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  1. Of course he did. We don't KNOW for sure if the Colts took Sweat off their board for medical or any other reason. Other teams did not. He was available. I like the Banogu move. But if Sweat has a pro bowl career, this will be revisited.
  2. I talked about this in the Ballard's draft post. It's definitely the defining decision of this year's draft. You could have picked the exact same players EXCEPT stayed at 26 and picking Sweat instead of getting 49 (and a 2 next year) and picking Banogu. It's interesting. NFL.com did combine breakdown of the most athletic players and Sweat and Banogu tied at 99. Sweat was faster, but Sweat was more explosive in other areas. Here's what I think watching the video game clips of both guys. Sweat is first and foremost a pass rusher --- a "going forward" guy. I think that Banogu is much more athletic moving backward and side to side. Ballard hinted that this was a consideration when he said they're toying with the idea of moving Banogu all around, at SAM, at Mike, as a pass rusher. I think he's much more of a chess piece than Sweat. But Sweat could be a double-digit sack guy down the road. That's what this draft could be defined by years from now.
  3. It was a gutsy and unusual draft. I honestly don't remember any GM saying, in effect, "talent was second in some of our analysis, we were MORE concerned with character and not wrecking the unique chemistry we have in our lockeroom." We could have had the EXACT same draft with one exception --- we could have stayed at 26 and drafted Montez Sweat instead of having 49 and choosing Banogu. I'm on board, but that will be interesting to track in the coming years.
  4. I'm pretty sure that 34 was also "Big Play Ray's" number too. I know, I'm dating myself. Ray Buchanon, one of the best CBs to play for us.
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