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  1. Well, it was about 75% yesterday and that's normal for the fins. So, I'm not exactly sure where they get those numbers (possibly sold tickets and not butts in the seat). However, their other home game was vs the Bills, so that probably did sell out thanks to Bills fans.
  2. No, they don't. I'm not sure where you're getting your info, but they have a track record of having a pretty empty stadium. The Hurricanes play in the same stadium and have the same issue.
  3. Dumbest thing today was the 4th down go for it prior to the half. It worked but we still needed to go like 50 yards in a minute to get in FG range... If that had failed, people would be talking... That was just really, really dumb and ill-advised. Otherwise, winning obviously helps, but I think this was clearly the best called game with a good balance (especially in 2nd half). Red zone offense is still awful though. Please just throw to Mo on every down in redzone. It literally could not be worse than what we are doing currently.
  4. I'm pretty sure everyone/team would love to have the best TEs in football...
  5. Most people in South Florida are fans of other teams, especially with NFL. It's like 20% Dolphins, 80% other teams. It's a weird melting pot. I also heard that Dolphins have the cheapest NFL tickets.
  6. They're terrible, let's just say Peyton would have to put a lot of work into whipping them into shape. When Colts were on defense I started "Let's go Dolphins" chants in order to get the Phins fans chanting and noisy.
  7. "Throw it to Mo!" is pretty much my go to chant, yell, cry, etc. I was at the game and yelling it like crazy pre-snap on his 2nd TD. The only other TE as physically imposing as MAC is Gronk. I'm not saying he's Gronk, but he should be used in similar ways... Throw it to Mo!
  8. It was Khari Willis not Kenny Moore, and I agree that was an absolute bogus call. Horrible and inexcusable call. As for the punt, It was roughing the kicker, not running into, and Franklin hit the kickers plant leg. The call was correct. And yes, you have to weigh getting the block vs missing and hitting the punter. That's why best case you come at a bit of an angle so if you miss the ball you also miss the punter. BTW, Franklin sucked yesterday. He gave up the TD earlier when he decided to play man coverage on his own. As to the face guarding no call. I blame Pascal partially, for the no call. Had he jumped or moved into the defender, that is absolutely called but since he didn't the defender only made a little contact and that's why it wasn't called. It still should have been called but Pascal could have made it a no brainer. Pascal flopped all day trying to get defensive holding calls (meanwhile, selling out his QB while he flopped on the ground), so he should be aware enough to draw that face guarding call.
  9. This guy has Bob Sanders' body without the talent.
  10. He should have been inactive today due to having no special teams value.
  11. I doubt that's the case. I would like to think he came in here with the mentality that he was going to win the job. Not "hey, when I lose, please cut me before..."
  12. Even just a 7th round pick would have been good value for a camp kicker.
  13. I don't think it was sarcasm. If it was, it was poorly played.
  14. This was shasta's last sentence: "TBH, I am a bit surprised by this tweet from Zak." That clearly implies that he believes Zak was being biased, not that he was just making a counterpoint. Also, shasta can speak for himself. PS. Wentzszn is hugely biased. lol but I also see a lot of bias for Sam, who I believe is clearly the inferior product (is that me being biased? Oh no!).
  15. I don't want to see him winning via twist or stunts, I want to see him beat someone/anyone straight up in a game. Then rinse and repeat.
  16. He didn't seem to sniff the backfield vs the Panthers backups.
  17. How exactly is what he said "biased"? He said both played well but Eason had the best throw of the day to Strachan (which everyone seems to agree on). Check He said that Pascal fell down on the Eason INT. That's a fact reported by multiple different sources. Check He said Ehlinger threw mostly short passes... Ok, he most likely did. Lordy lordy. Edit: Wait... he did not even mention Eason's rushing TD!? How disappointing. He clearly HATES Eason. If you read that tweet as biased, I'd argue the only one being biased here is you.
  18. Well to be fairer, Colts were playing their 2nd string offense (o-line included).
  19. I agree. I'm not knocking him. I think Eason was great today.
  20. You know who has IT factor? Minshew... lol, sorry.
  21. That's obviously an over-simplification. QBs need to put the ball in the right spot to help their receivers. I know that was more of a joke. The point is, he is a replaceable player who's ceiling is mediocre, like Minshew. Again, this is my opinion. People want him to be Drew Brees, and so do I, but he's more likely to be a Minshew or a less than Minshew.
  22. Yes and no, a few of those he put in poor positions/too much heat. They should/could have been caught but he should have made them easier to haul in.
  23. I agree, I think Ehlinger looked decent against guys who will be on the street soon. I also think Ehlinger could have baked a cake in the pocket most of the half (Eason, not so much). Eason had about 4-5 throws that made me go "wow". Ehlinger made some good, accurate throws, but nothing "wow" worthy in my mind. And, Ehlinger lack of arm was evident. I stated it before, Ehlinger is like Minshew in many ways. His play is similar and people love to pull for him, but in the end you will happily replace him with Trevor Lawrence. I think a big thing here, is this is one of the first times in the past 20+ years that our 4th stringers/5/6/chopping block players are semi decent. Usually we are used to the worst players playing the worst 4th quarters in preseason.
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