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  1. At 2-4 we do not have the luxury of losing winnable games. Must Win!
  2. Manning, Freeney, TY, Wayne, Freeman, Leonard and Strahan all sewn on
  3. I’m not trying to cause an issue just brought up a possibility.
  4. This may have already been discussed and if it has I apologize but I watched that play over and over again. He got up and celebrated like it was the first time he’s ever scored in his life. Injuries with this kid is just ridiculous
  5. Tennessee right now is a better franchise. Yes they lost to the Jets but they have a much better chance to make the playoffs. Our defense is very suspect and take our Taylor’s long run and our running game was mediocre at best. I hope the Colts go on a run but I am a realist. We too many deficiencies right now.
  6. There’s gonna be a very interesting decision when it comes to Campbell. We all know that he cannot stay healthy. It’s possible we have some kind of congenital condition were perhaps his bones and ligaments aren’t that strong. But if he’s out for the season I wonder what the team is going to do about him
  7. That was scary for a while, thank God the defense caused some turnovers in the office cleaned up nicely. What bothers me is the fact that the zone defense that we’re playing in the passing game is full of deficiencies. We play too far off of peopleAnd we don’t have the personnel to pull that off like better teams do. It was great to finally see a win at home. Here’s to holding over the great points of the game today into San Francisco. Let’s get that win
  8. Without defensive forcing turnovers where would be.
  9. We are 1-4, letting yet another rookie QB look good. Letting Houston come into this building and punch us in the mouth. I love this team and I will not sit quietly while this nonsense goes on week after week
  10. Once again Frank being Frank… let a minute go off the clock before calling our first time out. Allowing Eberflus to run this pathetic scheme.
  11. IF we would have held on and won last week we would be playing tomorrow to go 3-3. Since we didn’t we have to win 3 in a row to get to .500. It’s the little things that separate the good from the mediocre and far we missed so many opportunities to win. I keep hoping we get healthy and catch fire. I hope Reich can tighten up the ranks, call a good game and change to culture back to a winning one. Go Colts
  12. Dude he didn’t even come out of his stance on that field goal that’s not really a mistake that’s a mental blunder and it cost us the game
  13. Glowinski may have had a high game score from PFF but it was his fault that field-goal got blocked. He never came out of his stance. I believe it’s in the contract year and probably not resigned
  14. This is what I found so *ic about Coach Reich on Monday. It’s second down from there 16. Coach knows that our kicker is hurt it has gotten worse is the game got along. I know this is controversial but what I would’ve thought he would’ve done or should have done was try to get a first down for two reasons make it a shorter kick and drain more time off the clock. Coach said he probably would’ve done that differently but In my humble opinion his 20/20 hindsight doesn’t help us. Coach is a smart guy but he makes some of the most boneheaded mistakes and I don’t think he is listening to reason
  15. We also need Reich to learn from his mistakes.
  16. We should’ve taken a chance on Antonio Brown. And according to Ballard we could’ve had Brady but Ballard felt it would be a problem for the fan base. Winning is the only language a fan base knows
  17. THIS Reich strikes again. 1. Coach knew or kicker was hurt and soft. 2. Even though he didn’t try to get a first down. 3. If we threw on 2nd down(screen or other safe pass) It may have worked or not. 4. 3rd down positioned for a field goal (see point 1) If we at least tried to get a first down that would have showed us that coach was paying attention to the facts that were known. This and so much more in this and many other games that Reich gets overwhelmed or lost.
  18. He came off an Achilles injury and not a spring chicken. You have to expect a few bad plays from time to time. Unfortunately Reich was clueless and never made an adjustment.
  19. Then once again I blame Reich for not telling Wentz to give a hard count every now and again. That’s a great way to stop timed rushes
  20. Amen, the team issues all stem from Ballard, Reich et al
  21. Let’s face it mental illness can be very dangerous. I certainly hope this person or persons that did this calm down and get the help they need
  22. First of all Miami is a weak team with a below average QB. The game on Monday night really put a spotlight on the mistakes that coach made. We won in Miami and gave up a 19 point lead late in the third against Baltimore. My issue is that coach cost us the game with a lot of bad decisions. I guarantee he didn’t get a game ball after this game
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