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  1. Love it. Go Bucks. Campbell is gonna be a menace in the slot
  2. Yeah that doesn't work here
  3. What could happen that would cause this kind of paranoia? Do they think that some scouts are working for the opposition, or deliberately trying to tank player ratings? None of this makes sense...even for the Raiders
  4. Well now Seattle may be far more willing to move Clark after Wilson signed his extension, unless they plan to drop 70m on Clark in addition to Wilson's number. OTC doesn't have an updated 2020 number for Seattle's cap, but they would certainly need to make space now.
  5. The benchmark was set for this in the Dee Ford trade this season.
  6. Which is why you should always clean sweep if you bring in a new GM. Not firing Pagano when Grigson was fired was a mistake, and I'm guessing this is as close as we'll get to Irsay admitting that was a mistake.
  7. To me the drop off after Fant is Huge(just an amateur opinion, but I think Irv Smith will be a bust just like his father was). Doyle and Ebron are both free agents after this year, and currently between them are an almost $13m cap hit. Mo Alie-Cox contract will be up as well, but he is a restricted free agent.
  8. With Lawrence, Simmons, and Tillery still on the board in this scenario, I would really consider taking Fant at 26 and then taking my chances with one of those remaining 3 tackles at 34.
  9. I don't want to be a jerk to our fellow South teams and saying that things are back where they should be.... ...but things are back to where they should be. Natural order is reset.
  10. If Fant is there...wait 3 seconds and send the pick in. We still have 2 2nd round picks to go secondary and defensive line. Fant can be the go to target for Luck for the next 8 year's, and there's a big drop off at TE after he is gone.
  11. I'm backing this post entirely for the James Brown reference
  12. To answer the question, yes I would. I don't think there is a position that couldn't use an upgrade on the team.
  13. I don't think being GM of the year should bar anyone from criticism, although yes without contract details it is too early.
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