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  1. superrep1967

    Peyton breaks down the Pascal TD

    Yeah, he had a plethora of great sayings in
  2. superrep1967

    Peyton breaks down the Pascal TD

    Yes, thank you for this
  3. superrep1967

    Unsung heros on the defense

    Yes, Walker has been great and yes I think Walker has helped out Leonard a lot. I'm glad finally somebody besides me has seen that as well. You take Walker out of this defense and were not as good a defense that for sure.
  4. superrep1967

    Colts have the #1 defense in NFL since week 7

    Based on my eye test there a very fast defense that swarms to the ball. I can't say enough about the job Ballard has done with this team.
  5. superrep1967

    Do you think this was a good year?

    Yes, a running back should on top of the priority list.
  6. superrep1967

    Eberfluss (sp?) May actually be building the monster

    Your post is very true and spot on.
  7. superrep1967

    Eberfluss (sp?) May actually be building the monster

    Well, the coverage was awesome yesterday.
  8. superrep1967

    Eberfluss (sp?) May actually be building the monster

    Why would he turn over the play calling?
  9. superrep1967

    Eberfluss (sp?) May actually be building the monster

    Yeah, and everybody always says that's his weakness coverage.
  10. superrep1967


    I personally like Geathers and it's just taken him a long time for him to get over that devastating neck injury he had.
  11. superrep1967


    I agree it was almost like they were against or something.
  12. superrep1967

    Braden Smith

    Ballard has done an awesome job and his draft was phenomenal
  13. superrep1967

    I think we have what it takes to get into the playoffs

    I don't believe that because Pittsburgh is not playing well and they have to play New England next week.
  14. superrep1967


    Pascal looked good today maybe he can be a number 2
  15. superrep1967

    Running Back

    Yes, we need to bring Wilkens back in the mix it seems that Mack has slowed down maybe injured or something or the pounding has gotten to him.
  16. superrep1967

    WR gurus, what's your take on Chester Rogers?

    Yes, please
  17. superrep1967

    Why Was Jim Caldwell Fired?

    I think Caldwell was somebody Polian liked but Irsay did not and when he planned to fire Polian he was going to fire Caldwell as well.
  18. superrep1967

    What are the odds on Jags defense they knew every play

    Yeah, I don't think Rodgers is even an NFL quality player maybe practice squad.
  19. Do you think Ballard should take a look at the recently released Kelvin Benjamin? Do you think we should bring him in and do a physical? If healthy, do you he would be a great addition to our WR Core? I do and if healthy I'd sign him in a heartbeat. Do you think he could be a number good number two?
  20. The WR position has to be addressed there’s no way around it
  21. Yes, I agree very good post and the most accurate.
  22. Exactly, it's on to Houston.
  23. Yes, our WR core is downright garbage besides TY. We need to draft WR in the first round.
  24. PLAYOFFS! PLAYOFFS! we'd be lucky to win a game.