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  1. Didnt it look like that ball rolled on the turf in the endzone? At least worthy of a review. Geez
  2. We are coming for this W. Doubters take it easy.
  3. I really hope he plays this week but would want him to actually be healthy and not have a setback. We need him down the stretch but as a "co-owner" of NRG Stadium I'm sure hell be fighting to suit up.
  4. Maybe we can get an inspired Geathers vs Houston this week. Lost his spot to a rookie and now gets the full time job back at least for 1 week. Time to show out!
  5. I really hope it's not a season ending injury for Mack. He was on pace for nearly 1400 yds. Not sure the last time we had a 1400 yard rusher but I feel like it's been a looonnnnggg time. He was having a great year.
  6. I was at the game and I didnt think there was anyway possible to overturn that call. What did it look like on tv when they show a million replays? It also took him out of the game the next play which could of been a disaster for Reich if we didnt punch it in so let's erase that play from the playbook in the future please Frank.
  7. I guess I missed it. Did he finish the game out?
  8. Marlon had surgery on his hand today and Khari Willis had concussion symptoms after the game and will be out this week.
  9. I've been to plenty of games but never have done anything but get carried away pregaming while tailgating. Is there any must see things in the stadium anyone would suggest? Is the super bowl trophy on display anywhere?
  10. It's not like I'd ever quit watching or cheering for the colts because I bleed blue but every day vinatieri is still on the team I just get more and more upset. There is no reason for a kicker to blow 3 games and still have a job on any team in this league. You can find anyone to be that bad. The clutch factor he has is gone.
  11. This is the worst loss I can ever remember. It's an embarrassing day to rep the shoe.
  12. It's not good when you dont expect the extra point to be made. Used to be a bathroom break and such and now its like I better watch this. Sad
  13. He doesn't deserve this ending but I'm afraid its time to move on. He should be cut and that decision has to sting the soul for Ballard and Irsay.
  14. When you are shoving the ball down there throats and they are too tired to stop it you stick with it. It was absolutely a terrible play call that could of ruined our night. When something as basic as run right at them is working there is no need to overthink the situation which is what Frank did. But I sure wish I was perfect all the time too lol. Good game by the team from 53 to 1 and the coaching staff.
  15. Hines does go down easily but it looks like he is fighting for every inch which is great to see.
  16. I'm not so sure all-pro is overrated. Hmmmm
  17. It makes a lot of sense to bring him in. Injuries happen all the time amongst lineman and having solid players who fit the profile and deserve to play for the shoe being stockpiled always helps.
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