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  1. I agree I have high hopes for Eason I love his arm.
  2. Agreed! we also don't know how Eason is looking in practice and if he could be our future.
  3. Those were the correct holding calls but you could probably call those on every play of the game.
  4. Well that's true it was a national TV game I'm sure they wanted see Rodgers get the ball back for ratings.
  5. He was seen jogging so he'll be okay.
  6. They didn't do everything they could called that Rivers incompletion a fumble if they wanted to. But it was a incompletion.
  7. Aaron Rodgers said he thought Fred Warner was the best linebacker in the league. To me the answer is simple it's Darius Leonard but use your own opinion here's the numbers. By the way the maniac is highly motivated for this matchup as you can imagine. Here are the career numbers for Leonard and Warner, both of whom entered the NFL in 2018: Leonard: 35 games played, 344 total tackles (23 for a loss) with 13.0 sacks, 15 quarterback hits, seven interceptions (one returned for a touchdown), 17 passes defensed, seven forced fumbles and three fumble recoveries Warner: 4
  8. I think we need a new o-line coach because with talent he has to work with and the production don't match. IMO
  9. I agree totally I could tell what kind of person he is at his first press conference.
  10. I'm still not giving up the idea Eason can't be a franchise QB until I see different I'm still a believer.
  11. I agree it took a long time to get over that game and it still haunts sometimes. We had it so close I was at the airport when the players return from KC game is it was crazy. I can't imagine what it would have been like if we beat Pittsburgh so close.
  12. Yeah, don't forget Quinton Coryatt he had a great that year.
  13. I think Ian Book will be the steal of the draft for the same reason you Fields will be.
  14. Come on guys the Packers has a terrible defense I'm picking the Colts to win big in this game and that's all I'm predicting at this point.
  15. Yeah, if we could ever figure out our offense we could definitely be in Super Bowl contention. But I'm not a big fan of Reich's play calling.
  16. I think the defense in 95' was outstanding and was very comparable to this years.
  17. I do think Reich is very somber in his press conferences like something bothering him despite the win.
  18. Yeah, after the Jags game they were but it's the NFL things change every week.
  19. I agree I like Reich but his play calling is frustrating. He gets inside the 5 yard line and continues to just run right the middle very predictable and after very game he cuts on his own play calling but doesn't change very much at all. I'm like you if he doesn't get more creative we aren't going to win any playoff games if we make it but I think we will.
  20. Houston is probably out he hasn't really impressed me.
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