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  1. I'm watching it with NFL Game Pass.
  2. Love Ebron as a player, but he is so insecure and sensitive.
  3. Daniel Jeremiah on The MTS Podcast: "Andy Isabella was my 188th player in this draft and went with the 62nd pick, he went to the senior bowl, couldn't catch anything, couldn't get out of a break, Penny Hart was better than him and he went undrafted." The receiver room has a lot of talent in it. Could Penny realistically make the 53 man roster?
  4. Why should the Colts care about what you want? You’re pretty irrelevant in their evaluation and drafting of players.
  5. Certainly fits the type of LB the Colts want. Looks like a very good player.
  6. Yeah, Funch can go deep too. WR looking really solid if Cain if ready to go.
  7. When Andrew gets Parris the ball in space it's over for the defense. People may think we now have two deep threats, but that's not correct. We have three. Deon ran in the low 4.4 and at Clemson he showed that he can also beat DBs deep. Good luck covering all our weapons.
  8. I'm hearing he could play multiple positions, not just DE in our 4-3 defense. Linebacker potential too.
  9. Great pick. Can't wait to see how Frank and Nick use him. Having TY to teach him route running is an added bonus.
  10. Don't know him = dont like the pick. Right? I trust Ballard.
  11. Love his play and attitude. He fits exactly what the Colts wants in a player.
  12. Probably just based on them picking Jacobs and Abram, who the Colts like. Doens't mean anything. If the Colts really liked Abram they would have just taken him at 26 before the Raiders got the chance.
  13. All Pro NFL lineman vs rookie I'm betting on Q.
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