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  1. I'm just giddy. Lol Since we're talking excitement, I'll say Campbell most of all. I think he has the greatest chance of having an early impact. Ya-Sin will probably see the Nickle but mostly develop behind Moore and Desir. And pass rushers rarely make a big impact early. Rookie WRs go off all the time, and he's competing for a pretty winnable WR 3 role behind Hilton and Funchess. Add that logic with his explosiveness and I'm ready to see this dude break a big one for a TD. Not what was asked but who I'm most excited to see overall is actually Marlon Mack. He's not convinced me yet, but truly looked great late in the season and in the playoffs. I want so badly for him to prove he deserves to be our main guy. We are overdue for a big year from an Indy RB.
  2. I'm fairly sold on the Browns tbh. They looked good by the end of last season, not just on paper. Now add that, on paper, they got better, then I think they could be a real contender for their division, and wildcard at the least. But as a disclaimer I do think we are the clear favorites to breakout big this next season. We didn't get worse at all through FA, arguably got a bit deeper and still have a full draft ahead. I'm pretty stoked.
  3. Oh yeah. We're on the long road now, but plenty to look forward to. Homefield and byes matter. I hope we can run up the wins next season and clinch the top seed. I think we can.
  4. Was there for that one too. What a memory! The stadium was electric! The crowd never gave up hope.
  5. Seriously, I'm so giddy. This was the path I was hoping for. The Steelers have their issues, but they are probably still the top team I wouldn't want to play Wildcard weekend.
  6. Another winning season for the Colts! Still one more game, but I can't believe how far we have come; we need no more help, just need a win.
  7. Most Likely DROTY- Darrius Leonard CPOTY- Andrew Luck Less Than 30 Percent Chance COTY- Frank Reich EOTY- Chris Ballard Longshots OROTY- Quentin Nelson Congrats to our team for all the considerations we are receiving, but nothing is a shoe in.
  8. Titan up!? More like Titans down... by 28 points.
  9. Same as others have said. I have not been, but most people rave about it. Seems like a good time. Enjoy the game!
  10. Uhhhhh... Are you sure? I mean... have you tried? Have you put your name out there. Is there an application process you tried? Maybe it's not that hard. Haha
  11. Rating? Incomplete. I have no idea what this team looks like healthy. Luck looks awesome, though. The defense is a pleasant surprise. Many of the young guys on both sides can play.
  12. My think with Bell is that we better get him as a FA... please don't use a pick to trade for him this year. As much as I love playmakers like him, I would love to risk just seeing if he makes it to FA and pay him the big bucks there.
  13. Came to say this. Hilton usually has a few monster games a year. And 1 or both of them are against the Texans. xD.
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