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  1. Hold your horses on this "future signal caller" stuff.
  2. Quick, trade Hooker for five 7th round picks.
  3. Maybe to get more picks... Ballard is about to draft likely UDFAs here. Why not get more picks?
  4. JB is ineligible for the practice squad. Eason would be impossible to keep on the practice squad.
  5. That's fair, I just do not like him. Feels like we are collecting mediocre QBs (after Rivers).
  6. Does this count as "forcing" it as Ballard advised, multiple times, we would not do?
  7. Prediction: Chad Kelly out plays him in camp and preseason and then still gets cut.
  8. Took a really long time to make that pick too. Wish they took longer and just missed the pick
  9. Taking our time. Guys they were looking at must have gone of the board.
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