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  1. QB at 34 or 44. WR either with the other second or in the third (this draft has lots of them) Wild cards are taking an OL, DE or even a RB if one falls. And I agree with taking another RB. There are some good ones who might slip to rounds 3 or 4. And we could use another TE. But I want a young QB, although that means carrying three.
  2. There have been some pretty good game managers through the years. Bart Starr, bob griese, heck, you could even make the case that Brady was a game manager for a long time. Getting into the right play, making the right read, and getting the ball out quickly are good traits.
  3. he is fun as HELL to watch. I like the way he moves in the pocket, just simple moves to hide behind a blocker and he seems to have the "it" factor. course, it's against a slightly lower level of competition. whoever gets him, he should be fun to watch.
  4. Hell. he beat us in the playoffs a couple of times. I sat through one of those. owwwww
  5. I live in San Diego but been a Colts fan since i was in my teens. I must admit I used to hate Rivers because he was always yelling at the other team. But over the years I've grown to enjoy him, particularly his talent. Watching that video it's hard not to like him.
  6. It could be. It could also be that he didn't think we had the ammo to move up high enough to get the guy he would want --- or that he thinks one or two of those guys will fall after the free agency/trade QB carousel stops. Or, that he just loves Buckner and it was too good to pass up. I read something yesterday, but can't remember where now, that this deal was being cooked up right after the Super Bowl. That's interesting.
  7. I'll stay QB. Eason if he makes it out of the first round, maybe Hurts. we can go WR at 44
  8. Peyton almost --- should have --- won that game too! Adam missed a chippie 25 yard field goal with time running out after Peyton brought us back in the rain against the Chargers. I was there. really great "almost" comeback.
  9. Well, he's a heckuva player, but there goes being able to draft a QB1. owww. we'll see
  10. who's Dallas trading up for? and are any of Love or Herbert still there at 13? is Eason there at 34?
  11. here's the thing. we are at the "passing of the torch" phase --- again. we were lucky enough to have Peyton. then, we really lucked out and got Luck. Grigson and this lunatic team broke him. now we're at square one again. yes, we have talent. but square one is finding a new young qb who we can build a decades-long contender again. We have to draft a new young qb. you do that by chasing one, not hoping they fall into your lap.
  12. I'd rather not wait till round 3 to address QB. I know there are always a handful of guys there over the years, Dak, Wilson, Jacoby. But I think if you're really looking for a quality player at any position, you pick em high. Round 1, Round 2.
  13. Gigc


    oh yeah, and the Kordell Stewart TD. AGGGGHHHH still haven't gotten over that.
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