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  1. I mean, it can go a lot of ways but for goodness sake we went into the offseason with no QB, no LT, no number 1 CB, and no starting DEs. Kind of a rough year to be a GM. We took care of need number 1, QB. It's no guarantee that works out long term but it seems like a smart gamble thus far. We re-signed our CB and we doubled down on young pass rushers/d-lineman. Our depth all around got better imo. But yep. LT is a big question mark still. It's hard to see at this point if the pros outweigh the cons. We won't know for some time and obviously we still have time to upgrade LT.
  2. Offense: Lawrence. It just makes too much sense to bet against. Defense: Parsons I definitely want to say Paye as I imagine he'll have a big role fairly early, but Parsons feels safer.
  3. Did any other teams with major needs at OT also miss out in the draft? Just curious.
  4. Nappa: Ballard, what does the board say about Dayo Odeyingbo? Ballard: He's over 35 1/4!!!!!!!!! *crushes scouter*
  5. Eh well okay. I can see the good and why we would try him. But I had TEs with drop issues.
  6. I don't have any predictions as I'm sure we are now going BPA. But some players I like are: Stone Forsythe- OT Derrick Barnes‐ LB Doente Brown- OG Amon St. RA- WR Dazz Newsome- WR Marquez Stevenson- WR Quentin Morris- TE Tay Gowan- CB Franklin McCaine- CB Oddly there are still some DE and DL guys I wouldn't mind but that would seem overkill at this point but never say never.
  7. If I may chime in... I don't think it's bad at all to question Ballard. He isn't perfect. But I also don't blame anyone for choosing to have some faith and wait this one out. His track record is still more hit than miss and it's not like this offseason is over. I had a very similar reaction with Blackmon last year as I do this year. It’s a little worse this year but I don't feel it's fair to chalk this one down as a true negative just yet.
  8. In fairness we don't actually know that. Most of us don't want it because we don't want to take a potential HoF OG and move him to LT and he take a step back... but we don't know if he actually would. For all we known he could still be a beast and pro-bowler. *shrug*
  9. And they'll both probably be on the roster to start the year. But it's definitely do or die. The rooks are coming. And they're looking to checkmate. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHH
  10. It's just a mixed feeling thing. It's as we say, gotta trust that Ballard and Co have both a plan and really believe in their pick. If both DEs come along big over the next couple years our D will be a monster. And there are still options for LT like Fisher. The downside is that if we don't, then we also likely don't have a 1st round pick next year and we will still have questions at other positions next year. It’s going to be interesting to see what we do now.
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