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  1. Garrett likes to play on the right side though.
  2. Yeah, we might be without Castonzo to so that would also be a big blow to us.
  3. Yeah, if we could just get the offense to perform better we'd be definite Super bowl contenders.
  4. It’s the play calling we’re not fooling anyone the run plays are very predictable. I know it when we are going run. So I know the Bears did and the Bears have a very good front seven.
  5. I was thinking Curtis Paiinter....lol
  6. I agree I happen to think he has great upside with the great arm. If he continues to learn I think the sky's the limit with this kid. I hope we get a pre-season next season so we can watch him.
  7. Yeah, I agree he needs to stop posting because he is looking worse and worse with every post. I know he doesn't look as good Edge did as a rookie but Edge is a hall of famer and that's very rare. But besides Edge I don't see another rookie RB look this good with this team besides Edge. I know some so will say Faulk but he's also is a hall a famer and a different style runner. JT looks outstanding to me yeah he could have gone some different directions and got some more yards but that will come with more experience. I'm excited for JT's potential going forward.
  8. I just purchased it because I'm getting married and going to Florida for my honeymoon and want to listen to the Colts Game on the way down from here in Indiana I'm driving it'll be the Jets. I will check out the game film now on here.
  9. I'm not a fan of Eberflus he's costing us games with his soft manila defense. I think we got the talent it's the scheme that's killing us. If this continues Eberflus may be looking for a job.
  10. Yeah, I'm starting to question Reich's coaching and especially his play calling at times was very poor. I mean he had flashes of very good play calling then at times very poor play calling he is very inconsistent. JMO So yes you can very much put it on him at least to a extent and I like Reich just being realistic.
  11. Yeah, I agree what happened on the one TD where the receiver was wide open. Broken coverage I guess and it was a terrible time for it.
  12. Yeah, what happened to Buckner did he even have a tackle? I thought he was this unstoppable force he did nothing.
  13. He could have easily had three picks today. It's like he don't out there sometimes.
  14. Okay, most people on here pick us to be mediocre. So what the problems with this team and what do you expect Ballard to do to fix it? Because I don't see any weaknesses but most of you must and I'd sure like to know what they are. Because you guys must think so with your mediocre record predictions. So what are they then? I'd sure like to know because I don't see it enlighten me. I've seen 9-7 10-6 those are mediocre predictions. Is it Phillip Rivers? Is it the running game? Are you prediction slough of injuries that something you can't predict.
  15. Just wait and see unless we get with the injury bug I still see 13-3. You must think these other teams we're going lose to are full of all pros or something.
  16. Our team is solid across the board explain any weaknesses because I don't see it 13-3 is a very strong possibility and a Super Bowl run. I just think you all are just preparing yourself for the worst.
  17. Yeah, I like our team to it'll be very interesting to see how this team plays when the season starts. We sure look good on paper but it's why they play the games so will see the talk mean nothing.
  18. I hope they get at least 8 wins so they don't get Lawrence and the Jags to. But both teams seem to be tanking to me. I do to because it means absolutely nothing.
  19. I think Eason makes the 53 he's still a work in progress but I he has great upside.
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