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  1. Clearly you weren't watching the game game. Leonard also prevented a two point conversation. He also makes plays against everyone. He forced a turnover versus the Chiefs in the playoffs unfortunately the offense turned it back over.
  2. Banagou miss is huge hopefully Paye and Dayo are as good as leonard
  3. Did anyone watch their game versus Chiefs. Trying to figure out why they didn't score in second half. Also how much have they changed since first matchup.
  4. Just be glad he didn't trade for Golf he is first QB in NFL history to lose first 7 starts on two different teams
  5. Very physical like Julio Jones
  6. Maybe we can draft another Pittman in the second round in the draft
  7. Yea if we lose titans game we will be fighting for the wild card
  8. Hopefully they got Taylor out to protect him from injury
  9. Not happy considering they just scored a td
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