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  1. This is so far beyond dumb...it's terrifying in a way. Jimmy Haslam is making Robert Irsay look like a stable, consistent team owner.
  2. Exactly. Bengals wouldn't do that deal for 10 1st round picks, he is going to be that valuable to the franchise. This is beyond the field, kid is universally lived in Ohio. Bengals need to put butts in seats, their home attendance was horrible this year. People think Mike Brown isapathetic to what the team does, but he cares considerably what happens to the team financially
  3. Agreed, especially when it comes to the qb position.
  4. You are forgetting all of that talk the coaching staff had for him....for 4 days ....in training camp 2018. That is worth at least a 3 round bump up!
  5. Our coaching staff may have an opportunity to coach one of the teams now that we are in that spot of not making the playoffs but won't be firing/hiring the majority of staff
  6. Well everyone gets a chance to scout. Love is playing in the bowl game friday night against Kent State. Also Saturday night Washington plays if you want to compare/contrast Love with Eason
  7. Jacksonville is a toss-up, still winnable. I know Carolina is starting a rookie qb next week, but historically that doesn't bode well for this team. After tonight Colts will be at 14, but there's a logjam of teams at 5 wins. Being in that 6-10 range is still possible
  8. I mean why would we want a top 10 corner in the game!
  9. If there is a plus side to this season, it's that we're not that far out from top 10 status now. Obviously a lot to be decided in these last 3 games, but as it stands now(looking at how much Buffalo gave up to make that move) Colts would probably have to give their 1st, a 3rd, and their second 2nd round pick. Atlanta, NYJ, and Arizona all seem like teams to make the move with.
  10. Well after being told multiple times "you apparently don't know Ballard" I took the time to get to know him, we go fishing some weekends
  11. Not at all. Just an exaggerated response based on some post-draft reactions the fanbase has taken
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