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  1. I hate to use terms like "must win" but @SF and at home vs Tennessee are must wins. While currently in a difficult position in the standings, if the Colts get to .500 with 9 games left and even the series with Tennessee they still have a fighting chance for the division(especially with Tennessee going against the Chiefs this week).
  2. Well the expectations are high for Wentz, fair or not, because of the cost of acquiring him. A $21M cap hit, plus a 3rd round and (probably) 1st round pick. You also have the pressure cooker situation of the # of snaps that kick in the 1st round pick that will bring up the question of "do you sit him" from the fanbase after every time the team loses. It's probably not fair but that's the situation.
  3. Yes, and we should also be able to swear in the forum
  4. I'm in the minority but I'm not crazy about the alternate mnf coverage. Its not the Manning brothers, its when have the rotating guests in the middle box, the whole thing to me becomes convoluted with people talking over each other, technical slow downs(when brett favre was on i think he was using dial-up, because it seems like he had a 4 second delay on responses). I would prefer just the brothers.
  5. I would say Malik Willis ends up being the top qb off the board based on the college season so far. Being at Liberty is going to be the mark against him, but he fits the size profile, great arm velocity and if he stays healthy he's probably going to end up having around 23 starts in the College.
  6. If that would be the reason for passing on a qb, then the Colts are in serious trouble! We are far too early to make this determination but if it's clear by end of season that Wentz is not the qb for the Colts going forward then Ballard would have to strongly consider a qb in that situation regardless of how he would look. Honestly my impression of him is that he would not let a past failure like that stop him.
  7. I'll take some heat for this...but Malik Willis has looked fantastic for Liberty
  8. In general I would concur, and i'm probably one of the bigger "glass is half empty" fans. I still have the expectation that the team will play better and from their reactions it appears the players feel the same. What we dont know is if playing better means the playoffs, certainly the team has put itself in a difficult position for that. After 9 games we'll know if playoffs are still in the realm of possibility, but no need to go Bob Irsay and fire everyone after 3 games.
  9. True, but I just dont see what other options are available at this point. Even if you can get Mineshew or Nick Foles, their respective teams would make us pay for them(and i'm not sold that either is really available). It would be tough to stomach a bad season certainly, but giving up lets say a 3rd round pick for either sounds absolutely horrible too.
  10. I concur. Although I have no real faith in Eason but he's here, he's healthy and he should know the playbook as well as anyone. Additionally I don't want to give up any draft capital for another qb, especially the ones that look like they'd be available.
  11. That was the concern not taking a tackle in Round 1, it was a gamble that the 2nd tier group of tackles would all be gone by 54, which is what happened. After Rudunz at 53, the next tackle taken was Spencer Brown at 93
  12. In general I would agree. Typical rule is teams see their biggest week to week improvement from week 1 to week 2. But let's make no mistake, winning next week is paramount, considering the general odds on making the playoffs with an 0-2 start
  13. Same. I was worked out on Long Island then, watched plane 2 hit live on tv. My then-wife was in the subway stop just prior to wtc plaza, had to walk across the bridge to Brooklyn to get a taxi home. That afternoon I never heard it so quiet in the 6 years i lived there.
  14. I lived in NYC back then....and it was just WONDERFUL to shove it in Jets fans faces twice a year when we were in the east
  15. Caught Howell against VA Tech and that performance left a lot to be desired. Quick release and arm looked decent but Tech completely had his number.
  16. I remember that. It was a hot topic here in Ohio during draft week but it never seemed like it was real: Why would the Colts trade Luck if he was healthy, and why would the Browns take the risk if he wasn't? Browns fanbase was definitely opposed
  17. What if the hate was already there for those teams?
  18. It has. No games last year, 7 games in 2019. Only full season was his rookie year, 2016. Moot point now, Cincinnati just signed him.
  19. Be interesting to see if we have another qb shoot up the draft board. We've seen the last few years( zach wilson, joe burrow) or 1st year starter with an amazing year(kyler murray) not on the initial radar move into the top of the draft.
  20. Is Spence healthy? I know he's had injury issues the last 2 years
  21. True, but I specifically used game 1 as an example of when concerns, if applicable, become valid. I'm not going to get too caught up until that time about how the line is performing.
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