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  1. I think Rock was playing really good at the end of last season. I'm thinking Campbell has the best shot at really "breaking out." If he cleans up the fumbles he seemed to have problems with last year, he could see a LOT of passes. And he has the ability to score a lot.
  2. C'mon man. I loved, still love Edge. And he was awesome before the knee injury. And I know edge made peyton better. Buuuut, peyton was pretty much flying the plane even in year two. He was playin with s pretty good running back that demanded defensive attention even in his rookie year. Marshall Faulk.
  3. We're not losing to Jacksonville week one. We're beating minshew. Unless there's a catastrophic injury in the preseason, we'll be at full strength and we're more talented than them.
  4. I thought Eason was assigned number 9. Has that changed?
  5. Bases on the cash they paid, the OL from Canada, o'connell? Based on the highlights I saw? D'michael smith, the wr Actually played RB this year --- fast and can catch!
  6. Ahhhh, that's funny. Peyton man. He's one of a kind
  7. He's not going to be on the practice squad. I'm sure they discussed that when they were deciding whether to pick him or not.
  8. Weird when you look back on how he started. He had some impressive picks --- Marlon mack, walker, grover Stewart. But he also had BIG missed--- zach banner, basham. But he is on one truly impressive hot streak. As a fan, this is cake.
  9. Again. Nearly 55,000 Americans have died from this in the last couple of months.
  10. We don't even know if there's going to BE season...
  11. And, he's a kid. I'm hoping he turns out good.
  12. Trudeau couldn't sling it like this kid. We haven't had an arm like this Jeff George and bert jones. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope for something closer to bert!
  13. I still think he's worth the investment. Gonna follow his progress in seattle.
  14. C'mon now. I love Marlon and he's been a reallly good player for us. But as prospects they're not the same. Marlon got a 5.54 grade from NFL.com; Taylor got a 6.41 grade. Taylor's bigger, faster and ran for more yards than anybody else in college football history over three seasons. The future is unwritten bu the past is undeniable.
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