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  1. If the board fell that way, to me Freiermuth from Penn State
  2. While certainly a good question, I don't believe it can be answered until the question of starting qb in 2021 is answered. While free agent receivers will certainly be looking for a big payday, they will also be looking for teams with quarterbacks who are going to get them the ball. Eason is the only qb under contract beyond this season, regardless of his role next year, another qb must be brought in(and quite possibly 2).
  3. Agreed. Jones has probably decided this year is an aberration and next year they can get back to championship football...his delusion is that strong.
  4. I will vomit if the Cowboys get a chance at a top qb
  5. A lot of teams hanging around with 1 win, but I think today was the Jets only chance to sneak in a win against a Bills team that had lost 2 in a row.
  6. Jones getting tackled by the turf monster...that was a metaphor for his career
  7. A 4th. If the Colts sign him to a contract extension they also get a second. The Colts are getting him, assuming it's done in the offseason, for only one year at a reasonable contract, then it's 5th year option.
  8. Hard pass. I work with lots of Bengals fans and this guy has been such a disappointment to them.
  9. With Atlanta and the Giants winning yesterday, I'm not seeing anyone overtaking the Jets at the moment. It is their sweepstakes to lose.
  10. Agreed. If Brissett was anyone's resolution to starting qb problems, he'd be starting here.
  11. More than a lot. An impossible amount.
  12. Well the Washington football team learned a hard lesson sunday that benching Haskins was not the answer to their offensive inconsistencies. In fact it blew up pretty spectacularly in their faces. Haskins had 1 year starting in college then has played under 2 offensive coordinators in as many years on a team that has, if not the most dysfunctional management in football, is right there near the top. That said, I think after this season is done he'll be a broken prospect, like Rosen.
  13. Big difference with those examples respective to Eason was college game experience. Prescott played 49 games over 4 years, Russell 50 games over 4 years, and Herbert 43 games over 4 years, each with over 1100 attempts in college. Eason played 29 games over 3 seasons, <800 attempts.
  14. I think only two scenarios where Eason sees the field. First would be if the team were to spiral into disaster, like 6 game losing streak bad, and I dont see that happening. The only other way I think he sees the field is week 17 and the team is mathematically eliminated. Two quarterbacks ahead of him on the roster, who take up a combined 46m in cap space, one is future hof and the other loved by his teammates. Putting Eason in now could turn Nathan Peterman bad real fast.
  15. You are soooooo right. I think it was the condescension in your reply that really convinced me.
  16. According to me, if you are throwing out your first challenge flag with 59 minutes left in the game, that better be 100% guarantee you are winning that challenge. In that analogy you presented, Frank put in half his chips on the opening round. This kind of bet is exacerbated by the fact that, based on his time as a head coach, he loses that bet over 70% of the time.
  17. I would argue that it only becomes a great challenge if he wins the challenge. Like the 4th down call that led to the first touchdown was a great call because it was successful. You lose that challenge and you're out a timeout and a challenge with 59 minutes to go, that puts you a team in a very disadvantageous position. Then with the failed challenge in the 2nd quarter, and the Colts are then left with 34 game minutes where they couldn't challenge a play. We can look back now and say there were no other calls that were challenge-worthy, but we didnt know it with 8 minutes left in
  18. Challenging the 1st play from scrimmage has got to be something he looks back on and says "wth did I do that for?"
  19. This was really, really disturbing. We knew Clark was going to struggle, and he certainly did, but that doesn't explain how everything else fell apart. This looked like the line from 3 years ago.
  20. Regardless of how good TY is compared to his earlier years, after him the drop-off in WR talent is vast. With Campbell and Pittman injured, a receiving corps without Hilton is one of the worst in the league. An in-season trade will yield little for a 30 year old receiver in the last year of his contract.
  21. Yep, that was the Indy Colts first playoff appearance. Strike season.
  22. I think so too. Going by Tankathon's numbers, you have 1 team with clear qb needs in the top 10 as of right now: Jacksonville. However you have 2 teams with aging quarterbacks who could be up for drafting an eventual successor: Atlanta and Detroit. Another team that could grab a qb: Dallas. Its hard to imagine, after not coming to a long term agreement this past offseason, will somehow come up with one in 2021. If they cant or wont meet that number, they could draft Dak's successor. Finally there are the Jets. If they have #1(and that's a good bet with what we've seen after 4 weeks) they almos
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