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  1. Aww is it because we didn't get a LT hahaha
  2. lol crossing my fingers in hopes the players we get are ballers
  3. wanted waddle but i like this pick too lol
  4. if the falcons are trading juilo jones then sadly that means they'll definitely be taking Waddle
  5. wow ....now i'm just imagining us not getting wentz and from what i heard we were planning to trade up in this years draft i mean who would we have been looking at i wonder?
  6. thats right the jury is out on Ya-sin to shine ....
  7. lol if the UK some how gets them they should name them the London Tomahawks
  8. Waddle will be a colt, Waddle will be a colt just gotta believeeee lol
  9. lol to be honest i only know the big name players like Lawernce, Zac, etc but after that i'm totally in the unknown abyss
  10. So i was doing some checking and the last time the eagles played us at home was back in 2014 which means Carson Wentz never played inside Lucas Oil before so i know he's probably going to be really excited when he steps inside the stadium for the first time to play. (minus the combine) that being said i wonder if he will put up very big numbers due to him being inside a dome? i really hope so
  11. https://www.stampedeblue.com/2021/4/8/22374640/colts-wr-t-y-hilton-is-pretty-pumped-after-recent-throwing-session-with-new-qb-carson-wentz-in-indy So for i'm liking what i'm hearing...
  12. grrrrr he didnt spend mega bucks like he was suppose to I WANT HIM GONE TODAY!!!
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