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  1. Vanilla Defense. Think about that for a minute Vanilla Vanilla Vanilla hope that helps
  2. There's no such thing as a good or bad practice at the end of the day The question is what did you take from today's practice to get better the next day. During the regular season when the colts prepare for there opponents do they worry about if there practice was good or bad? no they focus on what they learned from the tape of the previous week make corrections through practice and move on to the next game. so-so what if Brissett struggled today or our half healthy first string offense got a bit roughed up or even Baker looking like Tom Brady 2.0 with our starting D the point is at the end of the day what did you learn from it so you can be ready to go week 1 that's really all that matters
  3. uhh just let a TE go end of story we have plenty
  4. would u rather him come back join a new team and win two superbowls ??? while we struggle with a new QB
  5. i see well with the type of injury Luck has i would let him take as much time off as he needs because all it takes is a set back that can keep him out all season long just like Durant will do this coming year. id rather have Luck back week 4 of the regular season then not have Luck at all calf injuries are nothing to play around with or willing to risk rushing someone back into action whose not ready
  6. Chloe let me ask you something you see a team that doesn't game plan for a opponent take them on and not look good on the oline due to two missing key offenses players being out and yet were gonna look bad this year when the season starts is that what your implying? do you not realize that theirs a major difference between playing a team without game planning vs game planning for the opponent? have we played a game vs a team that we've game planned for yet? no we have not so instead of worrying why not wait and see what happens preseason game 3
  7. I'm so excited about this Thursdays game that i cannot choose between offense or defense who id rather see first. However if our offense takes the field first i hope Jacoby opens up with a deep ball pass to kinda test these new addition WR we have on the team plus our returning ones. What about you guys? which first play would you like to see from preseason weather it be from defense or offense?
  8. wait the Texans got josh Ferguson from us??
  9. that other ware we released for Keith was a stud in college. i watched his highlights over and over so i just dont see how Ballard didn't keep him on the team. The guy was explosive and could not be stopped
  10. I agree with this and might i add we need to be careful who we place in ps because i'm sure some NFL teams have there hawk eyes on our back ups
  11. maybe we should trade fountain to the giants since they need Wrs that could probably make the 5th spot much more easier
  12. So far in Training Camp our four WR locks are Ty of course DF, Cain and Campbell however its kind of hard to tell right now who will win the 5th spot if there is one at all. There seems to be some poor performances coming from paschal who looked really good last year. I hope he cleans that up and comes out these next couple of days on fire because hes one of my favorites to watch
  13. will colts be in full pads tomorrow?
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