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  1. Kenny can blitz effectively if he can anticipate the cadence better, your reference to the lack of talent on the D overall is ludicrous. We have 3 top tier players and D Buck in my opinion is the key to our entire system. He admits his game needs to improve urgently and become a true game wrecker for us. Your contrarian views are comical.
  2. Please someone wake me up from this nightmare
  3. I feel numb, that’s as tough of a loss that we have suffered in my lifetime
  4. Would we win if Braden, Q, TY, Kwity we’re playing. Would we win if our team had a preseason? Not one person gives us a shot!!! Believe!!! Go blue!!!
  5. Would we win if Braden, Q, TY, Kwity we’re playing. Would we win if our team had a preseason? Not one person gives us a shot!!! Believe!!! Go blue!!!
  6. I shook Don Shinnick’s hand and the rest was history. Been a die hard Colt’s fan for 55 years. Was in Memorial stadium for the very last Colts game and the announced attendance was 27,000 fans. Lived in Northern Virginia and despised the Redskins. Since then, we raised 5 boys all Colts fans and they certainly grew up in the Glory Days with Peyton. I will go wherever the Horseshoe goes, I love Maryland Crab, but walking into the RCA dome or Lucas Oil is a thrill. We Are “Indianapolis”! Greatest game ever was when we won the Super Bowl in Miami and I was there in the Rain, it felt like champagne falling from the skies!
  7. We are 7 point dogs to the Ravens, let’s get some players back this week. Braden and Willis would help.
  8. Big win and it puts us right in the thick of it. Titans will not get away from anyone, Tannehill is getting clobbered weekly, that is not sustainable for him. I’m hoping Jack can become more a part of the offense as I believe it makes Carson more dangerous with the use of the T.E. Group. Overall, Sandejo held up well at safety and loved Dulin’s special teams efforts. Best guess on TY return??
  9. Today is the day we win! I think Parris has some big shots and we have 3 takeaways. Go Blue!!! Hoping for Jets Budweiser upset!!!
  10. Carson is going to launch today, guaranteed 3 plus bombs today to take advantage of the One on ones
  11. Not looking forward to the Jacoby love fest from out Defense today. Any word on Dayo? Has Grover made enough plays this year? Leonard will finally have a great game today and then take a few games off is my prediction.
  12. Any who! Between the elitist discussion going on in this thread, The Maniac is not 100%, his performance is not at an All pro standard though 3 games. Right now, he fights through it, or the Docs put him on the shelf. I’ve watched 2 live games, Seattle and Tennessee, he was half the linebacker I have watched in the past 3 years. Focus your wayward attention on ankle size and what not. I still love his desire to prove us wrong
  13. Only in agreement about your All pro comment.
  14. You are right. Maybe he should take a few games off, get healthy and come back and be the All pro he can be
  15. Injuryanapolis! Darius has underperformed period. Has there been a year he played every game? Seems like he has more than a Chip on his shoulder. 3 tackles last week. Unacceptable performance
  16. Heading to Nash-Vegas for the game. Take in Vandy/Georgia, no reason, just to go see the number 2 team in the land. Maybe have a Dayo sighting! Get up early Sunday, bought 2 seats on the 50 for 80 a piece with fees. Put on my Edgerrin travel team Jersey and hope for the best. I’m going in with the idea that we have played 2 really good football teams without key players and some playing at 75%. I think the road confines will treat us well! Hot Rod wins it for us late!
  17. All game long, we didn’t hear a thing about Jalen Ramsey, meaning we stayed away from the entire game. Do you think Frank might have advised Jacob to not throw near him? No, the first 2 passes he throws are towards the best corner in football??? The dropped pass to Pittman was s perfectly thrown ball. I really want to stay with Jacob, win or lose.
  18. Devastating win by the Titans! Why do I love this team??? They never love me back. Ughhh. We are cursed
  19. 2200 views on this topic, certainly upper brass of both the Colts and Lucas Oil communications team will provide clarity. I was there on Sunday, it mentioned unruly patrons/Language/nothing about standing. Interested to see if those attending this week see something different. We need the 12th man every game!
  20. Been saying this to my family during training camp, this was the strangest camp I’ve seen and it’s possible we start out 0-2, let’s plan on going To Nashville where both teams could be possibly winless, which makes that game the one we have to win! Still believing! Go blue
  21. I’ve had more fun on this thread then any others that I have been watching on this terrific site for years. We all have met this person in our lifetime who I won’t name, but I do not consider this person grounded regardless if they have posted a million times. This person attacks with their covert delusional pontification, they will have to get the last word in, because it’s his or Her makeup, guaranteed! The classic statement was the part of offending the poor child that is being blocked by this persons occasional fake appearance of being a Colts fan. Good grief, life is short, please change your affiliation to a new team. We read at Hello!
  22. As this discussion continues with obviously highly analytical bright people, here is the fact. I was there, the stadium was not full. I would guesstimate that there were between 5k Seahawks fans. I know the noise level was appropriate for most critical defensive situations. I got home, watched the game and saw when the camera focused on the crowd, 75% were standing in those Kodak moments. I glance at those sitting and for most of them, they clearly look focused on eating their double cheeseburgers. Perfectly fine, to use words like stupid and laugh at others is a smart person speaking without having the other skill set in life, horse and common sense. To the true Colt fans, rise up when the defense needs you, fear not that the person behind doesn’t like to see your backside, they probably could use the exercise themselves.
  23. I actually like that guy, he has every right to do it. He pays his money, stand up and be loud, whenever he wants. I tend to laugh at people with that opinion and if rising out of that seat is so challenging, let that group stay at home and display there “Self Control”
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