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  1. He was actually ranked higher last season on PFF than Costanzo.
  2. Yes it will depend on Wentz I mean Ballard will take care of the left tackle situation one way or another I'm more worried about how Wentz will do but I think he'll do well.
  3. All of these grades mean absolutely nothing right now. We should give it at least two years then we can grade it ourselves.
  4. Yeah, when Ballard ever starts listening to the fans he'll become one plain and simple.
  5. Ballard has a plan believe me he knows better than anyone that we need a left tackle and believe me he'll find one.
  6. Yeah, me to everybody is a self proclaimed expert.
  7. Yeah, I would assume Ballard has a plan
  8. Don't look for a left tackle in the second round Ballard just not high on them. Did you watch Ballard's press conference.
  9. I agree I was disappointed to I didn’t care anything about the wrestling thing either. I was bored with it. Hopefully, the next one is much better. Maybe they couldn’t find much without them arguing...lol
  10. Your right we need a left tackle it does us no good to get a WR if Wentz is always on his back.
  11. Did it seem like to you reading between the lines that there moving on from Houston? It did to me or maybe I'm reading to much into it.
  12. Yeah, I caught that to maybe will be talking early Thursday who knows he was kidding. He didn't give anything away of course but still a interesting press conference.
  13. I don't know about the Baltimore Colts teams. But to me the best Indianapolis Colts team was 2005 no doubt.
  14. Yes, it's way to early to start making predictions get with me about the first week of September then I'll make a prediction.
  15. I'm not down on Eason being the backup but I'm not up on him being the backup either. We just need to see him play then make a judgement on him being the backup but not until then.
  16. I totally agree you said it perfectly Houston was ehh last season and believe if he was anymore than ehh Ballard would already signed him already. This is a big year for Turay if he can stay healthy maybe he can have a big year. I believe Ballard has a plan and I'm looking forward to finding out what it is.
  17. Have Quentin Coryatt intercept that pass in the AFC championship game in 1995.
  18. Trent Richardson was the worst Jeff George being second but at least George had promise.
  19. Thanks mentioning me to but I never have much time I'll just follow you guys activity.
  20. I with you I like Greenberg but can't stand Tannenbaum so I don't watch either.
  21. Well hopefully it'll be during a pre-season game so he can get use to it first before the real thing starts.
  22. I'm so glad that Tannenbaum isn't our GM because I think he's an * and that our franchise would in big trouble if it were the case. He had his mock draft on ESPN and let just say I'm just so thankful that Ballard is our GM.
  23. I agree what did most pundits say that we had the most complete roster in football last season. Why, because Ballard built that through the draft for the most part and it hasn't put the team in salary cap hell like many other teams that don't even have the roster that we have so the credit goes to Ballard.
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