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  1. I would assume OT or CB next? Still some good options there.
  2. That was the most shocking number to me. There were 22 OL/DL that had at least a 31" vertical. That's got to be a mistake for a guy considered one of the premier jump ball threats at WO.
  3. He's going to sit for 1-2 years. If he pans out, GB will just move on from Rodgers. If he doesn't, GB has time to try again.
  4. Whoever is left from Swift, Pittman, Higgins, or Mims.
  5. He's been on the flip side of that coin so you would hope he has some perspective
  6. Could see Swift still being there at 34. That would be hard to turn down.
  7. I like Aiyuk a lot for his talent. He lets himself take a lot of hits though. Will be interesting to see how he holds up.
  8. Swift, Aiyuk, Pittman, or Higgins hopefully at 34?
  9. If Ballard wanted him, he would have taken him at 13. Ready for someone to draft this guy so we can move on.
  10. Seems criminal to give up on Hooker at this point unless you're positive he's going to demand a lot of $ and you're getting killer offers for him (1st or early 2nd). He's finally going to be playing behind a front that should be able to be able to provide consistent pressure. We should see what kind of impact he can make when QB's have less time to make decisions. Trading him for a 3rd or worse seems like a waste given he could net a comp pick in the 3rd if unsigned anyway.
  11. Especially considering the need to re-sign our own next year. Likely not many external FA to negate the loss of someone signing Brissett.
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