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  1. James

    Why Brady is NOT the GOAT

    I used to think that, but when you see him play it's clear he is a great QB. You can't deny that. I don't think he wins 6 Super Bowls, but he is too great not to win one or two.
  2. James

    Why Brady is NOT the GOAT

    I mean, you're the mod and can move it to that thread if you wan't. I didn't think about it.
  3. James

    Why Brady is NOT the GOAT

    Yeah, but now give a serious answer.
  4. James

    Why Brady is NOT the GOAT

    I am a Colts fan, and I will always be a Colts fan. I've always hated how great they are up there in New England during the Peyton era and now also during the Luck era. They have a history of questionable ethical behavior on the field and off the field. But... I simply can't deny the greatness of Tom Brady anymore. 6 rings. 6! That's as many as Michael Jordan. And Brady says he isn't done. He'll keep going. Not to cement his legacy (that's already set), but simply because he loves the game of football and he seems addicted to winning. That's actually just contributing to his legacy, but I digress. His era up there in New England will come to an end, and most fan bases, casual viewers who know players, experts and such consider Brady the GOAT. But from what I'm reading on here it seems some Colts fans have a difficult time accepting that notion. I'm just curious.. but I want to know: What does Brady have to do in order to be considered the GOAT? - Win more Super Bowls? - Win more Super Bowl MVPs (he has 4 out of 6) - Win more regular season MVPs? - Win more first team All Pros? - Beat Peyton's all time TD or total yards record? - Win a ring with a HC not named Bill Belichick? - Win a ring outside New England?
  5. James

    Andrew Luck Wins Comeback POTY

    Hell yeah! Thoroughly deserved.
  6. James

    Darius Leonard Wins DROY

    Cowboys fans who actually believed their rookie LB had a chance to win this award...
  7. James

    Darius Leonard Wins DROY

    So very deserved. Leonard came in and changed the Colts defense. In 15 games (missed the NE game) he led the league in tackles with 163 and 12 had tackles for loss, 7.0 sacks, two interceptions, four forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries. After the season he got 1st team All Pro. That’s for a defense that went from 30th in points and yards allowed last season to 10th in scoring and 11th in yards allowed this year. Had Leonard played that NE game he could have beaten Patrick Willis’ stat of 174 tackles in a rookie season. Derwin James has been great, but I would have been pretty disappointed if Darius hadn’t won this award.
  8. According to who? Bob Sanders was 5-8 and 206.
  9. James

    San Diego (+4) at New England (1-13-19)

    Tom Brady is the GOAT if he wins his 6th Super Bowl this year. Will never see anyone dominate like him again.
  10. I fear Ballard wont spend enough in FA, possibly getting outbid again. The Colts will get an infusion of young talent in the draft, but we need NFL experience quality from FA top.
  11. Yes. A lot of delusional folks here talk about the refs. Lets not get carried away with the refs here, the Colts beat the Colts. Ebron dropped an open third down catch to force a 3 & out on the first drive of the game. Conservative play calling the entire game, not going for it on 4th and short on two seperate occasions down 2 scores in the first half. A dozen RIGHTLY CALLED offside penalties to keep drives alive for Kansas City. Luck taking a sack on 3rd and short instead of throwing it away making it 4th and long. Luck throwing to the flat for no gain on 3rd and long when the Colts NEEDED a score. Leaving points on the board with missed kicks which elevated the scoreboard pressure. Without Vinny’s pathetic kicking the Colts would have been within a TD - despite being abysmal. The refs missed some calls and had some bad no-calls against the Colts, but the Colts weren’t ready. Poor coaching and decision making by the players and stuff all day. Thoroughly outplayed by the better team.
  12. Football gods... That’s just Vinny being crap.
  13. Haha. Get the hell out Vinny. 3 points missed and now this?! We would have only been a TD down without his % kicking.
  14. Horrible throw by Luck.
  15. But but but its still NOT Luck’s fault. the dude has been garbage.