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  1. I remember Ed Simonini. He was undersized but he flew all over the field & was always around the ball. RIP #56
  2. Bjorn Werner................................Oh you mean current Colts....................Geathers.
  3. Trent Richardson could run through that hole...................................if he could find it.......
  4. I've been dreading seeing this thread title. This one is so far better than most have been.
  5. We don't have a starting WR with frostbite............
  6. Yeah. And Bjorn Werner was the next Dwight Freeney........
  7. Thanks for posting that video. He's certainly talented. One thing I took from that video was his QB. He delivered every pass with ease. Down field, out routes, screens & with great touch as well. It also made me wonder where this school is located. There are more people in the stands at my local HS games than I saw here. He has break away speed & seems to have good hands with great verticle leap. Very curious to see what he can show in camp.
  8. I spent some time as a serious collector of vintage guitars. I'm no where near the collector Mr. Irsay is. I don't have his capital. I've owned hundreds of guitars in my lifetime. The most I've owned at one time has been 34. I don't have anywhere near that today. I have shrunk down to 7 of my favorite guitars that I will keep & pass down to my son some day. I play them all in regular rotation & would love to get my hands on some of the wonderful, iconic instruments now owned by Mr. Irsay.
  9. I didn't see this posted anywhere. I hope this is the right place to post this. Irsay has purchased this iconic guitar that has been used on many Pink Floyd & Gilmour solo albums. It is a 1969 Fender Stratocaster that has been modified through the years. It has had at least 3 different necks installed since new. The purchase price is said to have been a bit north of 3 million dollars. David Gilmour has sold most of his iconic guitars via Christies Auction & all the proceeds are going to charity. The Colts owner is a serious collector of musical instruments & also owns the piano used by John Lennon to write the famous song Imagine. I would love a tour of Jim Irsay's collection some day.
  10. 10. I mean, aren't the entire draft class this year gonna be HOFers? I heard that from somewhere.
  11. This makes me wonder if these allegations are the reason he isn't signed yet.
  12. I know many here were hoping he would sign with the Colts. I don't even know if we kicked the tires. I wouldn't have minded having him here. I guess the staff is confident the players we have will take the next step.
  13. Did anybody watch the clip with Jack Doyle? He reminds me so much of Andrew. The way he answers the questions asked of him. His mannerisms, body language & even his voice makes me think he's just like Andrew. He even looks a little like him with his own neck beard. Maybe they are brothers separated at birth?
  14. Guy hasn't played in a year. Does anybody even care?
  15. Love the digs Jeff Saturday threw in on Peyton.
  16. I chose Dline. I think our depth throughout is stellar however, I would still like to see us get a stout big ugly to clog up the middle who also has the ability drive some offensive linemen into the QBs face.
  17. That was a lot of fun to watch. I was most impressed at how calm the room seemed in the midst of all the pressure to make the picks.
  18. Love how Rogers was the last one in the clip.
  19. Hey horseshoecrabs, I'm no whipper snapper either but I'm sure you & I have some quality time left to see our favorite NFL team take home a few Lombardi trophies. You & I share some of the same tastes in music as well. Still time to impart some wisdom unto the younguns. Be well my friend. This place is like family. Respect & love in unity.
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