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  1. Gg Ravens. Fans must be elated. Sucks for us especially with the injuries, but we can't say we didn't have our chances. Bummer.
  2. Yup those 3 straight TDs lol. Doesn't make you feel good
  3. If we can win the toss we can move it down. Let's see
  4. Gonna need a field goal or two. We need to play for more points
  5. Yeah, Braden Smith had a terrible game.
  6. That was my thoughts. Wentz isn't even a guarantee for week 1. Then add in Covid risks and you don't want it to be gameday and find out Wentz can't go and Eason has no backup. I think a lot of teams will have 3 all season again.
  7. Me checking the Gameday thread right when Ehlinger went down:
  8. Yeah, I'm not a cable person since if I want to watch a show I use a streaming service. For my football needs I either, go to a bar and watch a game, watch a game on mobile devices through either NFL mobile or Yahoo Sports (free), and then I have Game Pass to re-watch games, or to watch if I missed it. I also have Siruis XM to listen if need be.
  9. Yeah, too many question marks to be ranked that high. Tons of upside, but we need to prove we can cover and rush more consistently first. Without looking deep at others teams I feel 6-8 seems more reasonable because we do have some stars on D.
  10. I think it's a very small minority of people who may think that. I've personally only seen one or two people imply it and one was clearly in jest.
  11. Right, I'm pretty sure Ballard or Reich admitted they had an OT that they would have taken that went right before us at 54. My guess is Radunz. It is what it is. We probably went in hoping we could address both LT and DE but knew we would need some fortune to get both. I personally still think the Fischer pick-up could be a nice move. Long-term I have little qualms at all. We got two young DE/DTs with a ton of promise and we needed it. Short-term this is a bit scary. But let's not forget that they don't have all-pro Nelson over there to help out either.
  12. I don't know if we want to trade a guy if he's playing really well. Wentz is no sure thing to either reach his potential or stay healthy. ... but I probably wouldn't be too mad if it was a sweet offer lol
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