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  1. Nothing is official yet so obviously things to sort out still but that seemed to be the most popular option on table from reports. How they sort out home or away needs to be decided too and as you say every 4 years we'd come across the issue of meeting that conference twice. Whatever happens it seems to be a 17th game is inevitable at this point.
  2. I believe the idea is the each teams extra game will be against the team in the same position in the equivalent conference.....so for example next year the Colts would play the second placed team in last season's NFC South...so the Bucs
  3. They are probably unlikely to wait until then to pay Wentz £10 mill and then trade him!
  4. Or maybe he just feels neither was worth a first and refused to overpay.....
  5. If that's the best offer that's been heard then that should probably tell the Eagles something about their chances of getting a 1st for him.....
  6. If Ballard is doubtful trading for him why are we?!....... possibly because Frank likes him but then who gets the final say on trades! Seems strange that part!
  7. How far do you think we would need to trade up to get a QB that would start for us next season out of interest?
  8. I get the point.....but the whole point is based around the notion that the Colts value either of them at that high value and are willing to give that much up....which they don't seem to be by some accounts currently!
  9. He also said several days ago the Colts had no interest in Wentz......
  10. Is Ballard really saying anything insightful!......he's pretty much just saying all options remain open, he's pretty much covered all bases from previous QB to draft to trade and rules nothing out!
  11. What I take from it is just how many teams are on the QB trail this year.......there's going to be plenty of competition out there!
  12. My Uncles friends cousins sister knows a guy who's brothers girlfriends sisters neighbour has some good contacts inside the NFL..... apparently Stafford has indicated he is moving to 1 of 31 teams and the trade will definitely be done on a day of the week ending in Y!.....good contact as the same person told me either Biden or Trump would win the election!
  13. I agree their responsibility is to get the best deal for the team not Stafford......But what would a team do hyperthetically if this happens?
  14. No idea on what his contract is. But genuine question as I'm not that familiar with these situations.....say the Lions accept the best offer from a team Stafford flat out refuses to want to join? Do they keep him knowing he's unhappy there or accept the next best offer of somewhere he'd prefer to go?
  15. SF are only in the driving seat if Stafford is willing to go there and The Lions are willing to trade to them, maybe they would prefer he didn't go to another NFC team.....I suspect the trade will have to suit both parties and Stafford will want to go to the team that gives him the best chance to win now and maybe the cap space to give him the money he wants.
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