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  1. He's among the only 2 QBs I'd comfortably take at 13. But I probably warm up to Tua, and I would try to be optimistic that Love's game could be cleaned up.
  2. Yeah, gotta go with what is sure to be the majority here. We don't even have a franchise QB AND have enough positions to upgrade I don't think we should be losing picks early unless it's for a QB. If Brown and Kinlaw are gone there are still DTs that can help and we can still get a top OT, pass rusher or blue chip WR at 13. The 13th pick ought to be a difference maker pick whether we go for DT or not. Most of us seem to want a DT due to wanting to have dominance in the trenches. But we also know a replacement for Castanso and our WR2 (future wr1) is also very important. So why take picks away?
  3. Yeah, other than Herbert I don't like any of the other QBs enough to take them at 13, so I'm starting to feel I'll be in the camp that would like to see someone like Bridgewater, Rivers, or Carr in a Colts uniform next season. Then we can draft a QB in the second round or later or continue to develop Kelly if we think he can be the guy one day. It's not really my "ideal" offseason persay, but I think it's my top choice right now. I don't want Love at 13 and Herbert will probably be gone. I just think we have enough holes that we can still get better this season and not have our franchise QB in place. I'm not talking about waiting for one to magically show up, I just don't think he's going to be sitting there available at 13 this year. I'd love to be wrong, though. I have no idea what Ballard and Co. are thinking, but as a fan, going for a QB in FA and adding some talent to the roster would keep me content with the team for another season.
  4. Agreed. There are hot seats in Detriot and I don't see how any one of these top players will turn things around. If Washington stays pat at No.2 I expect Miami or someone else to come offering some capital and I think the Lions will be inclined to take the best offer.
  5. He's breaking down the QB situation, not making any final predictions or anything. Not sure what's wrong with that.
  6. I was at the Colts/Chiefs playoff game we won, so I'm biased, but the Superman dive over the goal line after Brown/Ballard(?) fumbled was magic. It didn't even give us the lead, but it was the one where you knew nothing was going to stop us and we were going to win. As a side note. I was so dang proud to be a Colts fan that day. That crowd did NOT give up. They were loud and supportive all game.
  7. I just take it a face value. Which is that he isn't saying he wants Taylor or the othe 3rd stringer to start next season, but that he likes them moving forward. I don't think it's going to prevent them from getting another QB. As far is it being smokescreen? Maybe, but I'm not sure to what end. Hoping teams won't try and trade past them if they choose to stay put? For now I think he's using it more as an explanation for why the Chargers can move on from rivers. More mobility, and he thinks they can win games.
  8. Is it just me or does it seem kind of too far out there that a team would give up a QB and a 1st round pick to save 20mil? Which was only really made viable in this scenario when they presumably needed to make even more cap room for Rivers. All that just to have Rivers over Foles?
  9. I don't really know if he even looked like he declined. He's had both better and worse seasons. He also had one of the worst o-lines in the league last year had a better completion percentage average than Brissett.
  10. Agreed. I really do think we make since. Brissett isn't a starter and we don't look to be able to draft a QB who can start right away. So it'd be nice to get a veteran and still draft someone. With our o-line Rivers could have a couple more good to decent year in him while we develop someone. I just don't see any QB outside of the top 3 in the draft that could start right away.
  11. Seriously, though, I have no idea what I really want us to do this offseason. I see a lot of passionate options and I'm over here like, "I think most of these could work."
  12. I know that other than a few of these guys, you don't see many of us mock a lot of these guys too us, but really BPA is still a thing, and I probably wouldn't be upset if we drafted any of these guys if the team likes them.
  13. I like it, I just think both Wrs will be gone by those selections
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