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  1. Guessing he didn’t have much of a market after his injury. Good low risk move from Indy
  2. Jacksonville selects Trevor Lawrence. Jets are on the clock.
  3. If it’s a cap friendly signing then I’m all for it. I think he’s garnered attention though and I’m not inclined to enter a bidding war in an offseason where we might need to tighten our belts, depending on our QB situation.
  4. I wouldn’t hate making a trade with our 1st. I would hate making THAT trade with our 1st. We have larger and more pressing concerns than CB. Especially not a CB that is about to get PAID
  5. TY - $10m per year is my max. Anymore and I’m out. A shame though. Mack - I’d let him walk before offering him. Our RB room is set and he’s coming off a major injury. Houston - $8m per year is my max. Still productive and a good leader but he’s again and that takes a toll on the legs and the dollars. Autry - $5m per year max. Good rotational guy but nothing special. Rhodes - $8m per year max. Productive but ageing. Walker - $3.5m per year max. He’s a good guy and I like him but he’s nothing special. Hooker - Let him walk. Not very productive. Major injury history. Wouldn’t surprise me to see him retire soon. Brissett - $7m on a short deal. Mentor/backup money Pascal - I’d give him a 2nd round tender as an RFA MAC - $3 per year. Productive on his day but not an every week producer. Good 2nd/3rd TE
  6. First choice would be Watson. He’s young and already elite. He immediately makes us a SB contender with another good draft class on top. As long as we don’t sell the farm in order to get him. Other than that, the 2nd choice would be trade up for one in the draft if we need to. Basically, anyone except Brissett.
  7. I’d take this deal every day of the week and twice on Sundays.
  8. Be gentle with me. Cap: $68.9m Let Walk: Philip Rivers - Get out before he crumbles completely. He'll either retire or take a starting job somewhere else. Personally, I hope he retires. Malik Hooker - 5th year option declined so the writing was on the wall. Major injuries and scheme fits issues. Anthony Walker Jr - I personally like him but I don't think he will be re-signed. Right now he's our 3rd LB at best. Marlon Mack - With Taylor, Hines & Wilkins we have our RB room set. Coming off a major injury, I don't think I'd bring him back. Le'Raven Clark - I know, depth. This guy was awful in the past, is awful now and will be awful in the future. We can find better. Tavon Wilson - He's a depth guy getting up there in age. We can replace easily. Chaz Grenn - Oh please. UFAs: Jacoby Brissett - 1yr $7.5m - Locker room leader and excellent mentor for any new QB coming in. Comes back on a reasonable deal. TY Hilton - 2yr $20m - Offensive captain and still productive on his day. Defenses still pay him a lot of attention. Justin Houston - 1yr $7m - Defensive leader and still productive as a passrusher. At this salary he's pretty good value. Denico Autry - 1yr $5m - Good rotational piece. No sense losing him. Xavier Rhodes - 1yr $5m - Corners over 30 decline in value and skill. He proved himself last year and earns a $2m raise for taking the short term contract. AQ Muhammad - 2yr $6m - Quietly productive in limited game time. A good piece to keep in our rotation. Zach Pascal - 2yr $8.5m - Again, quietly productive and a good locker room guy. A good WR3 option. Good enough to actually sign rather than tender. Trey Burton - 1yr $3.5m - Good weapon. Showed enough to be kept. We all know how much Reich loves his TEs. TJ Carrie - 1yr 1m - Good depth and showed up well this year in limited action. RFAs: Mo Alie-Cox - second round tender - $3.5M George Odum - 1yr $1.5m ERFAs: Ashton Dulin - $540,000 Taylor Stallworth - $750,000 Updated Cap: $16.36m Free Agency: Matt Feiler - G - 28yo - 6'6 330lbs - 3yr $16m - Took 848 snaps for Pittsburgh last year and allowed only 2 sacks and gave up only 2 penalties. Pittsburgh currently sit $13m over the 2021 cap so the chances of him being re-signed seem small. I'm anticipating Nelson being moved to LT (even though I think it's a terrible idea), so Feiler starts at LG, the position he played for Pittsburgh. Updated Cap: $11.03m Draft: Trade: Indy trade up to pick #12 with SF. They give up their 2021 2nd & 4th round picks as compensation. Worked out as fair by the Draftek Value Chart https://www.drafttek.com/NFL-Trade-Value-Chart.asp?RequestTeam= IND SF ---------------- 800 I 1200 360 I 60 I ---------------- 1240 I 1200 Round 1 - #12: Trey Lance - QB - North Dakota State - 6'3 224lbs - This is the time for Ballard to swing for the fence. He loves his picks but you're staring down the barrel of another year with JB under centre. Uber talented QB who fits