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  1. Enough!!! Irsay should terminate their (Reich and Eberflus) contracts immediately. Horrific defense. Almost as bad as the offense. Burrow and Bengals looked like one of the worst teams last week losing by 24(!) points. Now up 21 against the Colts?! Don’t give me the Leonard excuse - one star player being out shouldn’t lead to a total collapse.
  2. This is against a team that lost by 24(!) points last week. Pathetic display. Amateur hour.
  3. James

    Mo Gates

    Can be a 1000+ yard a year TE. What a beast. Has all the tools. Caught 5 out of 6 for over 100 yards today.
  4. He is very impressive, but I feel like he could he hit the holes way harder than what he does. He has the acceleration to do it. Anyone else seeing that?
  5. Rivers was Rivers. Expected more against a Jags defense that has lost their playmakers. But what was that defense? All that talent, and they let the lowly Jags do whatever they wanted? At some point you have to question Matt Eberflus.
  6. I haven't seen those at all. Like another person says, please show them/link them.
  7. - Locked on Colts - Bring the Juice - For the COLTure - Kevin’s Corner (best one IMO) - Cover 2 - One Percent Better I listen to all these podcasts. I’ve tried Stampedeblue, but they are just not for me.
  8. Simply baffling how Chad Kelly has fanboys like OP. Except Kelly hasn’t done anything to warrant such fanboyism. It’s amusing
  9. Only draft pick I’m kinda ‘meh’ on. But let’s see what he can do.
  10. I like it. He’s got that size the Colts need at WR. Him and Pittman make it obvious that Ballard was looking to add the kind of receiver Rivers thrives with.
  11. I’m glad to see your thread got locked. You’ve made your opinion clear in here. That’s enough. Thankfully Ballard and co. disagree with you.
  12. Seems like a good Haeg replacement as Pinter is suited for both G and T.
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