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  1. Most teams would kill for Hines as their #2 back and unless you have Kareem Hunt at #2, then a back like JT is not sitting out drives. You can't afford to take your best weapon off the field for a good (or worse) backup. We all thought Wilkins was a decent backup. When was the last time he had a touch? Hint: It correlates with JT becoming elite. Backs generally burn out/slow down in late 20s regardless of touches. That's just the name of the game for backs, unfortunately. Get the most out of them while you can.
  2. No. When you have a RB of that caliber he takes the load (Henry, Zeke, Cook, CMC, Jones, etc). WR is a completely different animal.
  3. The young Gore was certainly faster but he ran a 4.58 40 and he played like someone who runs a 4.58.
  4. Frank Gore never had that top end speed and home run ability. I think he's more similar to Nick Chubb with more speed.
  5. He still is the weak link. That doesn't mean he is bad, he's just amongst a bunch of strong links.
  6. TY did not run the wrong route. It was a scramble drill at that point, TY settled down in the zone and Brissett wanted him to keep moving back to his left. Simple miscommunication from two guys who have not practiced together much.
  7. https://www.profootballnetwork.com/top-wide-receivers-via-offensive-value-metric-week-13-2020/ 1) Michael Pittman Jr., Indianapolis Colts: 47.69 (46 YDS, 0 TD) The Colts edged out a win over the Houston Texans on Sunday, pulling them into a tie for the AFC South lead. Rookie Michael Pittman Jr. was a crucial contributor to their victory. Although his box score statistics don’t seem all that impressive, his play earned him his best grade of the season by more than 10 points. Looking at his advanced metrics, Michael Pittman Jr. was one of two wide receivers this week
  8. 65.0 coverage grade which is OK but not great.
  9. Hines is the #1 receiving RB with a 92.2 grade. 1.5 higher than Kamara and 17 points higher than CMC.
  10. Poor Clark, he isn't <45 and yet he still is red.
  11. Outside of catch % or inflated yards due to plays like his wide open TD this Sunday, they are not close. JT does not have the agility or suddenness to run the route tree that Hines does. Don't get me wrong, I love how well JT has caught the ball, but catching the ball is one part of being a receiver. Hines is on the CMC, Kamara light level out of the backfield. JT will catch a swing pass or short dumpoff but he is not spreading out and running the route tree that Hines does. No competition and I can't believe this is a conversation. Edit: This is not a knock on JT, but more praise
  12. It's not worth your time. According to their line of reasoning, JT is a better receiver than Alvin Kamara and CMC since he has a higher catch %. Apparently taking into account the routes run, targets, and skill sets is not a fair thing to do.
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