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  1. What do you expect perfection there is not a GM in the league that hasn't made mistakes it's not perfect system because it's not a perfect world. These are amazing athletes but they are people and people aren't perfect just be happy with what's went right which I think in Ballard's case has been more than most.
  2. Why put in Taylor in when the game is decided and risk injury is my question to you.
  3. Give Fisher a break he going against one the best pass rushers in the league. Did Bosa get a sack I don't think so it's not even a conversation after tonight.
  4. Yes, great game by all I'm so impressed with every player mentioned above. But Taylor is a player a stud so to speak.
  5. Yeah, especially since he was on the Colts podcast saying he liked the way we've been playing and liked us the rest of the season. I have a lot of respect for Tony but this is mystifying.
  6. Yeah, there's got to be more behind the scenes that we don't know about. Because yes he threw a INT in the game he came into but that shouldn't be the reason for the cut that's was a bad situation for any QB.
  7. This sounds like someone from for the Colture podcast.
  8. Cool story it's great to have a fan like him hopefully it brings us a win.
  9. Can someone tell me the status of TY? I know he was on IR and suppose to miss at least three games. Does anyone have an update? I knew neck injuries take a long while to heal but I haven't heard any updates just wondering we need him.
  10. I agree completely but it’s a big if at least it has been .
  11. I'm hoping with this time off for the ankles it helps his back to and he'll be a beast when he comes back.
  12. Yeah, this team has very little margin for error now unfortunately.
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