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  1. Shadow_Creek

    The Herd on Colts FA

    well at the end of the day statistics show when those teams dont make the playoffs happens every year
  2. i have have no words lol well played Dorsey
  3. Shadow_Creek

    Colts trading up

    your titles misleading you need to put should the colts trade up? for a moment i thought we actually were lol
  4. Shadow_Creek

    Ballard is doing what Polian did

    not sure what your talking about? we still had an amazing roster just not so great a QB under center post Manning injury
  5. Shadow_Creek

    New Peyton Manning Story! (Good)

    sigh and yet we only gave him one Superbowl win
  6. Shadow_Creek

    Colts re-signed Vinny

    phew i'm really glad that's all they spoke about during there meeting lol
  7. Shadow_Creek

    SB Patriots Rams Predictions

    boring dont care go Rams!!!
  8. Shadow_Creek

    Mahomes vs. Brady Mirror of Namath vs Unitas?

    nah usually the chiefs own NE at home i see a one sided beat down
  9. Shadow_Creek

    Andrew Luck is heading to the 2019 Pro Bowl

    rivers got injured
  10. Shadow_Creek

    Colts want Adam Vinatieri back (Update) (Merge)

    if it happens then i'm fine with it. However i really think we should also keep a back up kicker this time to groom him
  11. Shadow_Creek

    Ballard press conference

    that part where ballard sighed then said he'll talk with vinny has me a bit nervous that he could be out the door but that's just me
  12. Shadow_Creek

    Colts away schedule is brutal

    doesn't matter because other than the chiefs game we shut down every good pass catcher and RB so as i said i like our chances a lot
  13. Shadow_Creek

    Colts away schedule is brutal

    i can see us beating the chiefs next year so issue there. chargers have no sproles (the only person that pretty much was a threat to us) so there's no issue there and the steeler's wont have AB or Bell so again no issue there. Id say the saints would be our only test next year but other than that all those games are winnable
  14. Shadow_Creek

    Stupid T-Shirts

    lol can't wait to troll the pats after BB and Brady retire hehe well get the last laugh
  15. Shadow_Creek

    Don't feel bad about KC game.

    probably also explains why we were destroyed by NE the year we came back and beat KC in the playoffs then went on to lose badly