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  1. Shadow_Creek

    Frank's Two options on Offense

    Because our O-Line blocks really well Frank is able to play two different offensive attacks at opposing teams giving many DC's lots to thing about. I say this because of the games against the raiders, Jags, and bills Frank attacked at will using our TE sets which caused many miss match problems. However since the titans were a better built team against TE's Frank turned to his second offense attack being the Wr's (which currently could still use an upgrade but for now are doing way better than our previous games were there where many drops) and yet was still successful in our large blow out win. I mean its kinda scary to think how this team could be if we still had Cain this year and another play making wide right now oh the excitement for the future.
  2. Shadow_Creek

    Ridgeway a healthy scratch????

    sometimes players are a healthy scratch due to the scheme the teams gonna run for instants against manning didn't we add multiple DBS that game
  3. Shadow_Creek

    I Wonder??

    First of all i take no shot at Eberflus by saying this. I believe hes done an ok job so far as a rookie DC and in time i hope he improves. However he did come from MC Betrayals choosing and i just wonder had CB made his own pick of a DC who would it have been?
  4. Shadow_Creek

    Nelson Fined for leading with helmet

    Really NFL?? Really??.....SMH
  5. Shadow_Creek

    247 Sports just moved Colts

    oh i never knew the Toronto Raptors were inside the US
  6. Shadow_Creek

    Is Castonzo now the weak link?

    sigh here we go again smh..... were fine at ol at the moment so lets just be happy for what we have going now
  7. Shadow_Creek

    Taking our playmakers off the fields..

    please the trollingness is just to much for this gut
  8. Shadow_Creek

    Hooker and Turbin Return to Practice

    I wonder how hell be used and will he take away valuable time from other RB's like Wilkins or Hines?
  9. Shadow_Creek

    Could The Colts Go Toe to Toe with this years Rams???

    i agree we definitely need more blitz packages...
  10. Say what you want but........ 1 2 3.... Ballard Rules!!!!!
  11. Shadow_Creek

    Could The Colts Go Toe to Toe with this years Rams???

    Tell that to the lions who dominated the patriots for there first win of the season giving the pats there second lost. in the NFL your win records don't really say who you are, its how you play every game
  12. Shadow_Creek

    Could The Colts Go Toe to Toe with this years Rams???

    That's not the point i'm trying to make. The colts this year have been in every game so far and every team we've played up till now has been beatable (and yes that includes NE) so yes why not the rams too?
  13. This is just my op but i believe the first quarter would be rough due to our history of slow starts but our offensive would be more capable to wear down the rams front seven eventually. Also i believe the game could be similar to how we played the raiders. Trading scores till one team gets a turn over that seals the deal and with our running game and TE mismatches we definitively could give the rams a run. However winning the game is another story
  14. Shadow_Creek

    Interesting career earnings...

    i thought they usually tally that up after season. How could that be out now?