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  1. What an incredible performance. This is the type of showing the Colts should always strive for.
  2. The WRs/TEs should catch the perfectly fine balls he throws. Bad INT, but I thought he was the least of the Colts' problems.
  3. Except other posters also complaint frequently and I don't attack others, and I too have made positive posts in other threads. I'm allowed to complain in the game thread just as others are.
  4. That's my choice. Why do you care? I'm allowed to post when I'm annoyed and not post and enjoy it when we play well. Not against the rules.
  5. Been here all along waiting for the implosion. Enjoyed the first half, but this is expected from the Colts unfortunately. Disgusting performance by the defense. HOW on earth do you not stop them on three(!) 3rd and long?!
  6. Pathetic to let them convert those three 3 and long. Unforgivable.
  7. Nice job defense. Letting them convert 3(!) 3rd and long.
  8. So you're fine with his atrocious kicking. Gotcha.
  9. So you're fine with his performances then? You don't believe any kickers out there could do better than missing easy FGs and multiple extra points?
  10. Unpopular and pretty stupid to do.
  11. Irsay, please terminate this man's contract. He is done.
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