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  1. You know what... screw it. I'm in. lol Here we go: Trade 1st round pick for Lattimore 49ers part ways with Trent Williams and Colts pounce on that. Colts sign T. Taylor or Fitzmagic to start 2021 and let Eason be groomed fully in a backup role. Draft a DE, or LB in round 2. - Let Rhodes walk obviously - Probably have to let Hilton, and/or Houston walk along with the others we expect to walk like Walker, Hooker, and Mack In all seriousness I am not for this, but I'm surprised that I was able to come up with a quick offseason pl
  2. Lance being there just really isn't that odd to me. In any given year 2-5 QBs tend to go in the 1st. rarely are 4 taken before 21. It's only happened like twice since 2000 and some of the guys those years don't exactly excite you with the power of hindsight. Teams love QBs, but at the same time the evidence doesn't suggest there is really that big of a frenzy for QBs in the first 20 picks as many people seem to think. Just look at the media last year initially. Many people were saying Love would go in the top 20, along with Tua, Herbert and Burrow. He went like 26th and was considered a surpri
  3. I voted Eason though I wouldn't want us to blindly roll with him. It'd be nice to nab a vQB like Fitzpatrick or Taylor with intent to start the veteran and to give Eason a lot of work this off-season. And if there is a QB we like in the draft, take them to compete with Eason. I'm down with Stafford for sure, but I kind of hoped we'd get a franchise guy though in house means. It gives you 4-5 years to grow and retain your top guys before you have to pay a QB big dollars. Bring in someone like Stafford or Prescott and we better hope they take us to the next level quick otherwise we r
  4. I'm still really early into looking into players but conceptually I dig it. My prediction thus far is that Rivers decides to give it one last go and we decide it is best to go another round with him as well. And I believe the team is ready to see what Eason can do and to give him a legit shot at competing for the backup spot. And I see a FA coming in to push him or less likely a rookie to compete with him. (Kind of depends on who is there and what we think of them) If this is all true I think it would be in our best interest to invest hard this offseason into OL and DE and you have
  5. This is such an overreaction. He was clearly only extended in 2019 because we were wining games and we had no plan yet for life after Luck. It made sense at the time and most of us knew that it made very little sense to cut him last off season either as his cap hit was still fairly high, so it was better to have him as a backup who could win some games if needed. His usage in 2019 was fine by me too. It worked out more often than not. He is more mobile than Phil and gives us more options than we had with Phil on 3rd and short. I don't think I would be super surprised if we re-signed him as a b
  6. I just think we need to use our TEs and bigger bodies more. Like MAC is a beast and I can't for the life of me understand why we don't target him more, not just in the redzone. And what about the two shiny new 6ft 4 Wrs we brought in this year? Are they no good in the redzone? Honestly I don't truly know why we failed in the RZ but I would start with thinking we need to play more to our players' strengths.
  7. I love it. And could live with us rolling with Eason or a rookie. Financially it's good for us too. Look forward to seeing your approach to the draft.
  8. Yeah, lots of guys are walking. I think if we aren't re-signing Rivers we are either A. Signing a cheap 1 year tryout QB B. Signing a back and either: 1) letting Eason start 2)drafting a rookie to start. I don't see us going the long term veteran route. It's too risky for the team. The best case scenario for this team right now is to get a great qb on a rookie contract. We we can afford to re-sign our big names and extend our playoff window. Then the rookie contract will buy time for Ballard to draft replacements for extensions we just can't afford.
  9. I dig it minus believing Phillips will be a 1st rounder. Waiting on OT may hurt us but I don't really know this early how we can improve everything anyways. So if we can address any of OT, DE, CB, and LB in the first 3 picks then I am pretty pleased tbh. Probably regardless of order.
  10. Honestly I can live with any of the options. Roll with Rivers again? Sure, I think we can improve still with him as long as he plays as good next year as this year. Acquire a veteran? I have some concerns about some of then but I ultimately could be okay with all of the guys that come to mind. Draft a rookie? We yeah, that'd be awesome if they can become elite. There is no slam dunk I see tbh. Just gonna have to trust Ballard to make us better.
  11. Yeah, the announcers were like, "they need to get this to the outside." I mean... did we really? At the time we had like 14 seconds. Seems enough to go up the middle and spike it. But kind of risky ig
  12. Glad someone else started this. I was thinking of doing a "positive takeaways" thread. Pros -Our young offensive weapons went out with a bang. Taylor, Hines, and Pittman all looked great. -Bucker just is who he is. A real difference maker for this team. He is reasonably the single best player on this roster. If he had an elite pass rusher next to him, hoowee. -defense honestly played quite well against the number two offense. We had a couple killer moments like the freeze up against Diggs and the Turay penalty but I'm mostly proud of how they stepped up in a big ga
  13. Or Blankenship could have made the feelgood. You get my point?
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