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  1. Shadow_Creek

    What we know now after eagles game

    oh i see so expain the sacks we've had this year by hunt humm or the int by a LB other than leonard?
  2. Shadow_Creek

    Adam Vinatieri: 1st Ballot HOF

    has any kickers been in the HOF?
  3. when CB was told by the owner to hold on to pags last year he had no choice in the matter so he sat back and allowed pags to have one final year with the team before moving on with him with Frank. i wonder if keeping Hue was an owner move as well and Dorsey will sit back this year and wait to have his turn choosing his coach next season. i wonder this because i just cant see a newly hired GM being ok with the current coaching staff in place unless there already a top tier coach any thoughts?...
  4. Shadow_Creek


    does it really matter???? both wr's are being used differently in there respected systems
  5. oh i wasn't comparing him to Barkley but it would be awesome if he fell to us. of course we wouldn't pick him up in the first but maybe second
  6. Shadow_Creek

    Philip Walker released from PS

    wow i wish walker the best out there. i wonder if Arizona or buffalo might pick him up?
  7. byce love has been doing pretty good these first 3 games as well but he might go early round 1
  8. Shadow_Creek

    Playing possum

    ill believe your thought if Mack suddenly gets the ball and throws it to Luck for a touchdown Sunday lol
  9. Shadow_Creek

    Patriots are closing in on a deal to sign Josh Gordon

    they can have him..besides they lost danny so they need another threat
  10. Shadow_Creek

    New England (-1) at Jacksonville (9-16-18)

    if anything kansas city is the real deal gotta love that tempo offense
  11. Shadow_Creek

    New England (-1) at Jacksonville (9-16-18)

    i believe in our pass rush and i believe we can beat jax twice this year. NE had 0 pass rush today no sacks on Bortles. your never gonna win that way
  12. Shadow_Creek

    Overtime Ties are 2-0

    i guess kickers are just to nervous to kick game winners lol Green bay and Minn played a great game though
  13. Shadow_Creek

    Colts @ Redskins Game Day Thread

    lol we had just brought him up from the practice squad not to long ago this week
  14. Shadow_Creek

    Will Mack Play Sunday?

    Not sure if this was already discussed but i'm curious since AC wont be there
  15. Shadow_Creek

    Lions fans already want Patrica fired

    o line is short for offensive coordinator sorry i write it out like that