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  1. whoever is healthy at the start of the season. Remember Cain injured himself i'm preseason which really was a downer so i'm hoping everyone pulls through to week 1. That being said i'm rooting for Cain
  2. i would have loved to see Mike Hart, Donald brown in his prime Dominique Rhodes and Joseph addai run behind our solid oline. I bet they all would have had amazing rushing stats last year
  3. if rookie Marshall Faulk were running behind the offensive line we had last year i would say he'd probably average near 2000 yards rushing due to his after burst and amazing versatility do you agree or disagree?
  4. i saw some highlights of him in college. CB definitely got a steal here
  5. No No we gotta chop that wood!!!
  6. ??? umm even tho were were beat by the run our CBS pretty much shut down mahomes passing attack 0 TDS through the air
  7. meh the jags dont have the same wr group they had the year they went to the AFC championship plus Foles didn't do so well last time he left philly
  8. D watson tore his MCL and ACL during a none contact practice so its possible
  9. if i were Jerry Jones i would cut my loses this year and take a chance on that dangerous QB coming out of Oregon in next years draft but that's just me
  10. pssst come on guys we all know Warner only said that to light a fuse under Luck because of all the praise the colts have been getting so far he knows Lucks is a 2 or 3
  11. probably due to his history. they probably wanted to monitor him a while before going full go on signing a contract
  12. Let me first start off by saying i like both TE's and i think they both contribute gracefully in there own awesome ways. However if i were to give an edge to the better player i would go with Ebron due to his explosiveness after the catch you just cant beat that.
  13. meh not a big lost we've got Cain back
  14. i wonder if it was truly due to lack of press man coverage which caused the blow out down fall for the chargers against the pats. I i mean at least we didn't allow Mahome's to score one passing touchdown
  15. Will we still be at the top of the league in salary cap next off-season? I know the colts will probably be resigning a great number of players or letting them test the market however i'm curious where would that place our current salary status?
  16. or you could watch his highlights here https://www.hudl.com/video/3/2847632/5a0e2922c11a870b4802c5a2
  17. I dont think CB would sign a player he wasn't crazy about. As for the 1 year prove it deal I think Ballard just wanted to make sure Geather's could play a full season without getting injured multiple times like last season
  18. The colts didn't lure Gathers back from Testing free Agency just so he could be a back up. I really think hes going to have a pro bowl year this season if he can stay healthy of course.
  19. My dad was waiting at the Airport in Tokyo the year the USA basketball team lost to Argentina and he was able to speak to Coach K along with his wife also Dwight Howard although it was kinda funny how dad says he felt like he was standing next to giants the whole time
  20. if Dorsey was still the GM there they probably would have chosen Campbell.
  21. i think it would depend on who we get as Un Drafted because for all we know CB could sign a good number of DT's
  22. yeah that was a strange move on there part. i mean they have Sony why get another RB so high up
  23. couldn't hurt to add a decent power runner to fill the need unless we want Mack running all three downs
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