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  1. Now if the Colts sign Tonya! She knows how to take out the competition!
  2. I'm not so sure that the Colts have taken a step back, but I know this: the AFC is going to be a dogfight. So many great young quarterbacks, followed by so many good young quarterbacks, followed by so many potentially good young quarterbacks. Only Houston seems to be a consistent dumpster fire you can pencil in as a W in the conference...my gods, even the Jets are loaded with top picks the next few years(not that it's ever helped them before). From top to bottom, the Conference may be stronger than any point since the 70s.
  3. I should have picked him. Missed opportunity.
  4. It would make sense in Fisher's camp to get a multi-year as well. He has a real possibility of this being his last contract, he'll want to make it count. If they come to terms, maybe first year having a lower base with bonus clauses tied to playing time.
  5. Steve Emtman. Still love that 90 yard td return against Miami
  6. I don't like Moore to the jets...only because I hate the Jets with a passion though
  7. I can be quite critical of picks, but a D is a far stretch for any team to receive...unless you draft a kicker in the first round
  8. Probably not the exact place to put this, but I'll let the mods decide if it needs to be moved. I went to the draft Thursday with two friends, and even though it was a late confirmation by the NFL to hold it in Cleveland(had been announced 2 years ago but only confirmed it would be held in late March) it was quite an event. Mainly home team fans, though some Bengals and Steelers fans, with other team fans sprinkled in(maybe saw 10 in Colts gear). Lots of NFL stuff going on all around the draft theater(which we didn't have access to) and all the bars, restaurants, and hotels were p
  9. PFN updated their simulator for 2022, using this year's draft order. For anyone who wants to start targeting prospects.
  10. I'm going to go Ja'marr Chase in Cincinnati for OROY. He has a built in relationship with Joe Burrow and I fully expect 80 catches. Obviously with less defensive talent in this draft DROY is tougher. I'm gonna go chalk and select Patrick Surtain II for Denver. He was a blanket at Alabama, was probably coached up from birth to be a corner by his father, and will be a Day 1 starter. who do they play for again?
  11. I didn't love Paye, and definitely not with Darrisaw on the board. There was a lot of confidence here that a tackle would be there at 54, that died at 53 when Radunz got picked. Tevi isn't the answer in long or short term. I'm fine with the rest. Dayo might have been a little early, but had some great measurable and I expect him to be available by week 6. Granson, Ehlinger, and Strachan all fit needs.
  12. Definitely. Was very displeased when the Colts didnt re-sign him
  13. Like an 80s teen movie, once Rodrigo takes off the glasses, he becomes a beautiful 325lb left tackle!
  14. Russell Okung? No idea what his health status is.
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