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  1. Gg Ravens. Fans must be elated. Sucks for us especially with the injuries, but we can't say we didn't have our chances. Bummer.
  2. Yup those 3 straight TDs lol. Doesn't make you feel good
  3. If we can win the toss we can move it down. Let's see
  4. Gonna need a field goal or two. We need to play for more points
  5. Yeah, Braden Smith had a terrible game.
  6. That was my thoughts. Wentz isn't even a guarantee for week 1. Then add in Covid risks and you don't want it to be gameday and find out Wentz can't go and Eason has no backup. I think a lot of teams will have 3 all season again.
  7. Me checking the Gameday thread right when Ehlinger went down:
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