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  1. As I read it, they cut him because they're over the Cap. Without cutting players they weren't even going to have enough to sign their draft picks. In fact, they may have to cut more than Leno. They cut him because they drafted a guy who will be less of a Cap hit and they think can play LT --- Teven Jenkins.
  2. If we sign Fisher I'll love it. But I'm not sure I wouldn't prefer to have Charles Leno from the Bears. I just worry once you have a couple of big injuries that it could be the start of decline.but as I said, if Ballard signs him, that would be good enough for me.
  3. Actually, when you think about it, Ballard gave us a "D" too. With Paye and Odeyingbo. At least, we sure hope he did.
  4. Gino Marchetti. No, I never saw him play. But he was "the man" even on Johnny U's team. First of the modern pass rushers, named on the the NFL's 50th, 75th and 100th anniversary's all time teams. Broke his ankle getting the key third down stop in the 58 title game and THEN refused to leave the sideline, to watch Unitas lead the winning drive, straining to see from his stretcher. 9 time all pro.11 pro bowls.
  5. I know that most of the mocks had Boogie Basham rated higher than than Odeyingbo and we all wanted an OT. But after the OT's all went off the board before our pick at 54, I can't see going anywhere else than Odeyingbo. Seems, after the fact, that a LOT of NFL people liked Odeyingbo and without the injury may have taken him in Round 1. I personally was kind of hoping for Brevin Jordan, but I like Granson a lot --- he seems perfect for Reich's offense. The rest? once you get into the 5, 6 and 7 rounds, it's all crazy. I love the idea of Ehlinger learning more in our system, thought he
  6. We did. Today I'm saying we did. I really think all the guys we picked on day 3 will contribute. The biggest wildcard is Strachn. And he's a 6'5", 225 pound WIDE RECEIVER with a 9 foot reach and 10" hands who ran a 4.46 at his pro day. Good lord
  7. You kiddin? the MAN. Sonny Jurgenson. it was ironic, one of the best pure passers of his generation --- and Bruce Allen hated him. we were always calling for Sonny off the bench
  8. wow. he looks "OK" and he has played all over the line --- guard and both tackle spots. but ...
  9. OK, I'm thinking THIS is one of the scout's picks he is absolutely huge --- especially comparing him to the guys he played against in that league with Charleston. but he's also fast, apparently has good hands and is pretty good at high-pointing the ball, according to Mel. one thing that seemed worrisome as far as translating to pro competition. --- he didn't look like he got any real significant separation, even at his level. that could be because he could just catch over the top of all those guys.
  10. Anybody here old enough besides me to remember Billy Kilmer?
  11. OK, gotta admit, did NOT see that coming. I'm laughing hysterically cuz I actually like Ehlinger a lot --- a lot more than almost anyone else. thought he should be rated higher, but did NOT see this!!! i think he throws it better than people are saying. and he's a gamer. every game, against almost every opponent, he had Texas in the game.
  12. OK, gotta admit, did NOT see that coming. I'm laughing hysterically cuz I actually like Ehlinger a lot --- a lot more than almost anyone else. thought he should be rated higher, but did NOT see this!!!
  13. this is where we start to get into "the scout's picks" we're not recognize anybody's names here
  14. I think the WR picks just before ours prompted the trade. Marquez Stevenson and Shi Smith. i liked smith; he looked good at the Senior bowl
  15. How funny. i was just about to say this is going to be Ballard's first draft without a trade-back. annnnnd, he trades for more 7th round picks and then NO picks an OL. he reallllly doesn't want to pick an OL in this draft!
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