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  1. ColtV

    Colts might play in London 2019

    Not about fear, it's about the Jags having a considerable advantage over every team that plays them in London. I believe they have played their every year since games in the UK started. The organization, from experience, has learned the best practices on how to deal with that trip and playing in that game. They have won 3 of the last 4 they played there. On top of the fact that divisional games are such an impact on tie breaker, that should not be a game the organization chooses if they have the option. Bring on Tampa in the UK.
  2. ColtV

    Colts might play in London 2019

    As long as it's not against Jacksonville, define. A game against Jax is completely in their advantage in London. They have a marketing group there, they play there every year so their players are fully acclimated to the process, and it's a far bigger home field advantage than playing in Florida
  3. Has us taking Christian Wilkins at 19 overall. Still a lot of football left to determine order, a couple of interesting picks overall that I dont agree with: Ed Oliver at 12 for the Browns. I dont see him dropping that far. Marquise Brown at 18 for Denver. That is awfully high for a 5'9, 160lb receiver. Maybe the biggest eye opener to me was Dwayne Haskins at 10 to the Giants. He's an incredibly accurate thrower, but only started for one year. He is a true, traditional dropback passer however and set every Big 10 passing record in that only year of starting. Right now, he could be the x-factor that could blow up a draft board early on.
  4. ColtV

    NFL Playoff Machine

    I don't even want to think about finishing 2-1. 3-0 and hope for the best
  5. ColtV

    NFL Playoff Machine

    Yeah I ran into that scenario. I am getting nothing productive done today
  6. ColtV

    NFL Playoff Machine

    Maybe the most interesting thing when playing around with this was how much trouble Pittsburgh is in. Games left against New Orleans and New England they then close out the season against Cincinnati
  7. ColtV

    NFL Playoff Machine

    Has anyone messed around with this on the ESPN site. Did this to give my Browns fans colleagues some help(with some help for the Colts too):
  8. Not that I believe it will happen...but Kareem Hunt will be a free agent by Monday(assuming he clears waivers, which is being reported as likely. He'll be hit with a 6 game suspension, which would mean that he wouldn't be eligible until week 3 next season. Someone will take a chance on him. If Ezekiel Elliot and Joe Mixon are in the league, so will Hunt.
  9. I would think that his athletic ability would make him an ideal 2nd round pick for us(not the Jets pick, but wherever our own pick ends up). I think the coaching staff would have a lot of fun designing plays for him, but you're right, he's not a guy who would start right away on the outside in year one...and quite honestly may not until year 3. He is certainly not as polished as Michael Thomas was coming out of OSU two years ago. But I don't believe he would be there in round three when we pick. His home run threat speed and YAC ability really set him apart from what we have now. I guess the big question on this is "where are we picking?" A month ago, we were back in the top 5, now we're around 15....If we're picking 20 or higher, I can get behind Campbell in the second round.
  10. This came up the other day on the draft board. Since the 2015 draft, only Amari Cooper has really lived up to deserving of first round position. Calvin Ridley and DJ Moore are having good rookie seasons, but that's about it. And you have some real 1st round dogs in that time. The value for receivers has been in the second round since then. But I would agree, we need to take a receiver, but not in the first.
  11. So there's a disturbing trend on first round receivers since the 2015 draft. Only Amari Cooper has played up to his draft status, 2018 picks DJ Moore and Calvin Ridley are having goid seasons...but there have been some absolute busts in this timeframe: Devantae Parker, John Ross, Corey Coleman....Phillip Dorsett, etc We may be in the process of seeing receivers being pushed down boards, like we saw with running backs. Teams are seeing that you can get a Michael Thomas, Cooper Kupp, or juju Schuster Smith in the second.
  12. ColtV

    Top 5 graded colts vs the titans

    Quincy Wilson is the greatest unknown puzzle piece on the active roster. Will we get that Quincy Wilson next week? Will he see the field? I sometimes think there's a Magic 8 Ball that decides what his game is going to be from week to week.
  13. ColtV

    What's up with the Malik Hooker bashing?

    That is part of an epidemic around here recently
  14. ColtV

    Anything To Say About Frank Reich?

    I was very happy when he signed on, and I'm not disappointed now. There have been some bumps in the road, sure(the decision in OT vs Houston the most prominent decision at this point that negatively impacts)....but the net results so far have been not only positive, but point to better things down the road. For the life of me, I don't understand why a franchise(not just ours, but others) select a qb with a high draft choice, and then not take an offensive coach. We are seeing Luck play at top level with maybe the worst receiver group he's had as a pro, and it's not an accident that he's on pace for his best season.
  15. ColtV

    The final 6 games

    I think it has to go a step further...Colts CAN'T lose at Houston, otherwise I'm not sure the playoffs are happening this year. Right now we're in the logjam for the 6th spot, 5 teams tied at 5-5. There can be no slipups in any of these remaining 6 games.