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  1. I think Dayo is going to be a star great pick just wait until he's completely healed whenever that is.
  2. I voted Hines everybody talks about the other running backs but all Hines does is make plays.
  3. If Tevi plays expect a lot of chipping and it will limit our offense.
  4. We don't know if it's a full rupture or a tear a full tendon rupture takes much longer to come back from. I'm sure the team had there doctor look at it and determined he could be back healthy in August. So this is a great signing our o-line is in good shape now.
  5. They drafted Ehlinger in the 6 round he's was only drafted for competition for Eason I don't see Ehlinger making the team.
  6. But my grade on the 2019 draft right I give it a C so far because Rock-a-sin hasn't shown much yet either has Banagu. The only one who's really has been good is Okereke. So even after two years the full verdict hasn't been shown yet because we could get something much better from Sin, Speed and Banagu this season.. My point is it takes a lot time sometimes to really get a grade on these guys right the draft is way to early.
  7. Did you see that QB's helmet fly off with Paye hit him awesome.
  8. I've had a chance to talk Jim Irsay and he is a great guy who just wants to win in the worst way.
  9. I don't give grades yet ask me in two years and then I'll give a grade. Ask me on May, 6th 2023
  10. Thanks for the info do you think we should Fisher or Leno? I meant to say should we sign Fisher or Leno?
  11. What salary cap money do we have does anyone know?
  12. Lol Yeah the Marino INT
  13. I was thinking Trent Richardson
  14. This is why he still works for the star and not the alethic or something much better. He throws out terrible observations without even knowing what he's talking about. He's a self proclaimed expert who's never been a scout or anything but thinks he knows how to build a team better than Ballard and company do and that's ridiculous.
  15. He was actually ranked higher last season on PFF than Costanzo.
  16. Yes it will depend on Wentz I mean Ballard will take care of the left tackle situation one way or another I'm more worried about how Wentz will do but I think he'll do well.
  17. All of these grades mean absolutely nothing right now. We should give it at least two years then we can grade it ourselves.
  18. Yeah, when Ballard ever starts listening to the fans he'll become one plain and simple.
  19. Ballard has a plan believe me he knows better than anyone that we need a left tackle and believe me he'll find one.
  20. Yeah, me to everybody is a self proclaimed expert.
  21. Yeah, I would assume Ballard has a plan
  22. Don't look for a left tackle in the second round Ballard just not high on them. Did you watch Ballard's press conference.
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