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  1. He has to pass through waivers to get to the practice squad. I know the rams just traded for Sony Michel but they're probably still looking for RBs. I love wilkins too, just sayin. Younger faster and they pursued him as an udfa
  2. I don't know. He's faster thanWilkins, and the colts paid jackson a lot to sign as an udfa.
  3. Hey to all who are watching, is ehlinger still on the sideline? Or has he disappeared inside?
  4. You're right, I don't. Was reacting to someone's post about "the ACL bug."
  5. They don't want to test that. I think somebody would pick him up. If anything, they'd stick him on IR
  6. If ehlinger is hurt we have to pick up another QB. Can't go into the season with just 2, not with Went's injury history. And hundley's not a guy
  7. Has anyone tallied up how many of ehlinger's possessions have ended with points? Feel like he makes stuff happen
  8. What the heck is happening? The computer is all over the place... 21 yard run 3rd and 24?
  9. Bolton WAS an UDFA, but in 2019 by Green bay. He played with them and Houston, was waived and we signed him a coue of weeks ago
  10. Dang, I don't know how they can manage it, bu I really want them to keep Vaughns. That guy can play
  11. There's no way they're cutting Strachan. He'd be snapped up in a sec...
  12. You know, the coach said before the first game they were going to start Eason in game 1 and Ehlinger on game 2. If he starts changing his mind after each performance every player loses confidence.
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