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  1. Just came to see if this was posted. Laugh out loud funny
  2. I haven't been paying as much attention to the rest of the league this year, who would be some of the other frontrunners?
  3. I see quite a few people irked about how little we used Taylor and I totally understand where that is coming from. That said... I think showing we can air it out and win was equally as big a deal is it would have been to give Taylor more of the workshare. Before Cincy our passing games was just not getting it done. This, I hope, gives our passing game life that we can carry into this upcoming difficult stretch. I really hope we can get Pittman back and involved too.
  4. As of now I have us going 9‐7 and even feel like I'm being sort of optimistic. That definitely won't be enough for the division and very likely not enough for a wildcard spot. I hope I'm wrong it's just that I need to see us take these dominant halfs and turn them into full games. We are going to need to beat some great teams 3-4 times from here on out to have a good chance. Less than that and we are in trouble. If we beat the Lions like I think we can manage we might go into the second half of the season with some dejavu at 5-2, but with a chance to lose many after that. If we can beat the Li
  5. It sounds weird to say the solution to the passing game was to just let Rivers loose. I'm so happy to see our passing attack moving well today.
  6. Jacoby as the QB2 isn't a front. If we see any other QBs get plays next, it will be him.
  7. Man, what a tragedy that was. He really looked like the real deal before it fell apart. Glad he has been able to stick around and make some money, though.
  8. Yeah, screw Dan. We almost lost out on getting Luck because of him.
  9. I loved on the Rivers safety Doyle looked like he heard Rivers trying to argue his mistake and be just shakes his head and rolls his eyes. Dumb mistake, had a few dropped INTs as well. What's worst is the dude LOOKED flustered out there. How do you be that much of a vet, have a chance to win and look like you're a scared rookie?
  10. Man, like we knew this was a game we could certainly lose, but the way we lost it just makes me made. I think we were in control of our destiny in the second half and blew it thanks to Rivers makes and not getting that 3rd and 8 run stop. On to next week.
  11. Yep, D has started making stops and giving us opportunities to get back in this, but Rivers is literally throwing the game away.
  12. Man, after playing well all day, Mayfield flipped a switch and has thrown 3-4 bad passes in his last several throws.
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