how Reich likes to call games. He has a strong arm and a beautiful deep ball. He has very good mobility and good vision when he gets into the open field. He runs play action exceedingly well and excels on running pass plays out of the bootleg. If he had played this year he would probably be pushing Fields and Wilson for the #2 QB off the board. He played at a smaller school against inferior competition, but it's Reich and Brisett's job to bring the best out of him. I believe he could be our guy. Round 3 - #84: Grant Stuard - LB - Houston - 6'1 227lbs - Team captain in college. Racked up 191 tackles for Houston over 33 games, 10% of those were for a loss of yardage. Excellent off the field guy. Was a highschool safety who converted to linebacker by packing on muscle mass. Good straight-line speed. Secure tackler. Takes snaps from all 3 off-ball LB positions. High motor and high octane energy. In my opinion his floor is as a standout special teamer, his ceiling is a very solid 4-3 LB. He is going to be too undersized for most teams to consider at LB, hence him landing with us. Round 5 - #148: Darian Kinnard - OL - Kentucky - 6'5 340lbs - Big point of attack beast who is a tough run blocker. The scheme he was playing in at Kentucky was largely run based so he is less developed in pass protection but has the size and ability to develop. His best fit might end up being as a road grading guard rather than as a kick-stepping tackle. He comes in as a replacement for Le'Raven Clark for OL depth. Round 6 - #180: Trill Williams - CB - Syracuse - 6'2 198lbs - Tall corner with good arm length, although measurements will need to confirm. Good fit as a boundary corner. Lacks the long speed for a man to man scheme so a zone scheme where he'll have help over the top will be best for him. He sat most of last season so will need development. He will likely start as a special teamer whilst he develops his coverage skills. Round 7 - #211: BPA Roster: QB - Lance - Brissett - Eason RB - Taylor - Hines - Wilkins WR - Hilton - Pittman - Pascal - Harris - Dulin - Patmon TE - Doyle - Alie-Cox - Burton T - Nelson - Smith - Holden - Kinnard G - Glowinski - Feiler - Pinter C - Kelly - Pinter EDGE - Houston - Autry - Lewis - AQ - Turay - Banogu DT - Buckner - Stewart - Stallworth - LB - Leonard - Okereke - Franklin - Stuard - Adams - Glasgow - Speed CB - Rhodes - Rock - Moore - Carrie - Rodgers - Williams FS - Blackmon SS - Willis - Odum K - Blankenship P - Rigo LS - Rhodes
  9. I think overall they played better on offense than we did. Defensively about equal. I don’t think you could decisively say one way or another but the scoreboard would say they were the better team.
  10. A missed FG cost us the game. We put up 24 on a damn good defense and kept the most explosive offense to below 30. Hindsight is 20/20. If we had made both 2pt Convs and conveyed the 4th downs then Reich is amazing. If we don’t then he’s stupid We lost a heartbreaker to the better team on the day.
  11. Current weather report for kickoff time is dry, 1 degree Celsius/34 degrees Fahrenheit. Perfect ball running weather.
  12. The only way he’d get to us is if he’s released and could sign where he wants. There wouldn’t be many better landing spots for him. Good team with a hole at QB, well coached, well managed, good OL. The problem is that Houston won’t let him go for nothing unless something drastic happens. They’d want to trade him and there is no chance they’ll want to trade him to a team they play twice a year.
  13. Being selfish, I really hope he bombs that interview.
  14. Big loss but with a defence built for speed, power rushers are always going to be our weakest point. That’s just the nature of the beast. We were missing our best D-lineman, our 2nd best LB, our feature RB, our starting C and LT for most of the game. You can’t be missing that many key pieces, against an offense built to beat you. It’s one loss. We’re 0-1 this week. Just get working on being 1-0 next week.
  15. Plenty of room. Nelson & Leonard will be up for extensions soon though.
  16. That burn on Mahomes with the no-look passes. Pat: “I’m really glad Mahomes brought that to the league though.” Aaron: “Yeah because nobody was doing before him.”
  17. Colts vs Jags at Wembley Stadium. We lost but it was an awesome day. Hoping they come back here at some point in the next couple of seasons.
  18. We are a running team, we’re just not great at it. People see it coming and JT hasn’t broken tackles to gain those extra few yards required to be a run first team. We’ve passed a lot when we’ve been behind to catch up the last 2 weeks.
  19. RPO and Option plays are very different. Rivers is fine to run the RPO
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