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  1. Yeah, Buckner is great a great player and great guy who wants to win.
  2. Yeah, I'd definitely say TY is not vaccinated that's a pretty safe assumption.
  3. Is anybody in the forum going to Canton to see these two enshrined?
  4. Yeah, I've been saying this since the our season ended it can't start soon enough.
  5. I'm looking forward to seeing Wentz and Paye perform on the field.
  6. I can tell that the big Q believes in Wentz and not just by his words.
  7. Fisher is darn good maybe even to level of great. I hope we get him playing sooner than later.
  8. They also report to camp on the 26th which 26 days from today.
  9. Carson Wentz is not 29 he is 28 and won't be 29 until December 30th.
  10. I'll be there August 2nd and 3rd looking forward to it.
  11. There going have to keep someone in there to chip no way around it.
  12. Bob Sanders no doubt
  13. I completely agree there's a ton I want to say on here about this angerly but I'll stay tight lipped but I agree with you.
  14. I would never change a thing about our jersey's not now not ever there perfect like that are and I think the Colts organization agrees with me.
  15. Yeah, you have made a good point it also to me he didn't have enough talent around Peyton it showed when Peyton went down with the neck.. I mean Peyton covered up for the lack of talent because Peyton was so great. IMO
  16. Yeah, I wonder on his last few years if Bill had Chris mostly running things and maybe that's the reason for the poor drafting and the firing. Because I don't think there was reason ever brought out on the reason for the firing.
  17. I agree with you totally everybody needs to improve from the coach to the players and Reich's ego isn't so big that he doesn't know he needs to improve. I'm sure he's self evaluating all the time no matter what he might say to the media.
  18. Totally agree! He is a hall of fame executive for a reason.
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