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  1. Have Quentin Coryatt intercept that pass in the AFC championship game in 1995.
  2. Trent Richardson was the worst Jeff George being second but at least George had promise.
  3. Thanks mentioning me to but I never have much time I'll just follow you guys activity.
  4. I with you I like Greenberg but can't stand Tannenbaum so I don't watch either.
  5. Well hopefully it'll be during a pre-season game so he can get use to it first before the real thing starts.
  6. I'm so glad that Tannenbaum isn't our GM because I think he's an * and that our franchise would in big trouble if it were the case. He had his mock draft on ESPN and let just say I'm just so thankful that Ballard is our GM.
  7. I agree what did most pundits say that we had the most complete roster in football last season. Why, because Ballard built that through the draft for the most part and it hasn't put the team in salary cap hell like many other teams that don't even have the roster that we have so the credit goes to Ballard.
  8. I think the Browns were a lot better team after free agency. Are they championship level no but a lot better. I don't know why Dorsey got fired I thought he was doing a good job trying to make up for no talent. My point is there are times that you need to dabble in free agency but it is better much better to go the draft rout.
  9. Yes, I agree with you but I totally believe that Ballard has a plan and will do what's best for our team. I mean he knows better than any of us that he needs a left tackle and a pass rusher he's fully aware of it. I have total and complete faith in Ballard that he'll put a championship level team on the field come week one.
  10. I agree it's what I've been saying all along but he may be our best option at this point unfortunately. I mean most of our remaining salary cap money should go to our draft picks and Leonard, Smith and Nelson.
  11. I heard on for the Colture podcast that the Colts weren't resigning him. But I don't know how reliable that it is. He said he heard from a very good and dependable source. I don't have the podcast because I heard it quite a while ago.
  12. I strongly believe it will be left tackle in the first round. I would be kind of shocked if it's not a left tackle actually very shocked.
  13. A very good post I made a mistake I met to put the DE's as the weakest group at the moment.
  14. I don't think they resign Hooker with the fact they declined his 5th year option.
  15. Cool, now if we can resign Carrie we will be good to go on our own. Then all we have to do is sign our draft picks and we are as good as gold.
  16. You make good points we do need to blitz more but Flus refuses to do it very much maybe I'm expecting to much.
  17. Will see how many sacks he has after even a year older if we even resign him which I'm not even sure about.
  18. Yes my dad is good friend with Kerrigan's grandpa I'd like to see him on the Colts but his age is a concern for me.
  19. No one can tell me that the pass rush is where it needed to be last season. The pass rush on this team was terrible and now you want to bring back the same player in the key pass rush pass position that had 8 sacks okay but with Buckner next to him he should have had a lot more. He's only had double digits sacks once since 2014 that's why I would pass on him and draft one in the second round and hope that Turay can stay healthy. Yes second round we need a left tackle in the first and maybe even try moving up to get one.
  20. I’ll pass on Houston he had 3 games last season with no tackles, no sakes I didn’t even know if he was playing or not because he did nothing we need much more production.
  21. He’s always hurt because he don’t have an NFL body so I would pass I wouldn’t even have brought him in.
  22. That's a good question and one I'd like to know.
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