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  1. So then league postponed the Ravens/Steelers game after 3 sick players, we have 3 sick, why are we not getting postponed?
  2. Agreed. Which is why I said IF they continue to play and improve
  3. Beat? Probably not, approach and get close to that level, yeah I can see it IF everyone continues their play
  4. No, it happened on the block he threw. He dug his toes in
  5. Ouch https://www.nfl.com/news/cowboys-zack-martin-suffers-calf-injury-ruled-out-washington
  6. Nice! I hope Eason and even JB are soaking in this guys knowledge and fire. Rivers has a Reggie Miller Esq to him with the way he chatters during the game. I like it
  7. Pretty sure they did just that earlier in the year. Or if they are exposed...
  8. The league can do as it wants. Case in point, they literally just moved the Steelers Ravens game.. https://www.nfl.com/news/ravens-steelers-game-moved-from-thursday-to-sunday
  9. They won’t move it because of one guy. But if we suddenly have 6-12 pop up, different story
  10. A Wednesday or Thursday game next week
  11. Yep. I just laugh. And drink and laugh some more
  12. I’m just sitting back, popping a bourbon and watching the forum implode. if we start getting a lot of confirmed cases, the league will postpone this game.
  13. Reggie over Calvin Johnson though?
  14. Absolutely. We love having fans from other teams around, gives us a bit better perspective on things. Except for Patriots fan, we don’t like them.
  15. Pretty sure they declined Hookers option PRIOR to the draft so I doubt that scenario was the plan. Mostly like they targeted Blackman as a replacement to Hooker
  16. Eh we are a game ahead of the Browns as it sits. And they have to play TN next week.
  17. I wouldnt count out the Browns. They aren’t the Browns of years past. and even if they did beat the Browns, that helps us anyway.
  18. This next game may be the biggest game we have all season. From a pressure/need to win stand point.
  19. Yeah, I called the RG3 thing too. His career was gonna be short. Sadly, Luck didn’t last much longer. And I think Lamar is gonna fall into this as well. Highly mobile QBs that make a lot of ground with their legs rarely last long term in the league. Teams plan around them or they get hurt. Mahomes and Ryan Wilson are probably the only two I can think of that have a shot at breaking that but they are more hybrid than just a mobile QB as both can deliver throws well from the pocket too.
  20. Folks, all we need to do is win just 50 percent of our fans upcoming. Finish 10-6, we will make the playoffs. Especially with an expansion to 7 teams per. that said, win against the Titans, and we all but wrap up the AFCS and the at minimum, a 4th seed. So let’s take it a week at a time.
  21. Man really all of ballads last three drafts have been solid. His biggest mistake since he’s been here has been taking Malik Hooker in the First round. A mid first round at that. But I think that was more Pagano pushing for him than Chris Ballard given how Pagano liked his DBs. that said. Hitting on your top 5 draft picks in a single year would be historic. I say 5 because of Buckner, definitely won that trade. Taylor, Pitman and Blackmon are gonna be solid contributing starters barring anything bad happening. Eason, I hope we eventually see. I think our moves in the off season w
  22. With the way the Ravens have been sliding the last few weeks since that loss, I’m not all that concerned with them. Two very bad calls broke that game open for the ravens against us. I think if we were to meet again, I think it’d be more like the Greenbay game as far as the final tally
  23. Buckner is a freaking monster. Would not have wanted to be that tiny WR trying to get that ball back from Buckner. He’s playing with a chip and I like it No. And he’s wasnt gonna be worth much to trade either. Plus you can’t trade a player on IR. Oh and the trade deadline has passed.
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