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  1. well hopefully none of the six states that were mentioned to have a newer deadlier case of the virus are ones with NFL teams either.
  2. since the facilities opened today will rookie mini camp proceed tomorrow or will it be skipped or will there be some kind of make up program because of the rules due to the virus?
  3. Say what you want but when ebron was on the field our TE group was a mismatch for many teams. Now that Doyle is in Ebron's place i dont see that many big numbers coming from that group. Ballard probably knew that which is why he chose both Pittman and Dezmon two big fast receiver's that could at least make a big impact on our offense along with Taylor to hide the TE weakness. Hopefully next draft we can get another fast explosive TE like Ebron to once again make our TE group a mismatch..
  4. it could also be a coaches decision too. maybe he was told to stay in the pocket.
  5. i'd rather have Jonathan Williams than Wilkins
  6. So i'm writing this for the people that think we should be moving on Marlon Mack after this Season. The Browns brought in Nick Chubb from a college team were they ran him like a bell cow for 4 seasons and he too put up near similar stat numbers similar to Taylor who we drafted. That being said notice how the Browns are trying to find a one two punch for chubb so that he doesn't have to take on the full burden like he did in college similar to what Frank is trying to do with Taylor. Duke Johnson plus chubb didn't work out so they went with Hunt and it looked like he didn't fan out either. So it may be a while before the Browns get that one two punch they were searching for however we here in Indy have that true one two punch to help out Taylor in Mack.
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