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  1. I'm thinking the opposite, I'm thinking we may see the Colts move up, it'd be costly though.
  2. csmopar

    NFL Schedule

    Whoever made the schedule this year doesn’t need too going forward, ouch
  3. csmopar

    NFL Schedule

    Actually, I hope it does. I honestly think if we’d gotten the Chiefs last year, we’d given NE a fight in the AFCCG. I really want Luck to beat Brady once in his career
  4. This is partially why I think we go heavily DL with at least 2 of our first 3 picks. and you left AV off the list...
  5. csmopar

    NFL Schedule

    Coach always said, you wanna be the best, gotta beat the best at their best.
  6. csmopar

    NFL Schedule

    I’m talking about people upset with the lack of prime time games or the brutal road games when I said “getting screwed”.
  7. csmopar

    NFL Schedule

    There’s two ways to look at this. 1) we got acrewed or 2) IF we win out at home, big IF, we only need to win 2-3 of the away games to win the division and make playoffs.
  8. Yeah, all of our toughest opponents are at home this season. That’s a brutal road schedule.
  9. Thank you all for participating, see you all on the 25th! (thanks @Jared Cisneros )
  10. You're welcome! Now its time for my forum vacation for 9 days
  11. Cowboys select: JUSTICE HILL–OKLAHOMA STATE @RNGDShobby on the clock
  12. @danlhart87 said to make it a consensus pick, any suggestions?
  13. Actually, per his post last night, he wont be back until 2pm EST today. So I'll make the pick for him
  14. Colts Select: Terry Godwin WR @Buck Showalter on the clock until 1205 pm
  15. @8am EST, Dallas Selects, Michael Jackson, CB, Miami with pick 128 @danlhart87 otc
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