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  1. what is with these johnny come lately people who wait till randomly outta the blue to come up with ridiculous out burst. lol
  2. I hope during this off season CB reflects really hard on what he wants next year or else we will continue to have seasons like this one. That being said since i dont believe will be making the post season i wonder who everyone is interested in this coming post season. I'm really rooting for the vikings just for the fact that i hope they make a huge run deep into the post season and maybe a NFC showdown with the 49ers who are still a dominate team regardless of losing to the ravens.
  3. so if this holds up here is who were facing next year. Looks very Brutal with The Ravens, Pats, Pitts, and Chiefs again https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/clt/2020-schedule.htm
  4. This is not a negative post i'm just really worried this game. Especially with AV not sure about him anymore. Also TY being out Along with Campbell and Desir possibly being out as well as Kelly it's just a big mess. I hope Hoyer plays if JB isn't ready to go sigh i guess that would probably be the only bright spot.
  5. not happening https://www.10news.com/sports/los-angeles-chargers-owner-dean-spanos-denies-report-of-teams-possible-move-to-london
  6. remember pags was his coach nuff said lol
  7. Not sure if anyone posted this but Cromartie says Colts let him go due to him Kneel back in 2016 pretty odd that he would come out with this now instead of back then https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/colts/2019/10/30/antonio-cromartie-colts-kneel-anthem-protest-chuck-pagano/4097820002/
  8. umm we beat them the last time our two teams met in 16 remember TY to the house on a catch and go
  9. After Luck retired i had my mind 100 percent on drafting a new QB next year or whenever. Then after JB was extended i got a bit upset because i felt he wasn't the answer here. Skip forward to the raiders game and i was very certain that JB's time here in Indy was limited. But then i looked over at the panthers and how There back up QB goes in game after game does what hes told, keeps things simple and wins games. Also i looked at Bridgewater how he too kept things simple, did what he was told and won games. So i got to thinking and you know JB may not be a world beater but he does just enough to keep us in games and help win them as well. We could easily be undefeated right now but were 4-2 which came from beating 2 very good playoff caliber teams. So anyway my point is this is me giving credit to were credit is due. I hope JB takes us far this year and even though he may still have many doubters theirs one fan here who has been colored impressed.
  10. So Glad I was Able to humor you all That Means I've Done My Job...
  11. Against the Falcons he was targeted 16 times for 217 yards and 3 TDs and against Kansas City he was Targeted 9 times for 44 yards 0 TDs however against Us he was only targeted 1 time which is really odd considering how explosive he is on the field so major credit to whoever was covering him.
  12. I knew that if our D could get to Watson we were going to win. Kansas City may have a great offense but there D couldn't touch Watson at all causing him to Rip there D to shreds. That being said i'm still a bit upset how Kenny was able to burn our D twice for 40+ however we still won so its all good. Lets go Colts!!!
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