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  1. What do you believe is the source of the slow starts and how can they be fixed
  2. They may hold him out til first playoff game
  3. Shouldn't using the shotgun make taylor hit the hole at full speed versustaking the ball directly under center. I wonder how henry gets most his carries
  4. They were nothing without him 2-14 lol
  5. If taylor runs like he did at Wisconsin we could beat kc, but can't without a good rg
  6. Now time to use him like henry
  7. They are nothing without henry
  8. Defense could still be better. Needs to hold Henry to 3 yards a carry
  9. 2007 had number 1 defense. Choked against chargers
  10. No ravens become 7th if they beat Steelers.
  11. Titans cloned their Lt and put different numbers on each one hence why there is no drop of in play
  12. It didn't happen to tannehill. They let go of a Lt got two sent to ir and the still not skipping a beat
  13. Touches droid help us Jacob Eason you're our only hope
  14. Ravens Steelers we are no longer 7th seed
  15. Cokts win out and titans lise two is our only legit chance at division. Might not be a preseason
  16. I disagree we need to finish 11-5to be safe. Even if we lose to steers we need to beat raiders texans and jaqs to get in. Beating the Steelers doesn't seem likely, but if they are still undefeated at the point they could be overconfident and drop one.
  17. On d the biggest problem is elite pass rusher, need another good corner, and more depth along dline. On offense need depth along oline especially at Lt and rt. An elite wr, younger qb, better te
  18. How will we fix the Lt situation with constanzo out
  19. Texans don't have a good rb. If we can't stop run against them then can't stop it versus nobody
  20. I don't care about that. We need to win our games so we can see tgem in playoffs
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