capital needed is likely higher than what we’d have to pay for Stafford. In addition, Stafford is a known-commodity while any of the QBs in this draft outside of Lawrence all have question marks and none of them are guaranteed to pan out.
  21. Genuinely curious here. Why don’t you want Stafford and what’s your alternative?
  22. Fully expect we will have an answer by next weekend. Hoping for Stafford but it seems like 49ers might be the front-runners now.
  23. I'm starting to believe this too. Sounds like Ballard may have told Rivers and offered him the "gentlemen's retirement" option.
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