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  1. Will see how many sacks he has after even a year older if we even resign him which I'm not even sure about.
  2. Yes my dad is good friend with Kerrigan's grandpa I'd like to see him on the Colts but his age is a concern for me.
  3. No one can tell me that the pass rush is where it needed to be last season. The pass rush on this team was terrible and now you want to bring back the same player in the key pass rush pass position that had 8 sacks okay but with Buckner next to him he should have had a lot more. He's only had double digits sacks once since 2014 that's why I would pass on him and draft one in the second round and hope that Turay can stay healthy. Yes second round we need a left tackle in the first and maybe even try moving up to get one.
  4. I’ll pass on Houston he had 3 games last season with no tackles, no sakes I didn’t even know if he was playing or not because he did nothing we need much more production.
  5. He’s always hurt because he don’t have an NFL body so I would pass I wouldn’t even have brought him in.
  6. That's a good question and one I'd like to know.
  7. They said it on the Colts official podcast I think. I will try to find that podcast for you.
  8. It's already been released by the Colts that there not going to put Nelson at left tackle.
  9. That’s pretty good for three games JJ Watt had 5 sacks in 16 games.
  10. Ballard is drafting a left tackle in the first round bank on it.
  11. Yes, TY all though not officially yet but he's gone.
  12. That must be what Ballard values him at no more. If that unhappy then maybe he should test the market which I don't think will be much more if any.
  13. I wouldn't flash that to much there a lot of criminals out there that could watch this.
  14. Your right Jvan1973 Ballard puts a value on a player and when someone is willing to pay over that value he lets them go it's that simple.
  15. I agree with you but unfortunately on here were going to have our complainers no matter what we could multiple super bowls and still have the complainers. I guess they think they can run the team better than he can..lol.
  16. I think we to draft a left tackle because free agency will just simply cost to much. But I do believe we need to use free agency to find a edge rusher which will cost as much or more but I don't want to spend to much on the O-line.
  17. Nelson but I call him the bulldozer my personnel nice name.
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