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  1. https://www.pff.com/news/pro-pff-refocused-nfl-preseason-week-1-buffalo-bills-24-indianapolis-colts-16
  2. It looks like you need preseason gamepass.
  3. ColtsLegacy

    TC Day 4

    A 6th CB would never see the field. 6th CB would be inactive on gameday, unless he's a special teamer.
  4. ColtsLegacy

    TC Day 4

    Remember, this is real world, not Madden. All gunners are not created the same.
  5. I think I'd call that Ryan Kelly's "best Samson Satelle impression" rather than his "best play". If Luck doesn't step up, Kelly's guy gets a sack there. Way too much penetration, way too quickly. For example, observe Mewhort and Castonzo on the same play. Both have far superior blocks and dominate their defenders from the snap.
  6. This code is going to take more scientists than Chernobyl to crack.
  7. Defense is usually ahead of Offense at this point in offseason, especially when your star QB is out.
  8. McCoy checks all the boxes for this team, Suh does not. If/when McCoy gets released I'd be shocked if Ballard doesn't take a good long look at him.
  9. He looks dominant and that's what you want to see from a player at that level of competition. His get off, quickness, and pocket pushing ability are evident. Also, his hand fighting is better than most at his level/age. All this from a short highlight film. I'll have to try and find actual game film to better evaluate. Good luck, big fella. Looking forward to camp.
  10. Again, you said he was small like Eric Foster, which pretty clearly implies lack of LBs. Alas, it is hard just to admit "I was wrong." Let us move on.
  11. Oh boy. Feels like you're changing your narrative now. The player you compared him to is 6'2 265, so clearly you were referencing weight. No one every complained about Foster's height; yet, basically, everyone complained about his weight. More weight on a shorter frame means you have a thicker frame (in general). He is not a small guy.
  12. Err, no. Grover Stewart 64 333 Margus Hunt 68 298 Sterlin Shipley 511 295 Johnny Robinson 6 292 Jihad Ward 65 290 Jordan Thompson 62 284 How is he small compared to the rest? Grover is an outlier and Hunt is 3 pounds heavier on an 9 inch taller frame; therefore, he's actually one of our biggest interior lineman. Sorry, Charlie. Heck, I didn't even add Autry and Lewis who, in fact, compare much more favorably to Eric Foster (build wise).
  13. lol... let's look at the size of the DT on this team, shall we? Grover Stewart 64 333 Margus Hunt 68 298 Sterlin Shipley 511 295 Johnny Robinson 6 292 Jihad Ward 65 290 Jordan Thompson 62 284 .... Eric Foster 62 265 Would you like to withdraw your comment?
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