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  1. Yes, we need to replace Ya-Sin he's killing us. He is nothing but a penalty what a disaster he has become.
  2. Actually he did a great job at center blocking today. He had some bad snaps though but that's fixable.
  3. I believe it have you ever seen his video for Lady sounds just like the studio version. My wife likes it so I play it for her.
  4. I’m sure stallworth will want to prove himself and this is his chance. It’ll be interesting to see if he can hold his own against Henry that’s you ask from him.
  5. It very well could because Taylor practiced all week and If he has It then I’m sure it’s going to spread. I won’t be shocked if they postpone it right before the game with many positives test.
  6. Yeah, Kelly has a neck injury not good.
  7. I just wish I knew whether it's turf toe or not.
  8. Yeah, stick around we will convert you over to the good guys.
  9. Is there any word on Campbell and whether he can make it back this year or not?
  10. I hate them to but like you I don't want to face them in January at Heinz either. But I am looking forward to game in December.
  11. Yeah, the lack of pass rush is my biggest concern to. We get into the playoffs will probably have to blitz more to have a chance against the great QBs like Rothlisberger.
  12. The zone blitz killed us in that 05’ Steelers playoff game. That’s really what beat us.
  13. What aren’t you impressed about? They got a very good defense and a very good offense. They the most balanced team in the NFL. IMO
  14. Yeah, but this is what drives me nuts those Packers fans most of them are from Indiana.
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