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  1. Balance. A working balance. That said, if it’s working, don’t abandon it
  2. Just control what you can control. That said, we have 3 games left to figure out if we can make a playoff push. If it still looks bleak, I’m again thinking we bench Wentz and try to save that 1! Especially since if the season ended today, we’d have pick number 8!
  3. Let him go. Not worth a roster spot
  4. possibly. I’m not disagreeing with you. I actually agree. He’s been serviceable but that’s about it. Which is kind of disappointing on one hand. At least for me. But again, he may not be 100 percent back from injury yet.
  5. You’re right, it wasn’t near as bad as Davenport but there were several plays where Fisher got straight bull rushed backwards right into Wentz or the ball carrier. Sometimes Wentz and Co managed to avoid it, other times, not so much.
  6. Side note: Freddy Mercury was arguably the best live performer ever to take the stage at s rock concert. Even better than Hendrix
  7. Fisher is a level above Davenport for sure but I’ve been fairly disappointed thus far. Even though I know he’s batting injuries. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see when Q gets back , the Colts slide Q over to LT and leave Reed at LG for a couple weeks to see if Fisher can get some rest and come back better. The fact he’s playing at all given when his ankle got hurt is surprising to say the least. But it can’t be 100 percent yet
  8. Well from the sounds of it, this team needs some spirit leaders on O. i do not think it’s a coincidence that after the OL coach lays into the OL during the game, the very next play, they create a giant hole and block down field has JT goes off for 83 yards...
  9. I think it will depend on how we end up at season’s end. If we turn this around and somehow make a playoff run, I can see ty giving it one more run
  10. Not just that but the Campbell, Pittman and Hilton combo on the field led to many openings I’d not seen much this season. If the OL could just block better for a second longer, we’ll be burning teams
  11. Bull crap that it got overturned. There was so much air under the ball when he caught it, I could have done a back flip between it and the turf
  12. 85 yard run is currently the longest run by an RB in the league yet this season for cbs announcers
  13. He got robbed of an INT. Also, I think he was playing decent
  14. Thought I’d circle back and say I was impressed today with his deep ball accuracy on those catches to Campbell and TY.
  15. .... the Browns moved to Baltimore and became the Ravens. Then an expansion team came back into Cleveland and took back the Browns name....
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