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  1. ColtsLegacy

    What does Cox do better that Swoope?

    P.S... If this was to subtle, the answer is block, you blockhead.
  2. ColtsLegacy


    False. He bobbled it but was able to get it down just fine. Don't deflect the blame.
  3. ColtsLegacy

    Travis Kelce in pass protection

    Why? Kelce still sucks in pass pro.
  4. ColtsLegacy

    Hooker OUT

  5. ColtsLegacy

    JJ Wilcox

    He is no Ryan Grant.
  6. ColtsLegacy


    Silly and strange is correct. You aren't flipping a coin here. Past success or failures have zero to do with this game. There's no such thing as being "due".
  7. ColtsLegacy

    Chris Ballard Draft Selections w/ Chiefs

    Why would I be pumped for the offseason? We are in the midst of the postseason right now. That's what gets me pumped, not the damn offseason.
  8. ColtsLegacy

    Geathers - Smith

    Mike, most of us (media/fans/world) made that observation of Luck about 9 years ago, buddy.
  9. ColtsLegacy

    Colts 2019 WR's

    He is a pretty terrible returner.
  10. ColtsLegacy

    Colts ran for 200 yards

    Glow? He isn't sticking around for backup money, nor should he. He played very well vs. Titans despite the penalties (see stampede blue article on his Titans game).
  11. ColtsLegacy

    Colts ran for 200 yards

    Yeah, but, is it good to know, though?
  12. ColtsLegacy


    Hairston? When was the last time he took a defensive snap? He may not be around next year.
  13. ColtsLegacy

    Colts ran for 200 yards

    Possibly, but do you really want to move him to guard after how well he is playing at arguably a more important and more difficult position? And just look at him (now look at Nelson and Glow), he's built like a tackle and he's playing like one.
  14. ColtsLegacy

    Kenny Moore

    That's because most of these posts are from Dec 10.
  15. ColtsLegacy

    Colts ran for 200 yards

    If by some crazy circumstance Glow isn't here next year, Smith is still 100% our RT. He's been phenomenal there.