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  1. Emotionally I'd say Mack because he is the one of the three mentioned that I think has proved the most and is starter-worthy in this league. I totally understand the Taylor pick in how it benefits our offense and even Mack to an extent, but it probably hurts his chances at a more lucrative contract if he even gets one at all after this season. Brissett got a decent contract in the form of a 'we believe in you now prove it' deal, is still making that money this year and had his chance, so the team owes him nothing. Hooker is getting a deal he deserves, meaning he certainly hasn't earned a big contract and he's maybe not even done enough to convince anyone we want him to be our starter long term. So he's going to get a chance to prove it this year. And fully agree with how the team is approaching this.
  2. For what it's worth, I read the tweets and I don't get the vibe they were trashing her. She did take it that way though, which makes me feel bad for her. She said it came in the mail and they were stating it looked fake, as in that there might be a concern that she unknowingly purchased a fake. Though someone did insult her flooring lol. Regardless, cool on Pittman for his intention here!
  3. Yeah, one article isn't going to convince me Hooker doesn't need to improve or we need to move on. PFF, the same people who made this, gave him a grade of 69.5 ... I'd say there's still room for improvement or an upgrade if needed. Don't get the wrong idea, I'd always wish for a player to improve before sending him away, just stating that this doesn't change the fact that he has issues.
  4. I chose Pittman for the first one because it says "career". For now I think Taylor may end up being the better player, but he is a RB and he may not be able to have a better career than his WR teammate. For the second I chose Julian Backmon. 10 TDs is a LOT to expect out of a rookie WR IMO even if his size makes him a red zone threat. 1000k yards as a rookie is not unheard of for rookie RBs, but he'll be splitting with Mack so I feel iffy on that one. Eason is probably the 3rd stringer so barring injuries, it's not likely he starts. So that leaves Blackmon taking the Hooker role. It wouldn't be immediate, but I wouldn't find it too far fetched. Blackmon already looks more polished to me than Hooker did coming out, he just may not have that "ball hawk" label Hooker had and hasn't perhaps lived up to. But he could be a big help in the run game and as long as he's good in coverage too, he could take the job by year's end. This was a good question though. I think all of those scenarios are unlikely so it was fun to speculate which was most likely.
  5. My point has little to do with what Reich said. My point is that I don't think anyone will sign Chad Kelly. They'd be signing them to their roster. It's either more likely we retain him on the PS or do not retain him at all. That's IF Eason wins the 3rd spot over him, which I'm just assuming he will.
  6. I find it very unlikely a team signs Kelly off our practice squad. If we want to run 3 QBs and keep Kelly on the PS we probably can.
  7. Ah, nice. I hadn't even thought about Burton for this category, but if he remains healthy you could be right. Definitely a good candidate to have a big year.
  8. I'd say no because he'd scare children, but then again he's been a menace to kids for some time. Haha
  9. Welcome back! Good to hear you're you're back at it!
  10. Who do you think will have the biggest breakout year from a non-rookie? For now I'm going to say Ben Banogu. Rewatching some moments of last season has me really optimistic on the guy. As an additional note I wish I could say Okereke, but he'll probably still have a backup role, but wow, the kid really flashes some high end potential.
  11. Easily Walker for me, he's a real producer and definitely lives in The Maniacs shadow. Then yeah, probably Smith after that. Also Hines. It's not that he doesn't get love, he does, but I still think sometimes I don't appreciate how solid he's been on the outside, catching balls out of the backfield, and helping on ST.
  12. I was kind of miffed at first when reading it then saw that of the top teams who got a lucky break most of them were still rather bad all decade long. Lol
  13. I'm honestly pretty optimistic about both Turay and Banogu. One or both of those guys could have a break out year this year.
  14. Yep and yep. Let's hope!
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