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  1. May need another veteran de. I prefer we address oline in the first
  2. If rivers can't go that's who they'd start. Doesn't matter as long as they can step into theows and aren't limiting offense
  3. Campbell is hurt and Pittman just came back from injury. Pascal clearly isn't number 2 worthy.
  4. It's all about commitment to veterans and the contract with this staff. Look how long it took to sit vinatieri
  5. No team was trading for Brissett with that contract. Brissett is the backup because of the contract
  6. Im saying I hope it isn't so bad that he goes out and plays bad all five games and they keep trotting him out there
  7. Any qb that can step into throws is better than one who can't. Assuming he can't do to injury
  8. We'll see how he plays sunday. If it is truely bad then we may lose all five games
  9. Not an injured rivers that can't step into his throws. Pretty sure Eason is better than that Rivers
  10. We don't know if he is better than Eason as Eason has not been given a shot yet
  11. That is funny never realized henry was that tall. Pittman could have been a running back to. Only one inch taller.
  12. What do you believe is the source of the slow starts and how can they be fixed
  13. They may hold him out til first playoff game
  14. Shouldn't using the shotgun make taylor hit the hole at full speed versustaking the ball directly under center. I wonder how henry gets most his carries
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