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  1. I feel sorry for him too. I know some have been critical of Ballard bc of the receivers picked after him. I think he has all the talent to be a star player, too bad injuries are looking to derail his career. If healthy I really think he could be better than TY but we may never know.
  2. The Colts let two games slip through their fingers with the Rams and Ravens. It will ultimately cost them a playoff spot. I will bet up to 5 people a $10 Starbucks gift card the Colts will not make the playoffs this year. We will see a nice improvement and Wentz and our WRs will have a great year and prove they are the future. Anyone want in on this? If not allowed my apologies. I think we have a good team but play calling has cost this team this year. Sucks bc I thought we would win the division.
  3. I’ve been saying we were an average fringe playoff team for the last 4-5yrs. We are 4 players and competent coaching away from being considered favorites to win the division. Sadly, we are entering the beginning of the decline of the OL and no skill players outside of JT to carry the team. This roster isn’t deep, they just don’t suck and lack game changers.
  4. Probably more to do with him knowing the Titans are a better team. Colts are starting their 5th QB in 4yrs and the Titans have a legit shot to make it to the Super Bowl.
  5. I still think they can do it but honestly I only see 6 wins in all of those. Now they may get healthy and come on strong so anything is possible.
  6. I realize this but I think we both know they will drop down after Baltimore. I just didn’t want to say Colts suck and can only beat bad teams.
  7. Looks like we are trending in the right direction!!
  8. Fisher doesn’t work out needs to happen first. Up until now all the scenarios have been Fisher moving to right tackle. I would search the trade market before the draft. Might be someone that we could get to fill the spot. All of my points are being made on what I believe will happen. Not what I want to happen. I don’t think it’s smart to pay guards 20mil a year but I also don’t believe you ever let a future HOF player walk if they are still playing at a high level for years to come. Except very few scenarios, I also don’t think you move star players positions. CB to safety is one that happens, outside WRs moving to the slot and normally it’s OTs moving inside to guard. I’m not saying it’s not possible for Q to move outside, I just don’t think it’s a good idea considering his reluctance and their are a lot of other avenues we can explore first.
  9. I get the line is getting expensive. That’s how it goes when you put together a talented bunch. The issue is they need to get healthy. If the line was playing at their previous top 5 form no one would be considering shuffling positions and salary cap ramifications would be justified by most. Most concerns will all go away once they are healthy. RG will be filled with either a cheaper FA or player already on rookie contract and LT will be eventually filled thru the draft. Once those players are ready for their second contracts I expect we will move on from Kelly, Smith and or Nelson and the cycle will continue. This is all temporary and it will work itself out
  10. I would trade Q before I would move him to OT and shuffle the rest of the line. These guys(with castonzo) played 20 straight games together and no one complained. They were consistently ranked in the top 5 and the strength of the team. Someone mentioned complacency. Here is another C word: continuity. That is the number one thing OLs try to have. They require the most time together bc they have to work as a unit. Wanting to switch 4 of 5 positions of a group that has been top 5 is nothing more than a knee jerk reaction. The OL is hurt. Give them time to heal and it will fix itself.
  11. It is a tough schedule. Team has it’s work cut out for them. I think they can do it but everyone from the head coach to the last man on the PS needs to play better. Great win today and hopefully the start of a good winning streak.
  12. Ok, that looks good. Always been a huge fan of Kurt Warner and his story.
  13. Mighty Ducks was a huge film when I was a kid. Does Karate Kid count as a sport movie?
  14. Reminds of that guy with the project Camaro that is always being worked on. He talks non stop about how fast it will be but truthfully it doesn’t even run. He should be finishing the engine, brakes and suspension but instead is putting a killer sound system in it and tinting the windows.
  15. Never thought it was a good signing but if it nets us any kind of pick it was worth it.
  16. Trade down and take BPA at WR, OL, DB or DL
  17. Ballard is average, Reich is average, the Colts are average. Been saying this for a couple years...this is a fringe playoff team when everyone is healthy. Capable of going on a winning streak that takes us into the playoffs, also a losing streak to legitimate playoff teams. We haven’t been blown out these first three games against good teams which is a bit of a silver lining. We will look better against worse competition as the season goes along. Just good enough Reich and Ballard will be ok. I honestly do not like our coaching staff. Reich is not a good coach but he isn’t a bad one. Just average like the rest of the staff. We will ride this year out, make a coordinator change next year and a few position coaches then get similar results. Everybody better buckle up bc we have two years of this before Reich is shown the door. Wentz will be kept on by the new coach to bridge the transition to a new QB and we will start the next rebuild but this time without a bare roster bc some talent is here.
  18. I think we are playing well on both sides of the ball.
  19. To those saying Wentz needs to learn to throw the ball away. I believe East Street broke down some stats and one of them said he is 3rd in throwaways. I may be misinterpreting that stat and it’s the 3rd least but I think you can only sacrifice plays so many times. Eventually you just have to stand in there and take the hit. Wentz was hurt on a weird tackle. It happens.
  20. A lot has happened since I sat down for dinner.
  21. I think the OL will work itself out. It’s injured and that takes time. Pass rush is the key. I said in another thread Ballard has used two 1st and four 2nds on the DL. Those players need to produce 30 sacks a year and a bunch of hurries to justify the cost. Buckner is a hit. Paye gets some time but I’m betting he is solid and good for 7-10 sacks a year as he develops. Hopefully Deyo is starter material Bc the other guys, not expecting much.
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