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  1. nah we dont need hoyer were good with what we have
  2. And after Irsay made this statement he pulled out another bottle of scotch, curled up in bed, and continue listen to reruns of the Beatles ... The End
  3. Except us later on this season lol
  4. https://www.colts.com/news/ty-hilton-returns-practice-injured-reserve-injury-update-frank-reich
  5. For stopping the Ravens 100 yard rushing streak i mean that was a win hahaha
  6. Highlight heaven isn't going to let that kick slide on youtube lol
  7. looks like the Trolls are starting early this morning
  8. This and to add on to what you shared. I also believe that one person can change the dynamics of a team Because without Gronk look how the Buc's offense has looked almost none existence but with a healthy Gronk that same offense put up 48 points on the falcons. My point is Ty may be in his 30's but his presence alone takes our offense to a whole different level. So hopefully he returns soon so we can see what we really have with Wentz
  9. Ahh i see so that's what were calling foot injuries now wink wink lol
  10. yea plus we need hines to run up the middle some more to get stuffed for negative yardage smh
  11. Ever since Pags was coaching for the team i noticed how the main game plan on offense would mostly be centered around Ty and how it was pretty much ride or die mode with him. Then during games were he would be injured the offense seemed lost and confused as if Ty was the only talent we had since Reggie and Marvin. Now Fast forward to the Frank era different coach same results except this time we have other speedsters that are just as talented as Ty but aren't playing or being used properly and that leaves me with the question as to why?
  12. didn't nagy give up play calling duties last season or did he try doing it again this year?
  13. no your topic about ballard someone already posted one
  14. Just saw the inactive list just now. Mack is on there smh yeah Frank needs to go
  15. umm why does everyone think the bucks are superbowl worthy after being the falcons of all teams
  16. Oh that's easy hell put them in shotgun form and run Hines up the middle for a -10 loss
  17. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/football/news/brett-hundley-seeing-first-team-reps/ I guess he and Jacob might share reps?
  18. Geez fisher just got back from injury what do you expect him to be hall of famer mode day 1 ..just chill
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