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  1. Shaun Wade, CB, at OSU. He considered going in this year, sharing time with Okudah and Arnette covering slot receivers.
  2. ColtV

    A Day Later

    This post started with a false premise: that Eason will get a pass to be qb3 because of his draft status. That has been proven to be false because the team has cut a 4th round pick in the same year they were drafted. Zach Banner got the cut from a team that had a complete dogcrap offensive line. I am not a Ballard zealot, but I do believe him when he talks about competition. If either Eason or Kelly are qb3 come September, it will be because they earned it.
  3. I think its him vs Kelly for 3rd qb and Jacoby stays.
  4. With no qb under contract after this season it was absolutely necessary to draft one. I'm not sure he ever gets a chance to start, but hopefully can be a capable backup
  5. Appreciate the fast update
  6. Shenault. Forget the combine 40, on tape he is lightning
  7. Whoever doesnt start gets to sit in one of the empty seats in the stands
  8. Wow! Even when they change leadership and towns, you never know who the Raiders are going to reach for.
  9. I disagree Doug, I think by the time of the draft last year people were still solidly deluding themselves about Cain. There was still confidence in those 3 days of praise from 2018 training camp and that "he could have been a second round pick if he had a better quarterback" belief was going strong.
  10. Forget about Howard, let's trade the rights to Luck to San Diego!
  11. Same. Eason has some real interesting tangibles, but he's very raw. Comparatively Hurts is younger but has 16 more starts 300 more attempts.
  12. If we make those first two picks, I will be quite content!
  13. Here in Ohio I am not buying any of this. There would have to be a king's ransom, like we've never seen before, to pry that pick from the Bengals. An Ohio guy, who played at osu, who won a national title, who's loved in the state...no way the Bengals are letting him go. The off-field needs for the Bengals to select him supersede the on-field needs: he is going to be a huge boost in ticket sales for the Bengals. And even if ticket sales didn't matter to Mike Brown(and they really, really do) he's the top rated qb in a strong draft in a year where the Bengals need a quarterback!
  14. And this is just my preference, but there will be a minimum amount of fluff during the draft. No delay on picks because we are waiting for players to walk up from the green room, shake the commissioner's hand, then do an interview. No guest pick announcers trying to outdo previous guest announcers. No waiting for an orangutan to make a pick(yeah I'm not over that either). We will have picks and analysis, I mean a crazy idea!
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