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  1. Cooper's statistical fall directly correlates to Derek Carr's injury and return from that injury. I have zero concerns over his ability. Throw in the fact that the Raiders are in fire sale mode now, Ballard has to seriously consider kicking the tires here
  2. ColtV

    Colts need a WR!!

    This has to be the first call Ballard makes today
  3. ColtV

    Again I will say, Ballard is not impressing me

    I have to concur. Malik gets the benefit of the doubt so far, but to get so little impact in year 2 is really concerning. My frustrations are certainly magnified due to a bad loss, really the Colts first bad loss of the season, but the Jets game is now a must win.
  4. ColtV

    Malik Hooker

    I had the same concerns as the op...until that pass break-up. I think from that play forward he had an excellent game.
  5. ColtV

    Bell to the Colts? (Article/Rumour)

    Not anymore, I thought it was still possible to get a second. If I remember correctly, a first rounder comp pick happened only once, when the Eagles lost Reggie White Not anymore, I thought it was still possible to get a second. If I remember correctly, a first rounder comp pick happened only once, when the Eagles lost Reggie White
  6. ColtV

    Bell to the Colts? (Article/Rumour)

    If Pittsburgh doesn't trade him, they'll certainly get a compensatory pick in 2020 equal to at least a 3rd round pick, so the baseline offer would need to exceed that
  7. ColtV

    Bell to the Colts? (Article/Rumour)

    This. This. This. This.
  8. ColtV

    Bell to the Colts? (Article/Rumour)

    He has been through 2 years of negotiations with Pittsburgh and he knows he can't come to an agreement with them. They've never offered what he's wanted...otherwise they wouldn't be in this mess. In the scenario where he gets traded here, he'd at least have a tacit agreement with a team that is all-in due to having traded for him. His objection also wasn't solely injury, he was also concerned, knowing he was gone after this year, that they were going to call his number for 400+ touches, and I believe that concern was well founded. He has to play at some point this season, he needs at least 6 games to make the season count toward his eligibility. So he's going to have some risk to take on his part.
  9. ColtV

    Bell to the Colts? (Article/Rumour)

    That's the risk that Bell takes, and he knows it. If he doesn't want to take that risk, then he'll refuse to sign the tender until after the trade deadline. The Steelers are currently in control of the narrative until Bell comes out and says when he will come back. But to answer your question, if Bell signs the tender, gets traded here, and blows out his acl, then your deal is off. There's a lot of risk here, no doubt about it. But if the Colts get a chance to acquire one of the top offensive talents in the game I hope they take the chance.
  10. ColtV

    Bell to the Colts? (Article/Rumour)

    I agree it's a risk, but I think it's a reasonable one. He won't sign that franchise tag until he knows he would be traded, and he wouldn't play for that team for the same reason he won't play for the Steelers: he doesn't want to take a beating for a team that will not sign him to the deal he wants. If the Colts are willing to give him that deal he's looking for, there's little reason for him to not sign once he's eligible. The Colts would certainly honor whatever offer they made, they wouldn't want him to walk and lose the draft pick that would be required to pry him from Pittsburgh. I don't think each side honoring the agreement is the problem, it's determining what would Bell's cost be? Todd Gurley's contract would be the starting poing: 4 years, 57mil, and I think 45mil total guaranteed money.
  11. ColtV

    Bell to the Colts? (Article/Rumour)

    Well any deal would be contingent on agreeing on a long term deal. If what I have read is true, he can't be signed to a long term deal yet even if he is traded, but to be traded he'll have to sign his franchise tender. He's not doing that unless he has a long term deal in place with whichever team wants to trade for him. Granted, he could back out from an agreements after the season, but it would be hard to imagine him walking away from the remainder of a franchise tag this season, and from whatever deal would be agreed to(a deal that he has been negotiating for almost 2 years).
  12. ColtV

    Bell to the Colts? (Article/Rumour)

    It's not an overreaction, it's a proper reaction. Outside of TY, there are no playmakers at the skill positions. Maybe Marlon Mack can be a similar player, but right now he's not. Bell immediately becomes a dangerous weapon in the Colts backfield that defenses must respect. That the stat came up today that Luck's run was our longest play from scrimmage is a huge concern.
  13. ColtV

    Philip Walker released from PS

    Just wait til next year....when Roy's name goes up in to the ring
  14. I'm a big fan of Andrew's....and I would've done that deal in a second
  15. ColtV

    Obscure Colts Game

    Steve Emtman 1992 #1 overall pick Known for blowing out knees and making people ask me "who is that" when I bought that jersey in 92