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  1. In games we dont have a chance to win, so just sit him right away and for the rest of the season til hes good to go... to a new team.
  2. Nice guys finish last.... Sadly for the Colts, Reich is way to nice and he just don´t strike me as a coach that can bring that fire to the colts roster and make them much better. But our QB situation aint good either... wentz just can´t get the job done or stay healthy. So 80 % Reich, 20% Ballard who need to step up his aggressivity in free agency and bring in the right guys.
  3. I think we will have a disastrous start to the season and that those players who haven't been vaccinated will miss 3-4 games this season, and that will cost us. Why the heck haven't wentz, leonard, big q and other been vaccinated? To me that's just dumb and a really bad and costly decision they have made, and one that WILL cost the team. Take a look at Tamba... they have all been vaccinated and will prob just keep rollin, while the colts will stumble due to players that don't feel the need to take the vaccine, just because they feel its up to god to lead them on their right path... come on... Wentz wont play all games and sometime he will either get injured or be in quarantine and we will keep our 1st round pick in 2022. So am I worried... h--- yeah im worried.
  4. Can we expect to see extensions to all of these players or do we let one of the walk away in free agency next year? Big Q and Leonard will def get huge new deals, but what about the other two?
  5. Okay... solid pick, who might not pan out until 2022, but has huge upside. My question is just... how many injuried players have come back to full strenght after they have torn their achilles? In soccer, David Beckham never came back to his top lever after he torn his achilles, and I could mention a few players in the NFL that never quite reached their full potential after such and injury.
  6. Temidayo "Dayo" Odeyingbo (pronounced oh-DANG-bow), whose parents are natives of Nigeria, played in 12 games as a reserve his true freshman season (20 tackles, 4.5 for loss, with 2.5 sacks, one interception), one year after earning four-star recruit status at Carrollton Ranchview High School in the Dallas metro area. Daye and his brother, Dare, led the Vanderbilt defensive line in 2018. Dayo started 10 of 12 games played that season (28 tackles, 6.5 for loss, with 2.5 sacks and two fumble recoveries). After his brother left for a shot at the NFL, Dayo led the charge up front for the Commodores, topping the squad with 12 tackles for loss (1.5 sacks) among his 45 total stops in 12 games (11 starts). SEC coaches voted him second-team all-conference in his senior year after he led Vandy with eight tackles for loss (5.5 sacks) among 32 tackles in eight starts. Unfortunately, his draft stock suffered a setback when he tore his Achilles prior to the Senior Bowl.
  7. Bring on Spencer Brown - University of Northern Iowa..... go colts
  8. just wait for it... I went to Northern Iowa, so I hope this will be our pick... he played LT ... so he might be the perfect match, plus I know the colts have been scouting him closely.
  9. colts pick : OT Spencer Brown - University of Northern Iowa
  10. what a crappy signing and for the first time... what is Ballard doing? Yes he has hit the jackpot once or two, but honestly, mention a player we have signed in free agency during Ballards tenure that has come in on a cheap contract, and really made a difference? This dude wont make any impact and other teams are laughing at the colts right now. ballard needs to make the team better, not just think about economics all the time... with this approach each year, we wont wine jacksh----it
  11. Colts have traded for Wentz, for what we hope is a 3rd and a future 1st round pick, IF things goes well. But what expectations do you guys have and what he be a bust, IF we don't at least make a deep playoff run and a super bowl run, with him as our QB? Personally I hope the best, but fear the worst and that we just signed a lame duck, that won't take us beyond the first round in the playoffs, before Trevor Lawrence and the Jags are the AFC South Juggernaut that everyone expect them to become. Wentz might return to form and excel as a Colt, but he needs to get his **** together and perform behind our O-line. Furthermore, Ballard needs to give him a legit #1 WR, as TY is prob gone come next season. So again, what do you have of expectations to him and the colts going forward?
  12. A signing of Wentz would make me lose faith in Ballard. Wentz is no good and wont make us any better.
  13. The Indianapolis Colts are hiring former Maryland offensive coordinator Scottie Montgomery to be the new running backs coach. Say what? A former WR to coach RB? But why?
  14. Okay, I know this sound far fetched... But what if the Colts actually have meet with Andrew Luck and he's ready to unretire and have told that to the Colts. So Irsay and Ballard already know, they have Luck as their QB for 2021, but due to the free agency and coming draft, they keep it to themselves or because Luck have told them to shut up about it. It would also be a very good secret to keep until after the draft, as they can target the player the want in the first round, while others speculate about the colts wanting a QB. I know, it's very unrealistic, but since Luck´s retirement, I haven't heard Ballard, Irsay and other colts players, speak so much about Luck as they do right now. Ballard is the master of smoke screens, and this would be the best kept secret in the NFL ever, if that was actually going to be the case.
  15. Team will trade up in the draft and jump carolina. I bet Ballard is up to something, but he won't trade up to get a QB in this draft class, because outside of Lawrence, it's a week QB class. I honestly don't see a legit franchise QB besides Lawrence this year. A lot of the QB in this draft is overrated as "BLIP". I bet Mac Jones will have more success than Fields and Wilson, but unless he´s there at #21 we wont take him, and even then, I think Ballard has his eyes set on another player, as the defensive side of our team need some now energy.
  16. No matter who we get as our next QB, we need to make the team bad come 2025, so we can get Arch Manning with the #1 pick in 2026 or 2027 hope we get Matt Ryan for the next 3-4 year, and then set it up to crash and burn in 2025 ;)
  17. Giants, washington wont draft a QB, and the falcons still have Ryan... and I don't think they will move on from him just yet.
  18. Yesssss.... Im thrilled, because I never liked Stafford But now... well... just hope we don't go all in for Wentz :/ because he's bad.
  19. Well TY Hilton has been a great Indianapolis Colt, but everything has to end sometimes. TY just ain't gonna cut it for us anymore, and he was not even among the 40 best WR´s this season in yardage. WE HAD NO WR with more than 762 yards... that's bad if you have Super Bowl aspirations. We need to get some firepower on offence, and TY is not a part of that future... sorry, but he's not. I know Rivers didn't make him look better, but still... he can't get open like he used to. I hope Ballard get a stud WR, that can help Pittman take it to the next level, because we need a true #1 WR. Hilton, thanks for the memories it was fun
  20. Don´t think indy and Ballard will give up a 1# for Stafford. He's way to injury prone to cost more than a 2nd rounder. Have to wait it out and see what happens, but he´s a rivers LIght, can´t win in the playoffs
  21. But our DB's were not that good anyways, so nice with a change up.
  22. Could be Frank's last season in indy. Next year we could be looking into a whole new coaching staff, as Eberfluss will get some HC offers and with no Franchise QB, I could see us declining
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