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  1. ColtV

    Colts Season Snap Counts

    First of all, great info. Thank you. Secondly, who else is surprised that Hynes had the leading percentage among backs? Extremely impressive!
  2. I agree, bringing in a veteran wr is a need this off-season, even if one is drafted
  3. ColtV

    Browns sign Kareem Hunt

    This, or compensation on a rfa tender
  4. Good example. From 20 to 37, 6 players were selected who would play either guard or center. I started looking around for some interesting examples, 2016 jumped out: After the Browns took Corey Coleman at 16, we then saw receivers go 21, 22, and 23! Then same draft, we had 5 linebackers go between 33 and 42(and if you extend it 33 to 53 you have 7 linebackers picked).
  5. I'm curious to see what he weighs in at as well
  6. ColtV

    Pick #26 is the colts -

    We still have a chance to get #25, depends on the Eagles game
  7. Ugh! You're right, thank you
  8. Positive PED test may push him our way
  9. Very true, and it seems like the NFL is finally starting to get it! With the expansion of draft coverage, now adding ABC coverage, changing the selection format to 3 days, and finally taking it out of NYC so that other cities and fan bases can be a part....its like they realized fans are crazy about this stuff!
  10. I voted 2...but I'm not really sure who the 2nd one is after Haskins. Sporting News has a mock out today with Haskins, Lock, Jones, and Grief all off the the 13th pick!!! No way that happens, imo, but one could only hope
  11. Also it seems likely the Jets are going to go HEAVY after Bell. I wanted Bell earlier in the season, and still would want him on the team. He's a major talent that can handle a massive workload. But I learned a long time ago, I don't get everything I want.
  12. Outside of adding some type of R Kelly scandal, you couldnt plan a worse year for him.
  13. ColtV

    Deon Cain

    I don't think it's funny to want increased talent and competition at a position that most would agree is the weak point of the offense. And no, I would disagree that a receiver picked with one of our first four picks because we would then be dealing with a much higher prospect. However, my point about Cain catching 80 passes next year is valid, because if he does come in and become the #2 receiver, there are still concerns in the receiving corps. Ryan Grant and Dontrelle Inman are unrestricted free agents. Chester Rogers is a restricted free agent. Zach Pascal and Marcus Johnson are exclusive restricted free agents. The only receivers under contract for next year are TY Hilton, Cain, Daurice Fountain, and James Wright...and only one of them caught passes in the regular season for the Colts this year.
  14. Good point. The stat came up the other day, something like 31% of team's snaps were taken by rookies. That wouldn't be replicated next season. MC think about this scenario, let's say Colts end up at 26. Locke and Haskins are off the board. Someone(let's say Denver) needs a qb like Daniel Jones or Will Grier...could the Colts trade the 26 for a bevy of picks including multiple in 2020? Maybe kick start a process of going into a draft with 2 first rounders like the pats did for a while?
  15. ColtV

    Over-Under is 57