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  1. At this point I’ll be almost disappointed if he doesn’t sign with the Colts. Seems like the ideal option for us now. Sign a 2-3 year deal. Then draft a OT next year or in the 2023 draft.
  2. Yeah, but he isn’t 6’3” flat, but 6’3” 7/8. So closer to 6’4”. But of course those arms are the thing that gives him the advantage.
  3. Sam Tevi is one of the worst tackles in the league. Have four top class offensive linemen... and him. It shouldn’t be like that. We need a stud at LT, but until then get an upgrade with Okung, Kelly or someone better.
  4. Really like this kid, hopefully he makes it here.
  5. Probably my favourite draft pick.
  6. Makes sense getting LBs. There should be a spot there after Walker left.
  7. Has the best RAS score of any WR in this year’s draft class. Seems like a physical freak.
  8. He is basically Trey Burton on a rookie deal. Receiving TE which is a need. Draft expert Dane Brugler says: “Athletic mover with smooth hip action, accelerates quickly into his routes to immediately stress linebackers or safeties, can shake the first defender."
  9. Banogu and Turay, are you watching? Paye and Dayo coming at ya!
  10. But calma calma. Still plenty of options if they want to go tackle. Cosmi Radunz Brown Little Mayfield Christensen Carman Forsythe
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