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  1. Eberflus? Do you know how defend a simple bootleg?
  2. Read the room, Nelson. These refs are flag happy.
  3. Just run Taylor! Titans are giving Henry 25+ carries, and so should the Colts with Taylor. What is Mack doing in there?
  4. More turnover will come. Hopefully it’s in the Colts’ favour.
  5. If the Colts lose they have only themselves to blame. Pathetic by Hines.
  6. Abysmal play calling. Just run with Taylor. It works!
  7. Whyyyy Carson?! Did the same vs the Rams!
  8. Defense looked horrific vs the lowly Houston QB. They are allowing so many yards it’s embarrassing. When they don’t get turnover, which they didn’t right there, they are simply a pathetic defense to watch.
  9. Wouldn’t say he is better than Luck. But in 2017 Wentz was in MVP discussion - something Luck never achieved. Wentz has huge potential.
  10. No, it wasn’t the same guy. And wth is with this eye for an eye philosophy people seem to have? Doyle’s actions are justified because it was... payback? Because the Ravens player last time was also a massive scumbag? Nice logic. Sound way of thinking.
  11. No, it’s not gamesmanship. Flopping/diving or being a violent scumbag should have no place in this game. Asisine stance you take, and obviously it’s a hill you’re willing to die in. Which is truly baffling to me. Gamesmanship... wth. I simply don’t get how you can even remotely defend this, so for me your example is nothing but you belly-aching. No point in discussing it further with you I tell unfortunately.
  12. You’re actually trying to use that to spin the Doyle situation in a positive or logical (or whatever on earth you’re trying) light? Quit belly-aching. That was disgusting by Doyle.
  13. Simply unbelievable the amount of cynical people “defending” Doyle’s scumbag behaviour. What the actual .... For me, I don’t give a toss about it giving the Colts a chance to win. I don’t want to win that way. In that abhorrent fashion. There’s being an intimidating and hard nosed football team and then there what Doyle did.
  14. If he having a laugh? Not even close to competing for the AFC. Super Bowl? LMAO.
  15. Potential to be a number one receiver. But the Colts must get him a partner when TY leaves. Its’s imperative that they do. The unrealistic: - Davante Adams - Mike Williams - Chris Godwin - Courtland Sutton They will probably be re-signed.. The realistic: - Allen Robinson - Michael Gallup - Keelan Cole - Zach Pascal (re-sign) Or draft a talented one.
  16. Horrific. For someone who supposedly wants to dominate in the trenches Ballard hasn’t found the top class players at DE for that to happen. Buckner simply isn’t enough. Paye is still young and could be that guy, but this position continues to be an issue. Ballard deserves criticism here. Offensive line when healthy is a unit I’ve been thoroughly impressed with up until this season, so I’ll give Ballard credit here. They’ve been so good but unfortunately they’ve been banged up, which influenced their play negatively this season.
  17. I have always liked the guy, but that behaviour was disgusting. Downright embarrassing. I thought “flopping” or “diving” was reserved for NBA and soccer players. Matter of fact Doyle was the one who instigated it with a more obvious late hit. Get a grip, Doyle!
  18. Need to see it against quality teams. Miami are pretty bad. If they can do it at Baltimore next weekend, which I very much doubt, then we’re talking.
  19. James

    Tom Brady

    Brady wants a Super Bowl ring on each finger. Then he’ll retire.
  20. Why? He is bang on. If anything your name coltsfeva fits you quite good too given the delusion about the Colts and ignoring the obviously: there is no “feva”, and there won’t be this season.
  21. At least they have a great locker room... No, but seriously. Looking at 1-4 at best. Could even lose away to Miami for the 0-5. At that point just bench Wentz and keep the 1st round pick. They’re gonna need it.
  22. They have been way overrated. Easy schedule last year masking their true level (against top teams). Of course injuries plays a part this year. The Colts simply aren’t a top class NFL team.
  23. Embarrassing yet again. Can’t score with 4(!) tries from the goal line. Pathetic Reich. And defense continues to be atrocious. In for a long season here.
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