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  1. Stop it. Brady not only has the rings but the stats to back it up. Consensus is Brady = GOAT. As a Colts fan I have come to accept and realize that Brady has the most convincing argument for GOAT.
  2. Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. wins his 7th Super Bowl. Cementing his GOAT status.
  3. Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr. The GOAT.
  4. Let me tell you a fact about Brady. If Brady and the Bucs beat the Saints tomorrow, Brady is the player to have defeated most NFC teams in playoffs history. He has only played one season in the NFC...
  5. James


    Never seen someone on here be so wrong about a player.
  6. James


    @Nickster Thoughts?
  7. If they Colts don’t make it I’ll root for the Chiefs. Mahomes is entertaining to watch and seems like a good kid. Also the Chiefs are playing the kind of ball I want the Colts to play. I admire them very much.
  8. Just to indicate that Henry is that good. But I like the fact that that’s the one thing you focus on. I could leave Tannehill there alone and he’d still have more future than Rivers? Get the point now? Would have thought the rest of the list was enough. Rest of the post still stands, and Eason’s lack of mobility won’t win him a place in the modern NFL. That’s not his only flaw though. We need long term answer to be a force in the AFC - otherwise we’re wasting years.
  9. Okay? And that is relevant in 2020 how?
  10. AFC: Mahomes Allen Tannehill/Henry Watson Jackson Burrow Lawrence Herbert Absolutely positive outlook with long term futures at QB. Meanwhile Colts stuck with a 39 old QB with no mobility and long term future. Stuck in QB purgatory. Nice Ballard, nice.
  11. Rivers looks so mediocre compared to the top dogs. Look at that Josh Allen. Now that’s a quarterback.
  12. Haskins? Have you been living under a rock?
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