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  1. Gigc

    John Simon on the trading block?

    I gotta say, this is confusing. John Simon was our BEST defensive player last year before he got hurt. I know that he doesn't naturally "fit" the new scheme, but dang... We're already shedding players that we just signed a year ago. Hankins ... now Simon? Hope not. Heck, I'd try him at MLB
  2. I think I read on one of the school's pages that his nickname was "dragon." Kemoko dragon! :)
  3. Gigc

    Anthony Walker Jr.

    I heard that too. One thing that stuck with me from Walker's draft profile was a scout saying he thought he had bulked up too much in his last year and that made him less flexible and mobile. Losing weight could be great for him.
  4. Gigc

    Colts Draft Matthew Adams LB Houston

    OK, say what you want, but this dude is a LINEBACKER. Check this out. he does his interview with his helmet ON.
  5. Gigc

    Colts Draft Matthew Adams LB Houston

    his highlights look incredible. Big hitter. his pro day says he was fast. Why isn't there more info about this guy?
  6. Good pick. Needs work in a pro offense, but he could be good!
  7. Gigc

    Henry Anderson Traded To Jets

    really disappointing. he definitely looked good when he COULD play. I guess they felt like he didn't fit the 4-3. Strange. Especially for a 7th rounder. (sigh) Good luck Henry...
  8. Who knows? He's really elusive. He's got that Leveon Bell thing ---- where he tiptoes up to the line then tries to explode through a hole when he sees it. Really elusive, can catch, doesn't run through anyone. had a couple of really impressive runs against Bama.
  9. I love it. watched a couple of highlights from the east west shrine game, where he apparently shined. i read that he may need work on running routes, but he looked like he ran really sharp routes in what I saw. coooool
  10. He's big, he dominated in the FCS and then impressed at the East West shrine game. i read that he needs work on running routes, but I saw highlights from the shrine game and he looked like he runs really sharp routes. like it
  11. I know that we've already picked to OL, but Crosby was rated really high. i don't understand why he's dropping at all. unless there's something people aren't saying take it back. Detroit picked him up
  12. Gigc

    5th Round Options

    I liked Miami's RJ McIntosh. he just got picked and we traded out of our pick. anyone know where we traded to? Maybe Mike White
  13. I think Mewhort if his knee is OK. I think they may start Smith at RT. That would make Haeg the swing guy.
  14. Check out this web article. Goes into great detail, with video clips, of Turay at the Senior Bowl. Yesterday, Ballard kinda jumped on questions at his press conference, said Turay "didn't look like a project at the Senior Bowl; he looked like the best friggin pass rusher there."
  15. I think this guy will play for us and play well. l saw someone earlier say he had durability issues; not sure where that comes from. He was NC state's main runner last year. He's tough. I watched him take a couple of big hits and bounce right back up. He's a good running back; patient behind blocks, good vision. He doesn't really show the finishing speed you'd think of after running a 4.38; but he's plenty fast. Catches the ball well. One thing I noticed is that he doesn't always see the safety tracking him on long runs. this guy's good.