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  1. This. And I know it's trendy on this board to trash him, but he is a tremendous corner, and him out of the division is a great thing for us. I'd rather take my chances with that front office picking replacements.
  2. Brycen Hopkins from Purdue is worth a look, but Valpo identified the top TE prospect. The problem this year is that there is no DJ Hockensen or Noah Fant in this class.
  3. I went back to a thread Mclaurin at 26? seems like a lot of posters were on board with him being picked right about where he was...we just didnt pick him! Way too early to tell obviously, but as an OSU guy, I'm glad he's doing well. He was part of an outstanding receiving corps at OSU, and just didnt get the numbers as others.
  4. And this should have been the game where he would have shown off some skills getting to the qb, as this was really the first game this year where the Jets were consistently playing with a lead. I think this is a lot closer to a 5th round pick territory.
  5. He's currently in his 5th year, he got the option granted this off-season, which shot his contract up to 14mil.
  6. Whatever people's opinions may be of Johnson, his very aggressive trade style, and it's resulting accumulation of draft picks, really was a huge game changer in the league. In the era pre free agency, building a super bowl team so quickly was amazing.
  7. As much as I may chide people for lowball trade offers, I think a 2nd may be too much for his production level and what may be a 11 game rental
  8. I don't blame them. Teams making offers, let's say KC, are going to be at the lower third of the draft, especially after adding Ramsey. At this point, better to wait til end of season, see what picks you get from locked draft slots from a team that feels it can make a big jump, ala Browns this past offseason
  9. I hate to be complimentary of the Jets...in any way. But I have to say I like those uniforms
  10. Hating Malik=having high expectations for a first round pick.
  11. Not at all. And you alluded to it in your post, today is a different game. Go to last year's playoff game between the Bears and Eagles. Up 15-9 and the #1 scoring defense couldn't stop the Eagles when it mattered. Even if the plan is to do it on the Seattle model, you still have to do it by drafting a pro bowl level qb with a non-premium draft pick. And that window for maintaining that level of defense is much smaller comparative to the window you have with an all-pro qb(unless he retires at 29)
  12. If we start 5-3 with this schedule, then we have our starting QB!
  13. Throw in Jacob Eason, Jalen Hurts, maybe Nate Stanley. Even if Brissett has an excellent year and looks to be our starter going forward, there is going to be a need for a solid back-up.
  14. Love it. Go Bucks. Campbell is gonna be a menace in the slot
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