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  1. ColtsLegacy

    The Defense....and the Jags

    Very much overrated. Grigson would trade 2 firsts for him.
  2. ColtsLegacy

    Refs blew the call

    I often carry a football on top of my forearm. It's the most secure way. P.S. If it's not clear, I'm making a joke. You're wrong.
  3. ColtsLegacy

    Top Rated Rookie LB's (Mid Season)

    How much film have you watched of LVE?
  4. ColtsLegacy

    Top Rated Rookie LB's (Mid Season)

    That's not accurate.
  5. ColtsLegacy

    Holder on Lewis

    "Pretty good" lol. Two excellent starting lineman, possible super star LB, and that's just the first 3 picks. Lewis can never step on the field and this draft class is still so beyond "pretty good".
  6. ColtsLegacy

    Antonio Garcia - OT

    You didn't have the heart due to all of your blood colts.
  7. ColtsLegacy

    Marlon Mack / Le'Veon Bell

    I could, but that would be wrong. Mack's drops this year have resulted from him looking upfield before he made the catch. That is lack of concentration. It appears to me that you're grasping at straws in order to find something to knock Mack for. Lol... as I said.
  8. ColtsLegacy

    Marlon Mack / Le'Veon Bell

    Mack's hands are fine, his drops have been largely concentration issues. Mack has the ability to take every catch he makes for a TD, so... no, don't stop throwing to him. That would be stupid.
  9. ColtsLegacy

    Marlon Mack / Le'Veon Bell

    How's that? Mack is faster than Bell.
  10. ColtsLegacy


    When Swoope gets back, I expect 5 TE sets all day.
  11. ColtsLegacy

    Colts @ Raiders Game Day Thread

    The "bend but don't break" did not exist today. All they did was break (see: no FGs/red zone stops) until those last two drives.
  12. ColtsLegacy

    Colts @ Raiders Game Day Thread

    Who the hell is saying otherwise?
  13. ColtsLegacy

    Quenton Nelson or Darius Leonard

  14. ColtsLegacy

    Mike Mitchell Honored

    Mike Adams-esque signing.