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  1. And it's done pretty well on this forum.....tbf according to the majority on here we were doomed as soon as Luck retired and should have been about 1-7 by now with Brissett and failing that the season was then lost after we went down at home to the Raiders after which a lot of people then declared eating humble pie after the chiefs win! Maybe the pie has ran out so we're back to being a lost season! Point is teams have to come through adversary and show show character....that will be the judge in the long run.
  2. I'm from England.....over here it's said that all the best football (soccer) teams learn how to win ugly when the players aren't at their best and things just aren't happening they find a way to get the job done! Winning ugly is sometimes not a bad thing!
  3. Hoyer is probably the best back up option available as it goes. At least you know what you're getting with him (which ok maybe middle of the ground sort of QB). He's the only one we'll go into season knowing what we're getting, JB and Kelly still have questions to answer so to speak. We have plenty of cap space so makes sense to tie a veteran down for a few years because if it's not JB who needs mentoring next year it'll likely be a rookie.
  4. Yes that's right.....only colts Pick Conditional. Which makes me think obviously ours is higher
  5. Hopefully Bruno Mars hadn't spent 4 years constantly trying to get rid of a sore throat when he sang.....also I notice there seems to be a clear divide between those who paid to see the team because Luck was the QB and those who paid because they support the team. A few years back I may have been more concerned that Luck was our only chance of success but Ballard has gone out of his way these last few years to build a more rounded team and even commented several times it's not just about one guy.....maybe just maybe those high up had the idea that Luck might not be around in the long term!
  6. I'm not sure I understand this whole issue of Luck doing what was 'advantagous' for him. Everyone only gets one shot at this life and at some point you have to think of yourself regardless of how other people take it. Maybe he wasn't 'toying' with the fans, maybe the reason he was going through pre season was because he already felt like he wanted to move on but didn't want to let people down but it eventually got too much! Not saying that's the case but I doubt he was trying to annoy fans on purpose and deliberately leading them down a blind alley
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