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  1. First off, excellent write up/side project! Secondly, what's also great about this is that while the results we have here speak for themselves, it is worth mentioning again that this is just his drafts. Through free agency he also brought in Ebron (an impact player), and Glowinski (a great starter); jury is out of Funchess. Thirdly, it can at least be said that this year's draft class has been disappointing thus far. Some have show flashes, but after being spoiled with the likes of Nelson and Leonard, it's disappointing to see no clear impact players. However, I have faith (and that's all I have) that before the year's end, one of these guys will finally start to show a big impact. My money is on Campbell to have a couple big games. As a dark horse (and not this draft class, I know), I still see Caine as a breakout candidate... if and only if we can open up the passing game for Brissett. Longer post than I intended, but I still think we have a lot to be excited about with having Ballard as our GM. Two second rounders (one of them an early one) and a boat load of cap room going into next year with a lot of good DT and WR prospects has me stoked to see this roster continue to get better.
  2. Right. If feels clearly like a statistic made simply to create Willis hype. Rather than someone naturally coming across something more telling.
  3. This. I think we have the potential to shut down their run game, but I think it hardly matters. They have an elite RB catching out of the backfield, and Rivers is fully capable of putting a game on his back by throwing all game. It's going to either come down to if our offense can surprise and out-score, or our pass rush needs to show up big.
  4. 9-7 seems plausible if this defense improves like it seems like it will. We have enough offensive weapons I think to help Brisset score enough points to win lower scoring games from our opponents. Plus, I'm sure the dude is probably even sharper in this offense now than a few years ago.
  5. I'm just giddy. Lol Since we're talking excitement, I'll say Campbell most of all. I think he has the greatest chance of having an early impact. Ya-Sin will probably see the Nickle but mostly develop behind Moore and Desir. And pass rushers rarely make a big impact early. Rookie WRs go off all the time, and he's competing for a pretty winnable WR 3 role behind Hilton and Funchess. Add that logic with his explosiveness and I'm ready to see this dude break a big one for a TD. Not what was asked but who I'm most excited to see overall is actually Marlon Mack. He's not convinced me yet, but truly looked great late in the season and in the playoffs. I want so badly for him to prove he deserves to be our main guy. We are overdue for a big year from an Indy RB.
  6. <----- Should learn to read. lol

  7. Foooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.

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