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  1. Can you imagine what this has done for the confidence of Eason.....he's basically been told he's worse than a QB who ranked worst in most measures in the NFL last year who has two sprained ankles.....I mean I kinda think Wentz could have rocked up in a wheelchair and still started! Hard to see how Eason will move on from that mentally....it must be obvious to him they have zero faith in his ability.
  2. Just watching the Euro football tournament (soccer if you prefer) and amazingly there is a Belgian player in that who torn his Achilles tendon in January and is back now, apparently their was another Belgian player who did the same and played again 5 months later..... obviously medical science is moving on.....either that or the Colts need to put in a phone call or two to the Belgian FA.
  3. Is that to give him an extra day to rip his achilles?!
  4. You'd think he'd proof read if highlighting a word in capitals! I'm more inclined to believe people then lol
  5. Well we hope they don't...... which sounds weird to say lol!
  6. Yeah I get where you're coming from.....but in the Bears cap position maybe the extra 3 mill means more to them than a draft pick.....they're currently only half a mill or so inside the cap and have a draft pool estimated at bit over 8 mill....they need every bit of money!
  7. So I assume the Bears will weight up if they care more for the 3mill extra in cap saving they get realising him or lose that and gain a mid/low draft pick. Rapoport on Twitter said it will be designated at pre June cut so maybe they already made their choice. But yeah either way I'd think he's worth looking at at the very least.
  8. Why would anyone trade for him now when the Bears have telegraphed they're realising him?! As said it's probably a cap situation so any team wanting him will wait it out until he's inevitably let go surely.
  9. Personally outside of Darrisaw I didn't really see anyone who could potentially come in and make a difference at LT straight away and once we went edge that really passed on that one. Even the names that were mentioned on here pre draft Jenkins, Eichenberg and Cosmi are all looked at as RT projections or even moving to guard so probably wouldn't have provided a solution really.
  10. I'm not nitpicking just a genuine question....was this really a historically deep and talented OT draft class? From what I saw there may have been a fair few but they seemed to average out talent wise fairly quickly after the first handful or so.....and LT in particular didn't seem to be that deep
  11. I've been higher on some of Ballard's previous drafts but I wouldn't be as down on it as some here around a B-. I would say though that a lot of people seem to like the Paye pick but dislike we didn't do anything with LT but I think as soon as they picked Paye first they dramatically reduced the chances of doing anything at LT anyway. If you look at were we were when the round 2 pick came and put aside who we picked I'm not sure anyone jumped out as being a fit to sort out LT, for me in round 1 it was either attempt to sort out edge or LT but we weren't doing both and tbh I've waited for years for the Colts to select a potential difference maker at edge in round 1.
  12. I think I would have been more miffed it there were the tackles that went just above us left on the board.....I'm not 100% sold on the move myself I'd just like to think that Ballard and co have more knowledge of his particular injury extend to be confident it's not a future issue.
  13. I get people's concern with the injury....... but I would like to think the Colts have sought the opinion and expert advice of professionals with knowledge and experience of theses injuries and his particular injury rather than just googling it on the web and then winging it!
  14. Well this officially puts to bed any notion that Ballard doesn't draft according to BPA rather than need. Tbf I was rolling my eyes and scratching my head when the pick came through, I wasn't expecting a double up on edge and one carrying an injury too. But I guess as fans we tend to want instant returns from drafted players and are reluctant to always see the longer term picture. After sleeping on it and doing a little research I can see Dayo has a lot of upside and was a 1st round consideration to plenty of teams without the injury so I can see the attraction for Ballard as we have struggled to get to QBs for years now really and it needed addressing. Most people I've read have him as a 3rd with the injury so I see how some see it as a bit of a reach but as we didn't have a 3rd to play with I guess it was reach a bit or lose him so can see the thinking. It was interesting to hear Ballard say they had him higher than the tackles that were drafted just above us (I'm inclined to believe that is always the narrative though), I think this forum would have melted if we had drafted him with Cosmi and Radunz still on the board!!
  15. Just my opinion but I would have thought that if the Jets weren't interested in taking a QB at #2 then they then would have been shopping the pick around to pick up some draft capital...isn't like there aren't any QB needy teams out there. The fact that no insider has even got a whiff that they are listening to offers for their pick suggests to me they want to keep it which in turn usually means a team is looking at a QB.
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